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January 12th, 2013

The Miss America pageant used to be a ratings powerhouse. Then viewers stopped caring about beauty pageants. The telecast was even briefly relegated to cable. Now it airs in the television deadzone of Saturday nigh on ABCt. Tonight, it will surely be clobbered in the ratings by the NFL Playoff game. But ABC is trying to make an event out of it, airing a Miss America themed 20/20 in the hour before the pageant. Last year, with a Wipeout repeat for a lead-in, the show garnered a 1.8 adults 18-49 rating, How do you think it will do this year? Make your prediction then discuss whether their is anything that Miss America could do to make itself relevant again in the comments. (Perhaps combine it with Wipeout and make the contestants run an obstacle course?)

  • RJ

    It’s done a 1.8 the past two years, so I’ll go with a 1.8 again.

  • msupdate

    I say it’ll do a 1.6, maybe a 1.7.

  • David Howell

    The NFL is arguably more of a ratings juggernaut than ever (or maybe it seems that way because of the decline in network scripted ratings), and the overlap with the Miss America audience is significant.


    The post mentions, in jest, an obstacle course a lá Wipeout; in all seriousness, some sort of physical test might well fit the competition, emphasising the functionality of the competitors’ bodies as well as their aesthetic appeal.

  • janet

    show some breastesess and ratings will skyrocket….
    show them wrestling in a mud pit and ratings will skyrocket…
    but keep the questions at the end we all want to hear how they will
    save the world.

  • rob60990

    I think the 20/20 special will help it. 2.0.

  • a p garcia

    I don’t expect big numbers-just so-so #s because of the fotball game

  • FX


  • Joseph

    (1) The pageant will get less than a 1 in 18-49’s, and maybe a 1.5 overall. The scheduling (against an NFL playoff game) won’t help.

    (2) The pageant should be moved back to mid-September.

    (3) The pageant should be moved back to Atlantic City.

    (4) And perhaps the pageant should be moved to a Friday night, given that there probably will at least three (ABC and Fox; with NBC expected to move their Notre Dame games into prime-time starting next year) broadcast networks (and maybe four, if CBS can convince the Southeastern Conference to move it’s SEC package to prime-time) carrying college football in prime-time on Saturday nights next Fall. Such a move may preclude a broadcast network carrying the pageant if it moved back to mid-September.

    BTW, at one time (through the mid-1960’s), the Miss America pageant was the fourth most-watched TV event of the entire year, behind only the two weekend games of the World Series (all the Series games were played in daytime then), and the Academy Awards.

  • rob60990

    Uh its been airing on the same night the past 2 years so airing opposite football isn’t new.

  • DenverDean

    It’s good counterprogramming for football. Not all women like football.



  • Joe Flacco

    This is usually the highest rated Saturday of the entire year every year.

    I usually watch the pageant and tune into the game. It’s a great chance to switch the channel during commercial breaks during the game.

    I also would like to see it not go against football one of these years.It’s got a chance to rate monstrous against weak rerun competition.

  • Nick

    20/20 special: 0.8
    Miss America: 1.6

    The chances won’t be improved by airing after 20/20. Wipeout repeats very well, and 20/20 specials usually do terrible, especially on Saturdays.


    It’s good counterprogramming for football. Not all women like football.

    You seriously think an awards show featuring the so-called most beautiful young women in the country is targeted towards women?

  • Survivor Fan

    To be honest, they need to have more attractive / hotter women. I have been watching, and I can say that Miss USA / Universe has much hotter women.

  • Survivor Fan

    It seems counter-productive to show women in bikinis at the same time as the NFL playoffs. That is cruel to men everywhere!

  • iggy agrimotor

    You seriously think an awards show featuring the so-called most beautiful young women in the country is targeted towards women?

    Yes. That is why the ratings are low. And it wouldn’t be airing against football if its audience skewed male.

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