'1600 Penn' Matches NBC's Comedy Season High at 8:30 & Scores Network's Top Non-sports 9:30 Rating Since November 15

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January 11th, 2013

via press release:

With "1600 Penn" airing at 8:30 (an encore of the episode that aired
on Dec. 17) and 9:30, NBC delivered its top-rated non-sports Thursday
since November 8, as: 
*	The 8:30 "1600 Penn" encore matched NBC's comedy high in the
slot this season.
*	"The Office" earned its top rating since Nov. 8.
*	The 9:30 "1600 Penn" delivered NBC's top non-sports rating in
the slot since November 15.
*	"30 Rock" matched its season high

At 8:30, the "1600 Penn" encore (1.4/4) matches NBC's season high with
comedy in the time period.

The 8:30 the "1600 Penn" rebroadcast retains 100% of its lead-in from
the highest-rated "30 Rock" in three months. 

At 9:30, the regular-slot debut of "1600 Penn" (1.6/4) earns NBC's top
non-sports rating in the slot since November 15 (1.7).

The 9:30 "1600 Penn" retains 73% of its lead-in from "The Office"
(2.2/6), in line with the average for slot predecessor "Parks and Rec"

At 8, "30 Rock" (1.4/4) is up versus its prior original by 27% (1.4
vs. 1.1 on Dec. 6).  "30 Rock" matches its season high by scoring its
highest rating since the show's season premiere on Oct. 4.

Running between the two half-hours of "1600 Penn," "The Office" (2.2/6
at 9) files its highest rating since November 8 (2.4).

Rock Center (1.1/3) scored its top rating since November 15, and is up
week to week by 38% (1.1 vs. 0.8).
  • Blake Williams

    Really, NBC ? You are bragging about those numbers…….

  • TVDude

    So let me get this straight, Parks and Rec got the same numbers or better this season in that time period and NBC says it might not be renewed, yet 1600 Penn warrants a press release. Wow. One word: Denial.

  • SJ

    Wow, pathetic…

  • KevinSW

    All their saying is Up All Night enver got a 1.6 on that timeslot, all season 30 Rock never got higher than a 1.4 and since november, this is the best they could do ….other words, not even Parks has been this good since november.

  • harsh reality

    If anything, it just further states how bad NBC’s Thursday lineup has been the past few years.

  • kyle

    shamefully people are not watching the best Comedies on tv today and yes i’m being serious

  • bruce

    i think that 1600 Penn is brilliant with its brand of acting and comedy .It will take awhile for some people catch on because a lot of other comedy shows tell people when to laugh with the use of the artificial laugh machine I bet if those shows didn’t use them they would be off the air a long time ago .

  • PETE5125

    To go with the over baring Skip Character, a canned laugh track would be truly awesome…this is a weird show funny premises, good looking set, all the actors except Skip seem to be trying to deliver a normal show, then you got the guy playing skip it’s like if Chris Farley motivation character was a regular on The West Wing, and as Chris is bumbling around and falling and breaking stuff the President and the rest of the staff try to do their thing and act like what he is doing is normal, it just doesn’t work

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