The CW Orders Backdoor Pilot for 'Vampire Diaries' Spinoff, 'The Originals'

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January 11th, 2013

The CW has decided to move forward with a backdoor pilot for a Vampire Diaries spinoff that could expand the franchise into two separate series next year. Currently titled The Originals, the backdoor pilot will air as part of the current season of The Vampire Diaries on April 25. The story will center around the original vampire family and stars Joseph Morgan as Klaus and Phoebe Tonkin.


  • Tom

    Phoebe Tonkin was the most popular actor on the Secret Circle. So I must grudgingly concede that the CW was wise in giving her a lead role in the spinoff of its most popular program. I hope this works out. In concept, the show has potential and should appeal to the TVD fan base. However, prequels can be tricky because the audience always has a lot of preconceptions about what the show should deliver. Good luck Phoebe.

  • Mrc8310

    i want the cw pickup Embrace so i know what they talking about they said the new buffy the vampire slayer does this new series include vampire on it what is this tv new series about i hope they pick it up so i can watch it on the cw this fall

  • Ram510

    All in all this could work if its in a new setting (Louisiana) Can find interesting characters and establish its own identity fast

  • Ann

    If this gets Klaus out of Mystic Falls once and for all, then I’m all for it.

  • halloween

    say goodbye to 90210 and beauty and the beast

  • Andrew

    If this has phoebe tonkins in it then the show will also have
    Werewolf’s in it .

  • wednesday

    I don’t know how I feel about this yet. The only way I think I could really be happy is if Daniel Gillies is a regular. I just started to like Klaus this season and like what they’ve done with him and Caroline and Stefan. Elijah is my favorite original and I don’t see Klaus as the lead. They would have to have Rebekah and Kol as well. I couldn’t stand Hayley’s character so that’s a strike against it already. She was useless. They should have done this a year ago.

  • tasha

    Phoebe Tonkin can’t act. Sorry I’m not sorry.

  • thesnowleopard

    Sure, it makes sense why they’d try. It’s the idea of trying to get Vampire Diaries fans to watch two hours of the show rather than one. But a spinoff is no more likely to succeed than a show from a popular book series by the same author (The Secret Circle) or one with a very similar-looking female lead (Beauty and the Beast). While some spinoffs do succeed, they don’t generally do as well as the original (NCIS:LA consistently performs less well in the 9pm slot than NCIS at 8pm and that is a *very* successful spinoff of a *very* successful spinoff of a moderately successful show). And there is also the problem of how they intend to split showrunners and writers between the shows when they can’t even manage a 23rd episode for TVD.

    So, it’s hardly a slamdunk compared to more original programming.

  • Dan

    Well the spinoff will likely air post VD next season spelling the end of BATB. BATB is done btw.

  • lll

    If they keep BATB it will be a pity renewal as a result of the People’s Choice Award win, but the show will move to another night. The Originals is the answer to the “who will follow TVD” problem.

  • shouichie

    Don’t tell me there will be SPN spin off about Castiel and heaven called “heaven and hell”, Lol

  • layla

    it worked for buffy & angel. it could work for tvd but i dont expect it to go beyond 3 or 4 seasons.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    To be honest after what Klaus did in the mid season finale, i want him to die so bad! not to get his own show! and this Phoebe girl, isn’t she the werewolf? nothing special there, they should include Claire instead.
    I’m done with Klaus, he’s not going to change his murderous ways, this whole Klaroline thing is stupid!

  • Restless

    Great, more vampires and silly love triangles.
    Oh well, best of luck to the CW I guess. If this doesn’t work behind Vampire Dairies, I guess nothing will.

    Or “Abaddon’s Journal” the show idea about an angel saving people who sold their souls to hell lol Though actually that show sounds more like a Touched By An Angel remake than Supernatural, especially considering it’s from a guy who worked on Beauty and the Beast and another on a Logo show about a skin clinic.

    My ideal Supernatural spin off would be a horror dramedy starring Castiel and Crowley. But no, Supernatural will never get a spin off, it’s never been amazing in the ratings, and besides which I can already imagine the outcry from the easily offended religious nutjobs. :P

  • CBSviewer

    It probably means Beauty and the Beast will be canceled.

  • DeanW

    Eric Kripke wanted to do a Supernatural spinoff about Samuel Colt and a group of hunters in the old west titled ‘Supernatural: Origins’.

  • DeanW

    Any informations about that ?

  • Carrie

    People saying this means the death of B&B are ridiculous. It might well be canceled because of ratings. But AS IF they would keep it in the same time slot next year.

  • Lisa

    I love Klaus and would like to see this show!

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