CW's Pedowitz Talks 'Beauty & The Beast,' 'Supernatural,' 'Hart Of Dixie,' 'Nikita' & '90210'; Is Positively Noncommittal About All Of Them

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January 13th, 2013

If you'd care to read the carefully worded comments on Beauty & The Beast, Nikita, 90210, Hart Of Dixie, Supernatural and more CW shows from CW Chief Mark Pedowitz today during the CW's Television Critics Association meeting there are several handy places online.

Let me summarize for anyone not willing to do the Googling.

"We love all our shows. We think they're all doing well in one way or another, particularly considering something or other unique about each show. We'd like to have them all be renewed."

That shows that Pedowitz has completed the full TV Executive Public Speaking Course, which includes rules like, never commit to anything, and never speak negatively about any show in public, ever.

Those attempting to read the tea leaves on the future of their favorite shows from his remarks are engaged in delusional futility, but have at it as you will.

  • feinn

    I expect 3 new shows for fall and 2 mid season again….maybe move 90210 or nikita to summer

  • Charlie

    Pedowitz suggested that 90210 would also return, possibly for a final hurray. “I am a big believer in giving fans a very satisfactory conclusion,” he said. “It’s something that we as a television industry need to do.”

  • Martin

    He did sound like he wanted to give 90210 a shortened final season, also Supernatural is a show he loves, tbh out of all the shows on the bubble the only one I can’t see coming back some way or another is Batb.

  • luisl

    My bets: Hart of Dixie renewed. 90210 with a reduced final season. BaTB cancelled. Carrie Diaries renewed, Cult cancelled.

    It’s possible they renew all these shows? or would they be needing more hours?

  • Mrc8310

    can you guys please pick up Embrace this fall i would like to see what this new series about thank you

  • Charlie

    ninth season of “Supernatural.” “Nothing’s been announced yet, no determination has been made. We are pleased with how Wednesday night clearly has worked out… I think creatively the show is in a great place and there’s always a good shot that could happen.

    The chances of other shows returning. Pedowitz gave a few comments about the futures of “Beauty and the Beast” (“We believe the show has a very long run inside of it.”), “Hart of Dixie” (“It stands out on a tough Tuesday night. It has a very strong DVR presence and VOD presence as well as online.”), “Nikita” (“It’s performing on par with our expectation. I’m a fan of the show, I like the show.”) and “90210” (“No determination made for next season yet”). He would later add that regardless of their fates, “I’m a big believer [as evidenced by ‘One Tree Hill’ and ‘Gossip Girl’] in giving fans a very satisfactory conclusion.”

  • Dan

    So by saying We love all.our shows is just like saying were not making a decision right now to cancel or renew anything. I still think HOD and Nikita will both be renewed for syndication purposes, 90210 will get a final farewell season (a la One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl) , and BATB will be axed. We just need to wait until May to hear it.

  • Bill Gorman

    “So by saying We love all.our shows is just like saying were not making a decision right now to cancel or renew anything.”

    As always, “no announcement” does NOT equal “no decision”.

    What he said was “We love all our shows, but I’m not going to announce anything about any of them.”

  • Percysowner

    At this point I’ll go with the ratings. Supernatural seems like a lock. HOD has a good chance, unless all the new midseason shows hit big. Based on history 90210 will get a short final season, maybe they will show it during the summer or during the winter break in place of reruns. B&TB is gone, unless all the new shows really tank or ratings suddenly perk up. Nikita may sneak by due to syndication reasons.

  • Tom

    Did you guys really read what pedowitz said? BATB has better chances of renewal than HoD OR 90210. FYI, It just won PCA awards and CBS congrajulates it for having a good international sales.

  • AAA

    More CW news about nothing. What was the point of this intervew anyway?

  • Roswell


    No that isn’t what he said.. Besides winning a PCA or any award for that matter has no effect on a shows future… If that were the case then ‘Ringer’ would still be on the air…

  • thesnowleopard

    Does anybody really believe that either TVD or SPN is in any danger? Or Arrow, unless it drops a whole lot? Of course not.

    As for the rest, I’d say Pedowitz is being cagey because confirming the above would raise questions about the bubble shows. I’m sure he will say nice things about all of these shows, right up to the point where he axes half of them.

  • Onion

    Someday We’ll see Executive Speaking Bingo…..

  • Lauren

    @Tom BATB hasn’t more chances of renewal just because its won an TCA Award. Ringer won awards last year and it’s gone.

    BATB lost the half of its audience with Vampire Diaries for lead-in. HOD is still the higher show for Monday/Tuesday.

  • Brandy

    @Dan, of course he hasnt made final desicions on the fate of the bubble shows yet, theres two midseason shows yet to premiere to see how they do and hell want see spring (March_May) ratings of HoD, ,Nikita,Beauty,Cult ,Carrie Diaries before deciding.

  • Charlie

    they’re also ordering 7 or 8 pilot’s this season…decision to be made in a few week’s

  • John K.

    I still can’t believe they have no Comedies in development. I think something like New Girl could really work on the net.

  • The End

    Every network says they love their shows. Every network gets behind their shows, even if they’re struggling, to encourage people to tune in.

    Loving ones shows is not a good indicator for renewal.

  • Jason

    Sleepy Hollow?

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