The CW Orders Backdoor Pilot for 'Vampire Diaries' Spinoff, 'The Originals'

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January 11th, 2013

The CW has decided to move forward with a backdoor pilot for a Vampire Diaries spinoff that could expand the franchise into two separate series next year. Currently titled The Originals, the backdoor pilot will air as part of the current season of The Vampire Diaries on April 25. The story will center around the original vampire family and stars Joseph Morgan as Klaus and Phoebe Tonkin.


  • reedmac


    Ratings would suggest otherwise

  • ZmaX

    Great decision, this will probably be the only way to retain TVD’s ratings in the 9pm hour.

    If they pickup the Wonder Woman series, “Amazon” and pair it off with Arrow on Wednesdays, and move Supernatural to Mondays and give it another compatible show like they did this season then the CW will have 3 solid nights of programing.

    One can only Dream!

  • thesnowleopard

    I bet it goes down in flames. Most spinoffs do.

    And I guess we now know what the CW will be airing on Thursday nights at 9pm next fall.

  • reedmac


    Yes Beauty and the Beast got good sampling what does that have to do with anything? If you’re trying to use Beauty’s ratings as justification for it sticking around then try again.

  • reedmac


    better to at least try its not like anything else has worked in the post TVD slot?!

  • Wright

    Finally. They talked about this before Daniel Gillies got his own show. Wish they would have done it sooner, but as long as he makes appearances I will be happy.

  • JC

    What about Claire Holt? It seems to me that she would need to be on this spin off as well.

  • Wright

    An SPN spinoff would be great. Someone contact the network NOW!!!!

  • A

    LOL Im a big VD fan but this is a horrible idea and it probably won’t even work.

    CW tried this with Gossip Girl and aired the spinoff pilot as a regular Gossip Girl episode named ”vally girls (season 2, episode 25)” and it didn’t work.

    Stupid move.

  • Brandy

    This makes sense in terms of capatluzing on VDs popularity while they can and the fact JP loves Joseph and this show is more likley to hold VDs audience than SC,B&tB,Nikita have and the Originals are popular charcters with the fans and fans have been asking for a Originals Spinoff since season three.Plus almost all shows in devlopment at CW are of the scifi/horror/fantasy/supernatrual genre(except Reign,Confessions of a backup Dancer,Iris/Amazon).I bet The Originals, Battle Royale or The Selection,Iris/ Amazon are the first pickups for next season for CW.

  • Dillan

    This is great news, but I’d rather the characters stay in TVD. Oh well, more Phoebe Tonkin is always good! :D

  • Vcoolwater


    Nope. I know beauty and beast collapse in the ratings. I just want to point out the new shows can do well after vampire diaries. They just have to be good. Spinoff is extremely lazy on cw’s part. Basically they acting extremely desperate.

  • robin

    this is such a great idea. NOT

    Move an entire fanservice element into a completely separate show and leave the corpse of tvd to die by cancellation. seriously, who thought that not one but TWO trainwrecks run by Julie Plec would be a good idea

  • Brandy

    @A, the reason GGs prequel spinoff with teen Lily didnt work is it was set in the 80s, period pieces usually fail on tv(exceptions being Mad Men,Game of Throne,Downtown Abby) look at Pan Am,Vegas ,well period pieces on broadcast network fail but on cable do well.The Originals is set in modern dsy,present day.

  • david

    Sounds like a good idea. It work for NCIS now. I think it could be a good idea for a good night for the CW.

  • halloween

    not the worst idea, but maybe one season too late

  • Tommy

    TVD spin-off = Awesome
    Television series set in New Orleans = Even Awesomer
    Phoebe Tonkin co-starring = Best Part Yet

  • s0303

    if this gets klaus off the vampire diaries, then i’m all for it :) he should have left last season..

  • Baqinardo

    Not a great idea.
    The spin-off is about the originals?
    That means i have to sit listening to British English or European English?
    Not a fan. Unless the setting is in current years.

    Why dont they make spin off about hybrids or werewolves?
    And other than the originals, they need to bring Tyler and Caroline too.
    Triangle love between Klaus, Tyler and Caroline should be fun.
    Then, the rating would be high.

  • robin

    this is actually one of the many problems i’ve been having with TVD. They went into so much detail about the Originals and Klaus, who originally should’ve gotten a WAY smaller part and now they’re doing a whole show about it… the only good thing I can see from this is Klaus (who is now tied with Sylar from Heroes as the “Most Annoying Whiny Bad Boy Villain Who Refuses To Die, EVER”)finally leaving the show.

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