Prospect Park Confirms Production of On-Line Versions of 'All My Children' & 'One Life to Live'

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January 7th, 2013

After weeks of rumors, Prospect Park confirmed that it is reviving the soap operas All My Children and One Life to Live.

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We are pleased to confirm that Prospect Park is reviving the beloved soap operas, All My Children and One Life To Live as the anchor programs on The Online Network (TOLN). Today we are also pleased to confirm that Prospect Park has: 1) signed guild agreements with both SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) and the DGA (Directors Guild of America); 2) entered into a consulting agreement with Agnes Nixon the creator of All My Children and One Life to Live guaranteeing her active involvement; 3) hired Foz McDermott (coordinating producer Heroes) as TOLN’s head of production, Jennifer Pepperman (Director, One Life to Live) as Executive Producer on One Life to Live, and Ginger Smith (Producer, All My Children) as Executive Producer on All My Children; and 4) arranged the necessary financing to begin production in February on both All My Children and One Life To Live.

We thank the loyal audience and new generation of fans of both shows who have demonstrated that passion and exciting story lines are not just reserved for traditional television. Their enduring support encouraged us to move forward each and every day. We look forward to sharing more details including our launch air date and additional specifics in the coming weeks.

  • moshane58

    The next step is cable we are hoping.Yes so far 4 have signed on.More are waiting for negotations on this.Agnes Nixon has even made a statement on being happy about this.It will need our support to get them restored back on Tv.We know ABC doesn’t want them competing against them but PP does have the rights to televised them.We know its only 30 minutes 4 days a week for 6 week at at a time but hope to see them restores to its orginal format.We can only be supportive and hope it works out for the best.Shows the power of soap fans are being heared.But am still hoping its not another move by ABC to keep them off Tv.As far as people moving on alot will be so delighted.This fight wasn’t for nothing.I will still boycott ABC excepyed for GH.They made this mess.Anne Sweeney thinking we don’t need any scripted shows on daytime had been one bad decision on her behalf.ABC is declining in ratings all the time because she is clueless.

  • Doug


    It IS fascinating. I can’t believe that they actually got the funding together. It was rumored last year that, after the officially put off the plans, that they were quietly working in the background to put things in place.

    There was a rumor this weekend that the episodes will also be on Hulu, which might fit with Hulu’s original programming drive. Maybe Netflix? It’s going to be even more fascinating to see how this works out, but they really seem to have their ducks in a row this time. Too bad all of the sets are now gone.

  • RJ


    Thanks! I’m not a fan of Hulu, and have only used it twice, so I was unsure,

  • Bill Gorman

    @Doug, it was me not Robert.

    And when I wrote that the revenue’s not there for Internet only, I meant for an independent effort. Obviously if Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or similar are footing the bill, the revenue issue is different.

  • Stephen Judson

    Hopefully it is successful so it can return to TV.

  • TimsDale4ever

    I’m thrilled, and even though I don’t know all the ins and outs, I want OLTL back on my tv on some cable channel. This would be a perfect fit for WE, or what’s left of SOAPNET, or ABC family, Bravo, E!, FX, Lifetime, TLC, OWN, VH1 or MYTV or even TVLand. Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MBmomof3

    Very exciting news! I will support these soaps with my viewership as I had done for a lifetime. Fingers crossed it works out for all concerned.

  • Ginger Eliz

    Great news. I hope this is successful.

  • JulieDawn


    Perhaps some MAJOR product placement deals too….???

  • cottle

    This is great news. But I do agree with many others that the outlet must be more than the internet to be successful.

  • Lisa

    I’m not optimistic that this venture will be successful, but I’ll check out both shows. Also, I’m glad they’re coming back if only because it will shut up the people who claimed that Prospect Park was fake from the beginning and was supposedly only in existence to take the “heat” off of ABC for cancelling the shows. That theory never made any sense, but it just goes to show what some people will come up with.

  • JR35

    Yay- even if they don’t last years, at least perhaps we’ll get some closure for these legendary soaps.

  • Mary Fergen

    I am going to support this effort to bring back AMC and OLTL, even if it isn’t exactly what we soap fans have been hoping for. If all this news is true, it will be a beginning, and if successful, who knows what will happen. It’s amazing that these shows are coming back at all, in any form! The soap fans have been heard!

  • The Truth Report

    PP finally got it done good for them, good for the fans, and more importantly good for the genre which looked dead in the water during this exact week when OLTL ended its run.

    Ironically this week a year ago serves an importance as this was the same week when Ron C. and Frankie V. started on General Hospital. To me that was the game changer for the revival of this genre. GH’s turn around may have ignited things to look a lot better for these two shows.

    Now a year later we get temporary confirmation that Days of Our Lives will be around past this year yesterday from NBC President Robert Greenblatt. There had even been rumors that they could be expanding their daytime lineup by reviving one of the retired P&G soaps like Another World, As the World Turns, or Guiding Light.

    Today, All My Children and One Life to Live are back as they’ll probably return to television either this summer or in the fall.

    What were seeing is a trend and what were seeing is the return of the soaps and it begins this year in 2013.

  • Cass rowlwland

    The soaps was cancelled because of low ratings and it will cost millions to produce so who is really interested in sponsership and how advertisers hoing to know the ratings because it is not on tv

  • moshane58

    I would never want them back on ABC Heather.Anne Sweeney has made it clear she does not want daytime scripted shows.She’d rather have talk,cooking or news all day long.If it wasn’t for GH my Tv would never be turned on ABC.I’m not into 14 hours of news,talk and cooking shows.We know they are tapping a hospital show and where will it go?TLC done this years ago and didn’t keep enough audiences.Spent enough on flops since she’s been there.But ABC is just a tax right off for big ole Disney.Its ashame they have turned there backs on loyal veiwers.With PP having shows on FX and USa hoping they will find a home on Television for these soaps.

  • The Truth Report

    Wow what a day my two favorite soaps are back, hockey is back, and I just saved 15% on my car insurance. Da Bulls Da Bears!

  • The Truth Report

    @ moshane58

    If they don’t go back to ABC, cable becomes an interesting option because I would hope that they would try to air the soaps the two hours before prime time which 6 or 7pm.

  • Cass rowlwland

    I don’t understand some of the soap fans I really don’t they are angry and boycotting and just acting crazy Troy turner for example for them cancelling soaps that they could now longer pay for the ratings were declining they moved them to los angles to lower the production cost they actors took pay cuts to help pay the bills. Abc is a business and there was nothing to do but to cancel them abc is doing better with the chew & Katie then amc & oltl now I wish the soaps will be succesful online but don’t blame it on abc

  • The Truth Report

    @ Cass rowlwland

    I think its easy to find a punching bag when something gets cancelled like that and that punching bag was ABC for making the decision so its understandable but hopefully people have moved on from tormenting ABC for making that decision.

    I think what made it really hard for ABC to keep the shows on the air was the fact that ABC was paying for the production costs. If they ever aired the shows now they would only be paying for the license fees which are cheap for scripted content. DAYS has been on the air longer than it should have been because NBC doesn’t pay for production costs, Sony does and they keep the licensing fees cheap.

    The Chew and Katie have helped the profit margins for ABC/Disney but the shows have made no where close what AMC and OLTL was making in revenue. For networks you would rather have healthier profit margins than something that was making money but you still ended up losing money.

    A situation that should work out for the better is if ABC can syndicate the shows like they do with Katie. That’s if they stay on broadcast but if not PP will syndicate them to a cable network.

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