'1600 Penn' Matches NBC's Comedy Season High at 8:30 & Scores Network's Top Non-sports 9:30 Rating Since November 15

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via press release:

With "1600 Penn" airing at 8:30 (an encore of the episode that aired
on Dec. 17) and 9:30, NBC delivered its top-rated non-sports Thursday
since November 8, as:
*	The 8:30 "1600 Penn" encore matched NBC's comedy high in the
slot this season.
*	"The Office" earned its top rating since Nov. 8.
*	The 9:30 "1600 Penn" delivered NBC's top non-sports rating in
the slot since November 15.
*	"30 Rock" matched its season high

At 8:30, the "1600 Penn" encore (1.4/4) matches NBC's season high with
comedy in the time period.

The 8:30 the "1600 Penn" rebroadcast retains 100% of its lead-in from
the highest-rated "30 Rock" in three months.

At 9:30, the regular-slot debut of "1600 Penn" (1.6/4) earns NBC's top
non-sports rating in the slot since November 15 (1.7).

The 9:30 "1600 Penn" retains 73% of its lead-in from "The Office"
(2.2/6), in line with the average for slot predecessor "Parks and Rec"

At 8, "30 Rock" (1.4/4) is up versus its prior original by 27% (1.4
vs. 1.1 on Dec. 6).  "30 Rock" matches its season high by scoring its
highest rating since the show's season premiere on Oct. 4.

Running between the two half-hours of "1600 Penn," "The Office" (2.2/6
at 9) files its highest rating since November 8 (2.4).

Rock Center (1.1/3) scored its top rating since November 15, and is up
week to week by 38% (1.1 vs. 0.8).
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