TNT Greenlights Reality Series 'Cold Justice'

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January 9th, 2013

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TNT Greenlights Cold Justice (working title)
From Wolf Films and Magical Elves

has greenlit Cold Justice (working title) a new unscripted procedural drama that follows two top-notch female investigators as they dig into murder cases that have lingered for years without answers and closure. The network has ordered eight episodes of Cold Justice, which comes to TNT from Wolf Films and Magical Elves. Cold Justice is executive-produced by Emmy® winners Dick Wolf (Law & Order, Chicago Fire), Dan Cutforth & Jane Lipsitz (Top Chef, Fashion Star) and
Tom Thayer (Hitchcock, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee).

In small towns across America, cases involving violent crimes can often go cold because of a lack of funding, resources and state-of-the-art forensic technology. With the right resources, though, many of these cold cases can be re-opened and solved, bringing dangerous criminals to justice and providing closure for the families of their victims.

In TNT's Cold Justice, Kelly Siegler, a Texas prosecutor for 21 years who has successfully tried 68 murder cases, and Yolanda McClary, a crime scene investigator who worked more than 7,000 cases in her 26 years on the Las Vegas Police Department, are putting their vast knowledge and experience to work helping local law-enforcement officers and families of violent-crime victims get to the truth. With a fresh set of eyes on old evidence, superior interrogation skills and access to advanced DNA technology and lab testing, Siegler and McClary are determined to bring about a legal and emotional resolution. Taking on a different unsolved crime each week, they will carefully re-examine evidence, question suspects and witnesses, and chase down leads in order to solve cases that would have otherwise remained cold indefinitel y.

Plans call for Cold Justice to join the TNT lineup in late summer 2013. The network has three other unscripted series slated for 2013, beginning in February with Boston's Finest, an unscripted look at Boston law-enforcement officers from executive producer Donnie Wahlberg. This summer, TNT will launch The Hero, a competition series headlined by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and 72 Hours, a race-against-the-clock competition show set in the wild.

  • silvit

    God, can TNT be more boring? It will fail just like all its other reality shows.

  • Jeff

    Wonder if they will schedule this on Tuesdays in the summer at 10:00PM after Rizzoli and Isles because it sounds like a reality Rizzoli and Isles??

  • silvit


    So they moved Rizzoli & Isles to 9 to advantage the show that come after, with the result of making R&I a weaker show which had to be a self starter and now they are wasting it to promote a cheap reality show which will surely get lower ratings? Why did they move R&I in the first place then? It sounds crazy. Reality shows are used to help scripted content, not the other way round.

    Even if they did the same last year with Leverage/The Great Escape. And we all know how Leverage ended up with.
    Only on TNT.

    Since they are not using Rizzoli and Isles to promote expensive scripted content, they should move the show back at 10 so that they can be edgier on the show. 10 pm is the cable slot.

  • Barb

    They dumped Leverage for another rubbish reality show. Lovely – not.

  • Young

    TNT would have been wise to bring back Law & Order, especially since it still ranks among on net’s highest in repeats/reruns… it’s senseless really.

  • silvit


    L&O was expensive. Plus, it was a Universal produced show, not a Warner one, hence no ancillary money from it.

  • Nick


    Reality shows are used to help scripted content, not the other way round.

    Please. That’s an excuse reality haters came up with to make themselves feel better.
    If they didn’t think people would get tired of it, reality would be on the networks 24/7. Hit realities are like gold for networks.
    The money gained from realitites is the same as the money gained from scripted programming, except it’s a larger amount.
    So why can’t scripted shows help realities? It’s been done before: Falling Skies/The Great Escape, ABC Tuesday comedies/Celebrity Wife Swap, and even if you go back in time: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/America’s Next Top Model in 2003 and Friends/The Apprentice in 2004.

  • CarShark

    TNT’s really going for the reality this year, and I think TBS has a couple on their docket, as well. I guess Warner’s trying to keep their costs low after the big (and deserved) spend on TBBT.

  • mary e brewer

    Cold Justice Sounds like a mixture of COLD CASE and Rizzoli & Isle just on the road! real original …

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