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January 7th, 2013

Tonight, the new drama Deception, which has been compared to Revenge, premieres on NBC at 10PM. The show inherits Revolution's time period, but will it have similarly strong ratings? With The Biggest Loser instead of The Voice as a lead-in, the odds are against it. (Update: Given the strong ratings for TBL's premiere last night, maybe not!) other hand, it is counterprogramming to the two procedurals that air in the time period, Castle and Hawaii Five-0. (Hawaii Five-0 is a repeat tonight.)  The fall finale of Revolution earned a 2.9 adults 18-49 rating. How will Deception fare? Make your prediction, then explain your reasoning in the comments.

  • Abc123

    I’m going with a 1.9 or 2.0, and anywhere between 6 and 7 million total viewers.

  • American

    Mid-2.0s. It won’t do terribly but nothing to write mom about.

  • meah

    I Really want the show to succeed..meagan has great chemistry with both wes brown and laz alonso..I dunno why NBC didn’t air it after the voice in march or are they scared that revolution can’t hold its own?!I predict 2.2-2.4..but I hope the 2nd black female to lead a drama in network tv??that’s pretty cool

  • Anon

    1.9 tops

    BCS matchup of Southerners vs. Catholics will rule the night.

  • CenterGravity

    I say a 2.0; it looks too much like an ABC soapy drama for me to be interested in watching.

  • Potato

    Wait, I’m sorry, nobody’s addressing HSmith? “The casting is pure PC”… So if a black person stars in a TV show, it’s just to be politically correct? That’s really juvenile…

  • Chuck_T


  • SarahL

    I have actually see the pilot. Not bad. I think 2.2


    Shut it with your casting PC BS.

  • Aizen

    I will give this show a chance, but I don’t expect it to last for a few reasons:

    1. Poor advertising.

    2. Early-release online will probably lead to poor word-of-mouth, cutting into “official” ratings.

    3. Bad scheduling. It’s going up against Castle and a repeat of Hawaii Five-O for tonight, but going forward? I don’t see it coming in higher than third, maybe on a good night.

  • omabin

    i adored the pilot. after seeing the biggest looser numbers from last night, i will go with a 2. the trouble will be holding it though. next week it should have its natural premiere drop, and the biggest looser itself should give a few more tents…. add to that the return of five-0 (although i think it will have more cross audience with castle than with 5-0) and you have a very sharp decline ahead.

  • Lifey


  • Samunto

    I too watched the pilot online and liked it. Am not yet sold on the concept but i wasn’t either when Revenge premiered. Plus the Biggest Loser did so well last night. And no it doesn’t hurt that the pilot was online.

    I say a 2.3

  • Still good shows

    I watched the episode already and it was good.

  • Still good shows

    I have seen lots of promotion for the show mainly during football.

  • zerg

    0 competition, decent lead-in …. at least 1.8-2.0

  • Mark

    The Biggest Loser – 2.5
    Deception – 2.2

  • Joseph

    I think the NCAA’s BCS Championship Game will kill all other cable and broadcast competition, and that the premiere of “Deception” might not even get a 1.0 in the 18-49 demo.

    But I can see the 18-49 demo rating for next week’s (January 14th) episode reach at least 3.0.

    NBC should have held the premiere back a week. The BCS finals will be so huge that no broadcast network should have aired first-run programming tonight!

  • Melanie

    I think they are going to regret not bringing Revolution back . . . . .

  • Tymothy

    Im thinking 1.8-2.0. If they didn’t have the first episode available for the last two weeks, then the ratings would be higher. One thing that hurts, is that their is no real buzz for the show. The cast is good, the story is juicy. This show has good upside, but the writers need to pick up the pace.
    I don’t think it will last past this spring. If it does, I will catch back up on it. Like the other post says, I don’t trust NBC with it either. To read the pilot and not urge them to do a tad bit more says something about the execs. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Chris


    You also forgot to mention the Discover BCS National Championship Game. THAT will be the night’s highest-rated program, ESPECIALLY with Notre Dame and Alabama being two of college football’s highest ratings draws. But since that will be on ESPN, I can understand how you missed that.

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