Shocker: CBS Hopes To Renew Its Second-Highest-Rated Show! ('Two and a Half Men')

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January 12th, 2013

I was amused this morning by my Twitter feed lighting up with the "news" that CBS hopes to figure out a way to bring back Two and a Half Men next year. So far this season, 'Men' is CBS's second-highest-rated scripted show with adults 18-49, and by a wide margin.

While it's easy to give some of the credit for that to its lead-in, The Big Bang Theory - those with longer memories will remember that despite premiering well, Rob did not finish as CBS's second-highest-rated scripted show (despite its strong start, it fell to 8th-best by season's end). What was CBS's second-highest-rated show last year? You guessed it, Two and a Half Men.

While the longer a show goes on, the trickier it gets to negotiate renewals, it was clear even before Nina Tassler's comments this morning at CBS's winter TCA press tour executive session that the stakes are big enough for "Men" that it's in both Warner Bros and CBS's interest to figure out how to keep going with it.  Desire to renew does not seem newsy.

The great job the CBS schedulers (we're looking at you, @CaliBadger and team) have done creating a Thursday foothold, at least from 8-10p is probably not getting its due credit. Sadly for us at TV by the Numbers, we live in a world where "CBS wants to renew its highest rated shows!" makes for better headlines and readership. But I'm guessing the ratings results are the only credit Kelly Kahl (chief CBS scheduler) and his team really care about.

  • Chuck_T

    I wonder what Angus gets per episode (when he does appear in an epsiode) just to show up for about two minutes! I agree they should fire him and take in another kid next season (a long lost relative leaves their kid with the guys)?

  • Oh Well

    As far as I’m concerned keep renewing these horrible excuses for sitcom comedy, (TBBT, Two and a Half). I think going out on a low note will prove how bad they really are these days.

    TBBT’s actors look old, tired… going through the motions with ridiculous episodes and the story lines have deteriorated to grade six levels. Goo-bye! And don’t get me started on Two and a Half Men…

    I can’t believe that Ashton’s 6 million Twitter followers blindly keep propping up what is a pathetic excuse for keeping a show on TV for the sake of money.

    Charlie left, so did the laughter! He isn’t a nice guy but Ashton ain’t no Charlie Harper and never will be. Kelso’s problem is, he can’t act.

  • Stan

    ever since Ashton started doing this show it seems to lack the comedy Charlie Sheen brought to the show kinda like it was his natural way of life… i also think that the show should start to come to an end as there isn’t a .5 man anymore. also does Alan still work? or is he part of Walden’s company as last i seen Walden put him on the board of directors and i don’t think Alan has been to work since charlie supposedly died

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