Thursday Final Ratings: 'The Big Bang Theory', '30 Rock' & 'Grey's Anatomy' Adjusted Up; No Adjustment for 'Scandal'

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January 11th, 2013

The Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy and 30 Rock were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS The Big Bang Theory 6.4 19 20.00
NBC 30 Rock 1.5 4 3.79
FOX Mobbed 1.2 3 3.23
ABC Last Resort 1.2 3 5.81
CW Critic's Choice Movie Awards 0.6 2 1.88
8:30PM CBS Two and a Half Men 4.2 12 14.40
NBC 1600 Penn -R 1.5 4 3.96
9:00PM CBS Person of Interest 3.3 9 15.67
ABC Grey's Anatomy 3.2 8 9.34
NBC The Office 2.2 6 4.54
FOX Glee -R 0.7 2 2.02
9:30 PM NBC 1600 Penn 1.6 4 3.86
10:00 PM ABC Scandal 2.8 8 8.37
CBS Elementary 2.4 7 11.48
NBC Rock Center With Brian Williams 1.1 3 3.77

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  • Serial Killer Bee


    That’s the next step to get an episode that scores blockbuster numbers like Friends used to do. Friends used to get a lot of episodes that rated between 30-40 million although it averaged between 20-25 million most of the time.

  • eridapo

    CW Season to date numbers for all Scripted shows

    ~~~~~~ # of Airings~~~~~~~~Avg Viewers~~~~~~~~A18-49~~~~~~~~A25-54
    The L A Complex ~~~~~~ 2~~~~~~~~0.48~~~~~~~~0.2~~~~~~~~0.25
    Nikita ~~~~~~ 6~~~~~~~~1.026~~~~~~~~0.317~~~~~~~~0.35
    Emily Owens, M D ~~~~~~ 7~~~~~~~~1.277~~~~~~~~0.371~~~~~~~~0.429
    Gossip Girl ~~~~~~ 10~~~~~~~~0.887~~~~~~~~0.44~~~~~~~~0.38
    90210 ~~~~~~ 9~~~~~~~~0.976~~~~~~~~0.489~~~~~~~~0.456
    Hart of Dixie ~~~~~~ 10~~~~~~~~1.411~~~~~~~~0.56~~~~~~~~0.6
    Beauty and the Beast ~~~~~~ 9~~~~~~~~1.809~~~~~~~~0.678~~~~~~~~0.689
    Supernatural ~~~~~~ 9~~~~~~~~2.094~~~~~~~~0.889~~~~~~~~0.9
    Arrow ~~~~~~ 9~~~~~~~~3.558~~~~~~~~1.178~~~~~~~~1.378
    The Vampire Diaries ~~~~~~ 9~~~~~~~~2.91~~~~~~~~1.378~~~~~~~~1.289

    CW ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~1.764~~~~~~~~0.705~~~~~~~~0.723

  • eridapo

    FOX Season to date numbers for all Scripted shows

    ~~~~~~ # of Airings~~~~~~~~Avg Viewers~~~~~~~~A18-49~~~~~~~~A25-54
    The Mob Doctor ~~~~~~ 13~~~~~~~~3.26~~~~~~~~0.9~~~~~~~~1.075
    Fringe ~~~~~~ 10~~~~~~~~2.79~~~~~~~~0.97~~~~~~~~1.18
    Ben and Kate ~~~~~~ 11~~~~~~~~2.898~~~~~~~~1.382~~~~~~~~1.473
    The Mindy Project ~~~~~~ 10~~~~~~~~3.347~~~~~~~~1.66~~~~~~~~1.75
    Raising Hope ~~~~~~ 11~~~~~~~~3.901~~~~~~~~1.664~~~~~~~~1.918
    Cleveland Show ~~~~~~ 6~~~~~~~~3.74~~~~~~~~1.783~~~~~~~~1.55
    Bones ~~~~~~ 9~~~~~~~~7.378~~~~~~~~2.1~~~~~~~~2.463
    Bob’s Burgers ~~~~~~ 10~~~~~~~~4.578~~~~~~~~2.14~~~~~~~~2.09
    American Dad ~~~~~~ 8~~~~~~~~4.676~~~~~~~~2.275~~~~~~~~2.05
    Glee ~~~~~~ 10~~~~~~~~5.833~~~~~~~~2.34~~~~~~~~2.3
    New Girl ~~~~~~ 12~~~~~~~~4.584~~~~~~~~2.383~~~~~~~~2.442
    Family Guy ~~~~~~ 10~~~~~~~~5.823~~~~~~~~2.86~~~~~~~~2.7
    The Simpsons ~~~~~~ 9~~~~~~~~6.638~~~~~~~~3.078~~~~~~~~3.156

    FOX ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~4.511~~~~~~~~1.93~~~~~~~~1.994

  • Austin Lauran

    In the next few years, will more people be saying that 2 & a Half Men cracking a 10.7 in the demo (without the Super Bowl as a lead) is more impressive than TBBT cracking a 6.4?

  • Billy

    @Serial Killer Bee and Oliver

    Please people come back to me. TBBT is easily the biggest hit since Friends. In the days of Friends, Raymond and early Men people only watched same day because that is all the TV that was around. Look how much lower shows like CSI are now compared to 8 years ago when they pulled 8.0 demos. This modern TV. A 6.4 today is probably higher than a 10.0 ten years ago. You have to compare what TBBT is doing today compared to all TV shows now. Nothing this side of MF can barely break a 4.0. That is modern TV. TBBT is by far the biggest hit since Friends. Nothing else is even close.

  • eridapo

    NBC Season to date numbers for all Scripted shows

    ~~~~~~ # of Airings~~~~~~~~Avg Viewers~~~~~~~~A18-49~~~~~~~~A25-54
    Animal Practice ~~~~~~ 5~~~~~~~~4.216~~~~~~~~1.22~~~~~~~~1.56
    30 Rock ~~~~~~ 9~~~~~~~~3.373~~~~~~~~1.256~~~~~~~~1.444
    Up All Night ~~~~~~ 11~~~~~~~~3.012~~~~~~~~1.236~~~~~~~~1.473
    Whitney ~~~~~~ 6~~~~~~~~4.155~~~~~~~~1.4~~~~~~~~1.75
    Guys With Kids ~~~~~~ 12~~~~~~~~4.27~~~~~~~~1.475~~~~~~~~1.718
    Parks and Recreation ~~~~~~ 9~~~~~~~~3.37~~~~~~~~1.644~~~~~~~~1.744
    Grimm ~~~~~~ 12~~~~~~~~5.206~~~~~~~~1.683~~~~~~~~2.188
    Law & Order: SVU ~~~~~~ 10~~~~~~~~6.579~~~~~~~~1.8~~~~~~~~2.27
    Chicago Fire ~~~~~~ 12~~~~~~~~6.522~~~~~~~~1.817~~~~~~~~2.325
    Parenthood ~~~~~~ 13~~~~~~~~4.993~~~~~~~~1.831~~~~~~~~2.255
    The New Normal ~~~~~~ 12~~~~~~~~4.849~~~~~~~~1.858~~~~~~~~2.078
    Deception ~~~~~~ 1~~~~~~~~5.657~~~~~~~~2~~~~~~~~2.4
    The Office ~~~~~~ 10~~~~~~~~4.24~~~~~~~~2.11~~~~~~~~2.3
    1600 Penn ~~~~~~ 2~~~~~~~~5.369~~~~~~~~1.9~~~~~~~~2.3
    Go On ~~~~~~ 11~~~~~~~~6.69~~~~~~~~2.482~~~~~~~~2.789
    Revolution ~~~~~~ 10~~~~~~~~8.37~~~~~~~~3.09~~~~~~~~3.556

    NBC ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~5.081~~~~~~~~1.814~~~~~~~~2.127

  • Brian

    @ Serial Killer Bee

    I would agree with you, but the conditions today are different, with DVRs, the internet, and cable. I think in a way, 20 million is the new 30-35 million.

  • Bee


  • Brandy

    Oliver,thanks.I remember their total viewers but not the demo.
    @Melissa, which shows beat NCIS in total viewrrs?TheBig Bang Theory is the only one I can think of with 19 million or more total viewers regularly.I remember cbs touting NCIS as the most watched show and before that CSI was the #1 show on tv.I know total viewers dont matter to networks, im just curious and I thinks its amazing that 20 million people watch a show in this age of ratings decline,its an impressive feat.

  • Max

    As expected, SCANDAL does not adjust down. We have a legit hit here folks.
    REVENGE who? That show is so going down with a loud thump. Maybe Van Camp can go for acting lessons and Stowe can get more Botox.

    I said it from day one. REVENGE was never a hit despite ABC’s endless marketing and promotion. Now, with the right promotion, SCANDAL is showing itself to be the hit it was always meant to be.

    This Sunday should be fun when REVENGE hits the low 2’s/high 1’s against the GG AWARDS. LOL

  • Billy

    Please pay attention to what is happening here. A 6.4 with 20 million viewers is easily equivalent to 30 million and a 10.0 demo ten years ago. You can’t simply compare to the numbers from years ago. Ten years ago shows like CSI and other dramas were getting demos in the 8 to 9 range. It is all relative.

  • peter

    it is funny how TBBT season 1 struggled for low 3s in 18-49 and 10 m viewers at its 1st season and now the show is the no1 show on tv.

  • Billy


    Thanks for that comment please explain to @Oliver and @Serial Killer Bee that 20 million today is the equivalent of 30 million or more 10 years ago. TBBT numbers are right in line with Friends. Raymond and early Men did not put those kind of numbers using today’s TV environment.

  • Petar Ivanov

    Hey, eridapo, my friend what the hell happpen to you? Work? Hioe not illness or something bad.

  • Bee

    ahh the rise for scandal lately has been incredible and is thanks a perfect fusion of promotion and content. ABC increased promotion at the most perfect time and as people tuned in, they got hooked and spread the word. for a show, ESPECIALLY a serialized drama that was barely hanging on, to grow so much within just a few episodes is astounding. so glad and hope it keeps on rising.

    i need grey’s to be even higher.

    and amazing for TBBT, though i think the rise is clearly from the people’s choice awards. the female lead was hosting and most importantly, the show won the big prize at the very end for best comedy and aired a new episode the next day.

  • eridapo

    @ Peter,

    Call it the power of syndication… TBBT benefited from syndication where each night people who have never seen the show are given the opportunity to watch the show. All it takes is 30 minutes of their time and they don’t have to make a commitment to watch the entire series to know what is going on (i.e. episodic versus serialized television)

  • Max

    This was a very good week for me. Continued disappointing numbers for non-hit REVENGE, lackluster ratings for the REVENGE of cable, AHS:ASYLUM and SCANDAL is an official hit. See you all on Monday! :D

  • outlawz


  • Lucas

    The 1600 Penn repeat had more viewers than the original, kk!

  • GD

    I wonder when the last time a comedy got this large of an audience? I know last year’s Two and a Half Men season premiere and the post-Super Bowl episode of The Office scored higher, but I can’t think of any regular season episode that isn’t fueled by Charlie Sheen drama.

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