'Katie' Finishes as TV’s No. 1 Freshman Syndie Talker for 16 Consecutive Weeks

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January 10th, 2013

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Ratings Report, Week of December 24, 2012

(National Live + Same Day Program Ratings)



“Katie” Finishes as TV’s No. 1 Freshman Syndie Talker for 16 Consecutive Weeks


Gaining Audience for the 4th Week Running, “Katie” Scores a

6-Week High in Viewers to Deliver its 2nd-Most-Watched Week Ever


Season to Date, “Katie” Ranks Among the Top Tier of All Syndicated Talk Shows



“Katie” National Ratings – Week 16

Based on National ratings for the week of December 24, 2012, “Katie” continued to lead all freshman syndicated talk shows, outpacing runner-up “Steve Harvey” by wide margins in Households (+38% - 1.8 rating vs. 1.3 rating), Total Viewers (+37% - 2.583 million vs. 1.884 million) and Women 25-54 (+25% - 1.0 rating vs. 0.8 rating).


  • “Katie” finished as the No. 1 new talk show for the 16th time in as many weeks among Homes and Total Viewers. On average, “Katie” is trending as TV’s strongest new syndicated talk show in 3 years – since “Dr. Oz” in 2009.


  • Growing its overall audience for the 4th week running (+8% - 2.583 million vs. 2.395 million), “Katie” pulled in its largest Total Viewer count in 6 weeks (since w/o 11/12/12) to deliver its 2nd-most-watched week ever.


  • Of the 18 syndicated talk shows on the market this season, freshman “Katie” stands among the top-tier across all key measures:  Households (No. 6 – 1.9 rating), Total Viewers (No. 6 – 2.469 million) and Women 25-54 (No. 6 – 1.0 rating).


“Katie” is executive-produced by Katie Couric and Michael Morrison and is distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. Co-executive producers are Kathy Samuels and Michael Bass and the program is directed by Joseph Terry.

  • Mike

    Nice job Katie. I believe you are stuck at no. 6 among all the talk shows though. I think you have been there the whole season. But nice consistent ratings.

  • Dontryl Alexander

    BS! she lost to Steve Harvey in the people’s choice award, and she deserve to lose. All signs that she’ll be canceled.

  • Jeff

    Down over 400k from lead-in GH, costs as much or more as GH. She probably gets paid more than the entire cast of GH combined. This show has to be a huge disappointment.

  • Mike

    Wow I never knew the people’s choice awards were so powerful.

    Throw out the Nielsen’s and all forms of ratings. All that matters is if you win a People’s Choice Award.

  • Mike

    Jeff, I might buy your point if GH was the lead-in for Katie everywhere but it isn’t. Even in many of the areas where it airs on an ABC affiliate Katie doesn’t even air right after GH. It doesn’t even air on ABC everywhere.

    Which is why I don’t buy all the stuff either about Steve Harvey and whether he is up or down from his lead-in. How can you compare something to it’s lead-in when it doesn’t air at the same time everywhere. Steve Harvey even airs in the morning in some places according to Internet posts.

    I find it weird that people want to compare Katie to the soaps but when someone tries to compare how well Judge Judy does in comparison with the soaps they say you can’t because Judge Judy airs at odd times.

    To me comparing any syndicated show to the soaps is like comparing apples to oranges. It is a total different ballgame.

  • Jeff

    It’s the lead in a vast majority of the markets, and please, don’t try to make this show look successful. Flat out– it’s not. It’s below expectations. And, they have dumped tons of PR and marketing behind it.

  • primetime blabber

    Jeff, you can’t say anything bad about Katie around Mike, he is a Katie lover, and will diss anything you say bad about how Katie is a failure…he defends Katie everytime….I bet he will even defend Katie after reading my post…he is in denial, that Katie is not as good as many hope it would have turned out….she is no Oprah….just opinionates every guest she has on her show….Katie is plain down one of the dumbest talk shows ever….period

  • Mike

    Jeff, I was not trying to make Katie look like a success. I have no idea if she is a success or not. I base my opinion on what I read and see reported. I do not even watch her every day but when I do I enjoy her. I see the ratings for her as respectable. Even if I was trying to make her a success what is the difference in me trying to make her a success and you making her a failure. Unless you know exactly what she makes, and how much exactly ABC syndication spends on her show and you know how much affilates have to pay ABC/Disney to air her show then you have no idea either if she is a failure or not. From your post you said it cost as much or more and you said she probably gets paid. You didn’t say for sure either. And remember to go back and look who issued the cost numbers for Katie. It was the producer of the Jeff Probst show. ABC never denied or confirmed it. So unless someone has the full and accurate numbers regarding promotion, production, Katie’s salary, licensing fees, etc. none of us knows whether Katie is a success or failure. We can only guess.

    Just based on the numbers given and reported Katie gets consistent ratings, and ratings she has built on now for 4 weeks in a row. She has also been #6 out of 18 syndicated talk shows since her debut. To me I stand by my original statement — these are respectable numbers. If they are good enough to keep her around I don’t even pretend to know.

    Sounds like you shouldn’t be giving advice that you are not taking yourself.

  • Jeff

    @Primetime Blabber

    I can see what you are saying very clearly!

    In my opinion, she has and always will be next to useless. The only things she has done that are valuable is raise awareness for colon screenings and help to reveal how stupid Sarah Palin is. And, if Katie Couric can make you look stupid, then you are REALLY stupid!

  • Mike

    Thanks for pointing that out Jeff. I guess Katie Couric would have no troule at all with making either of you two look stupid then.

    And to think I actually thought you were one of the more decent posters on this board. I guess I figured you wrong.

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