Showtime Announces Premiere Dates for 'Nurse Jackie,' 'Dexter' (Returning Early) 'Ray Donovan,' 'Homeland,' 'Masters of Sex' & More

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January 12th, 2013

At its session at the TCA winter press tour today Showtime announced the following premiere dates:

Nurse Jackie Sunday, April 14, 2013     9:00 PM
The Borgias Sunday, April 14, 2013   10:00 PM
The Big C Monday, April 29, 2013
Dexter Sunday, June 30, 2013 9:00 PM
Ray Donovan Sunday, June 30, 2013 10:00 PM
Homeland Sunday, September 29, 2013 9:00 PM
Masters of Sex Sunday, September 29, 2013 10:00 PM

The only real surprise is that Dexter will be returning a few months earlier than usual to help support newcomer Ray Donovan.

  • TOM

    How about “Episodes” and “Web Therapy”?

  • Robert Seidman

    Both renewed, but no dates announced as of this writing.

    edit: they are looking at an early 2014 return for Episodes according to comments made at TCA session.

  • Raykov

    I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. I thought they would break Dexter and Homeland and put Homeland in Dexter’s spot. I just thought that either Homeland would move to summer or Dexter would move to January 2014. If Dexter is in its final season, Showtime needs to make some new hits and what better oportunity than having a new show behind Dexter and another one behind Homeland.

  • SJ

    Web Therapy will likely take over for The Big C at some point. I still don’t get why Showtime insists on putting 90% of its shows on Sunday nights though.

    Also, I wonder what will air in the half-hour between Nurse Jackie and The Borgias…

  • John A

    Yay that Dexter will begin early so something to watch in summer.

  • Robert Seidman

    Also, I wonder what will air in the half-hour between Nurse Jackie and The Borgias…

    a repeat of the Nurse Jackie that aired at 9pm.

  • Baqinardo

    I was surprised about Dexter.
    I know Homeland is on fire and nominated in a lot of awards, but i think it’ll probably still need a lead.
    Especially next season, they consider killing Damien Lewis’ character for good and more about CIA. If it’s about CIA, it’d be boring. Another procedural but focus on terrorist? I’ll pass.

    Breaking bad is at 10, right? So no Dexter vs Breaking Bad?

  • JackBauer


    So you thought 24 was boring? I would actually prefer it more if they focused more on the via side and show Carrie doing crazy espionage stuff.

  • Dan S

    Smart move moving Dexter to Summer to help launch Ray Donovan. I think Homeland will do fine at 9pm helping Masters of sex at 10pm. Rather dumb to run Nurse Jackie solo, should’ve given a full season renewal to Big C. With that show bowing out & no more Weeds they need to start developing some new comedies.

  • Hugh

    Dexter back pretty soon. I’ll probably watch Ray Donovan too.

  • Hugh

    Aww 2014 for episodes :(
    May be my fav comedy

  • JulieDawn

    Not so sure that moving Dexter to summer is the best idea ratings wise….

  • Concerned Citizen


    In the summer, it isn’t going up against Sunday Night Football, The Walking Dead, and Boardwalk Empire. It does have to go against True Blood, but overall there’s much less competition.

  • Jarrod

    Does anybody know how many episodes Nurse Jackie got this season? Was it 10 again or back to the original order of 12?

  • Oliver

    @Dan S

    The Big C, Weeds and Nurse Jackie are pretty much ratings failures by modern Showtime standards. They are also very distinctively Greenblatt shows and I suspect Nevins wants to take the network in a different direction.

    Web Therapy and Episodes probably cost Showtime next-to-nothing, thanks to dirt cheap production values and international sales respectively, so it’s hardly worth bothering to axe them.

  • JulieDawn

    @Concerned Citizen

    Everything you say is true, however in summer there are considerably less people overall watching television at all – at least watching it live and regularly. Of course, being on Showtime means that Dexter isn’t relying on the ratings the same way some other shows do, but I would have thought that for the (supposedly) last season, the network would have kept it in a premium time of year, either it’s usual fall slot or perhaps even winter/spring 2014, no matter what it’s up against.

  • Steve

    Apparently the decision around “Episodes” was due to scheduling issues with the show’s creators. But given that they had such a short season last year (only 7 episodes?), it seems like a pretty big mistake to have a gap of almost 2 years before another season.

    It’s not the greatest comedy ever, but when it’s good, it’s really good. Also makes me miss the days of “Beggars and Choosers” on Showtime. That was a GREAT show.

  • TV-Tastic

    Not sure at all why there is surprise surrounding the June premiere of Dexter. This will be Dexter’s final season and not only does it just make sense to not be overshadowed by Homeland but it creates a strong lead-in for Ray Donovan and by the same note Homeland becomes a strong lead-in for Masters of Sex by jumping into Dexter’s old slot.

    Also, Dexter is immune to the time of year it airs as are all premium cable shows, particularly genre shows. It certainly hasn’t hurt True Blood, Game of Thrones or Strike Back. The change of the scheduling has nothing to do with what it’s up against and everything to do with Showtime wanting to get the most trickle-down out of their top tier premium shows for their new shows. It would be dumb for them to continue to stack their current high performers on top of each other. It’s not like either one needs the help.

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