Predict the Ratings for 'Miss America' – Poll

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The Miss America pageant used to be a ratings powerhouse. Then viewers stopped caring about beauty pageants. The telecast was even briefly relegated to cable. Now it airs in the television deadzone of Saturday nigh on ABCt. Tonight, it will surely be clobbered in the ratings by the NFL Playoff game. But ABC is trying to make an event out of it, airing a Miss America themed 20/20 in the hour before the pageant. Last year, with a Wipeout repeat for a lead-in, the show garnered a 1.8 adults 18-49 rating, How do you think it will do this year? Make your prediction then discuss whether their is anything that Miss America could do to make itself relevant again in the comments. (Perhaps combine it with Wipeout and make the contestants run an obstacle course?)

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