Will 'Stars in Danger:The High Dive' Bellyflop? - Poll

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January 9th, 2013

FOX is airing one of ts infamous reality specials tonight. The melodramatically titled Stars in Danger: The High Dive is essentially diving with the stars. In grand FOX tradition, it greenlit the project after another ABC announced it had picked up Celebrity Diving, then got its show on the air first. Given that FOX scheduled it opposite new episodes of ABC's comedies and the People's Choice Awards on CBS, the network does not seem to have great expectations for the project.  So how will the judges AKA viewers with Nielsen boxes, score it?

  • RJ

    This has dud written all over it.

  • Hal Capone

    One can only hope someone drained the pool before the diving starts.

  • Joseph

    The ratings will sink faster than Lance Armstrong’s credibility.

  • CenterGravity

    A nice solid 1.0.

  • don

    bomb lol

  • KarenM

    0.7 – DUD except for the laughs.

  • don juan

    this will bomb. less then 0.7

  • Brian

    1.0 as Fox takes a special bellyflop.

  • ATXCountry

    The only thing good that will come of this show is Joel McHale’s commentary on the Soup next week.

  • AppleStinx

    This can be rescued with a double twist: underwater camera and wardrobe malfunction. It’s not difficult to lose one’s swimwear on entry – so I’ve heard – or just ask Nick McCrory. :cool:

  • JC

    As a one-off it might actually do well. Certainly has all the makings of a dud but people make check it out.

    LOL I’ll watch it. I’ll DVR it and catch it at some point this week.

  • outlawz

    more reality crap lol

  • Jerry

    Don’t know why I’m actually interested in this but I probably won’t watch it because Whitney and Guys with Kids are on.

  • Rob3008

    Who is that used in the pictures at the top of the page?

  • American

    Not watching, ABC or Kaley Cuoco for me!

  • Jackson

    I think it will do pretty good. Looks fun. I will make a point to watch it, and I barely watch any television anymore – I vote over 2.0

  • fakeem

    They should have run this during The Olympics. It might have actually drawn a rating.

  • Flame

    Well, in the German original version we actually had broken bones during the training for the show, several water crashes onto the back, show inventor Stefan Raab broke his pubic bone in a show jump from 59 feet (and suffered 18 months long from it) and a boygroup singer once landed on his face and split his right eyelid.

    So maybe they really are “in danger”…

  • Nick

    Da fuq is this?

  • AniMatsuri

    A 1.1 might be to generous but personally, I’ve got to see how local girl and shark survivor Bethany Hamilton does.

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