The CW Orders Backdoor Pilot for 'Vampire Diaries' Spinoff, 'The Originals'

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January 11th, 2013

The CW has decided to move forward with a backdoor pilot for a Vampire Diaries spinoff that could expand the franchise into two separate series next year. Currently titled The Originals, the backdoor pilot will air as part of the current season of The Vampire Diaries on April 25. The story will center around the original vampire family and stars Joseph Morgan as Klaus and Phoebe Tonkin.


  • Linda

    The Supernatural fans have wanted a few different spin-offs and they got jacksh1t.

  • omabin

    I have been saying for a while that this is probably the only thing, short of supernatural, capable of retaining the tvd’s audience.

  • feinn

    Bad news for bubble shows…

  • Doocey

    They probably should’ve done this about a year ago before they launched Secret Circle.

    Also very good move in adding Phoebe Tonkin to the cast, she was one of the best younger actresses on television last season.

  • @Linda

    Who gives a sh@t !
    Just because one show gets a spin-off doesn’t mean another show should get one because the “Fans” want it!

  • Dennis

    This is a great idea.

    The Vampire Diaries followed by The Originals would possibly give CW its best rated night of the week

  • Mi

    Bye bye Beauty and the Beast. It was fun and all, but now a show that can maintain TVD’s audience will get the spot.

  • Luke

    YES. It really is the best chance the CW has at retaining that precious VD lead in…Pheobe Tonkin and Joseph Morgan are great too :) Happy days!

  • Linda

    ‘who gives a sh@t’?
    Obviously Supernatural fans do, duh. That’s why I stated SUPERNATURAL FANS and not THE FINDER FANS.

  • @Linda

    and thats why I said
    Just because one show gets a spin-off doesn’t mean another show should get one because the “Fans” want it!

  • Raykov

    @Linda… and every possible spin-off of Supernatural would look just like a completely different show which just had a SPN back-door pilot. While this spin-off sounds more like separating TVD into two shows which will make each cast more focused on their own stuff. But IMO it would be easier if they expand TVD into 2-hours episodes…

  • Alan

    Beauty and the Beast replacement?

  • Vcoolwater

    Looks like cw is following big brother cbs footsteps. Wow how extremely lazy. How developing tv shows that are good and viewers intresting. Beatuy and the beast got good sampling.

  • Luke

    TVD makes more sense over Supernatural…the ratings are better and it’s a fresher show. Supernatural is probably coming to the end of it’s life cycle soon with the actors wanting to finish the show, maybe they could do a spin off when Sam and Dean’s story is finished, but I don’t think we will see one before that.

  • Hillbilly

    Between handling ill-timed erections and “backdoor orders” I’m starting to think I’m on a porn site. :lol:

  • LC

    People actually like Klaus enough to watch an entire show about him? Really?

  • JQ

    I really think this makes sense both in terms of TVD and the CW. I think it actually works out better for TVD as it gets to trim it’s quite large cast and as much as I like Klaus and think his character (and Joseph Morgan for that matter) is definitely up to lead a new series, I think his character actually has led to some issues with the show. Not having him around (other than the inevitable crossover episode once in awhile) I think might actually improve the show.

    And of course it makes sense for the CW, if anything is going to work after TVD on Thursdays, this show would have to be it. And it’s certainly a safer bet than a brand new show.

  • r0ckmypants

    I gave up on The Vampire Diaries in November, largely due to the “going nowhere” plot with Klaus. If he was the big bad for a single season, I would’ve been fine with it. But he’s long overstayed his welcome.

    Though if this was a “flashback” show with the entire Original family, I might watch; Elijah was much more interesting than Klaus.

    And let’s not forget that these things don’t always work; the Gossip Girl backdoor pilot about Lily was a mess and never went to series.

  • BH

    that is bad news. TVD fans are TIRED of the originals !

  • reedmac

    It sounds like the best option for holding on to that TVD audience, the test in April will give a better idea of how receptive TVD fans are of the idea.

    As for a SPN spin-off as a long time SPN fan I will be happy for the show to finish with season 9 or 10 and really don’t care for a spin-off. The only characters on the show I care about are Sam and Dean and they obviously wouldn’t be in the spin-off.

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