CW's Pedowitz Talks 'Beauty & The Beast,' 'Supernatural,' 'Hart Of Dixie,' 'Nikita' & '90210'; Is Positively Noncommittal About All Of Them

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January 13th, 2013

If you'd care to read the carefully worded comments on Beauty & The Beast, Nikita, 90210, Hart Of Dixie, Supernatural and more CW shows from CW Chief Mark Pedowitz today during the CW's Television Critics Association meeting there are several handy places online.

Let me summarize for anyone not willing to do the Googling.

"We love all our shows. We think they're all doing well in one way or another, particularly considering something or other unique about each show. We'd like to have them all be renewed."

That shows that Pedowitz has completed the full TV Executive Public Speaking Course, which includes rules like, never commit to anything, and never speak negatively about any show in public, ever.

Those attempting to read the tea leaves on the future of their favorite shows from his remarks are engaged in delusional futility, but have at it as you will.

  • Brandy

    @Charlie, so? Only 4_5 will make it air just like last season when they ordeted the same amount.Just cause they have they many pilots dosent mean all of them will make it to air.They retooled the Selction pilot and cancelled The Frame before it air.Only a third to half of pilots make it to series/to air.They had March sisters drama and Wyoming Project pilots among other three seasons ago yet they didnt make it to series.Last year they had Awakening,Danni Labowski,Heavenley,Cooper &Stone in devolpment but those didnt make it t to series.

  • Dahne

    @Onion – Bwah! I would love to see Executive Speak Bingo. Politicians and they have perfected the art of saying absolutely nothing in a thousand words or more.

    The simple fact is that some shows have to go. So they can love them all in hopes of getting more people to tune in, but in the end TV is a business and money is the name of the game.

  • JulieDawn

    Right, I originally posted this earlier today on the Renew/Cancel thread, but it made sense to paste it here rather than retype basically the same thing:

    OK, re BATB:
    1) I’m somewhat biased because I absolutely adore the show. But….
    2) I’m also intelligent enough to understand that an intense fan following or a PCA award does not a renewal make on it’s own, it obviously will come down to financials in the end, whether that be simply the ratings or a combination of that with overseas sales, cost of making the series etc.

    However – at the CW TCA panel today Pedowitz did say several very positive things about BATB, including “We’re pleased with where it’s going creatively. We believe the show has a long run in front of it.” Of course, yes he’s going to keep talking up the show on the back of the PCA publicity, but his statements have even been more positive than many of us BATB fans expected. (Additional comment…I don’t care if he’s being Mr NonCommittal, according to some of the sources his tone of voice was rather indicative when discussing certain shows..and BATB was a good tone. Supposedly.)

    In addition – re the PCA award…the network shut down production for a day and sent Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk on a private plane from Toronto to LA and back for the awards show. An extremely last minute decision made literally very late the night before.

    Sure, I may be eating crow come decision-time, but you don’t incur the very very very high costs of renting a private plane for transcontinental trips in addition to the probably even more expensive shut down of production, for a show the network has given up on. At least not yet.

  • feinn

    I think Mark is dumb….he can easily see if beauty and the beast is renewal worthy by trying the show on a new night and see that it doesn’t fall apart

  • Tom

    If I were a suit at the CW, I’d have been a lot happier if Arrow – the other CW show on that People’s Choice ballot – had won. Arrow has twice the ratings and will be renewed. Online accounts of the voting report that B&B won its category by at least 10 million votes. That’s the margin of victory, not the total vote count. Since the show only draws about 1.5 million weekly viewers, that’s pretty clear evidence that so-called award was tainted by massive ballot stuffing.

    The CW couldn’t tactfully ignore the award, but I doubt if anyone is naive enough to believe this was a legitimate reflection of the show’s popularity. What’s really surprising is that the culprits behind the vote manipulation actually accept the illusion they’ve created. They’re not fooling anyone. Turning your favorite show into an even bigger farce is nothing to be proud of. This show is and will remain a drag on the CW’s schedule, so I’m looking forward to seeing it put out of our misery.

  • JulieDawn

    Not a bit of naivety here…but keep in mind that the Arrow fans had exactly the same opportunity to ‘stuff the ballots’ – and in fact thought they had done so. They just got complacent when it was announced Amell was going to the awards ahead of time.
    So sure, a PCA has no real value when it comes to renewal, I already said that. But it is a reflection of fan support, ballot stuffing or not, and if it comes down to 2 shows for cancellation/renewal and everything is equal in the exec’s eyes except for that, then it WILL give it an edge.

    BTW – do you ever allow yourself to say anything positive or at least without throwing cold water on others? I don’t mean about this necessarily – it’s the same on just about any topic on any thread on this forum!
    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy your logic compared to some of the other posts here…but you only seem to reply when you have something negative to say!

  • davie

    Supernatural will be renewed, lets be real. It’s the third highest rated show on the network, the actors recently extened their contracts for 2 more seasons, and the rerun episodes frequently pull .3’s at 9,10am on TNT. WB is definitely wanting more episodes.
    Same for Arrow and TVD.

    I’d say cancel 90210, since there isn’t really a long term story arc a Final Season isn’t really a necessity, right? and there’s enough time to write a Series Finale. Although I’m sure the fans disagree.

    Beauty and The Beast has already hit 0.5 in the first half of Season 1. Can it really survive 3 more seasons (most likely Fridays paired with Nikita) if renewed?

    Nikita- Renewed for a 4th and Final Season to reach 88.

    HOD-I’d say this is the most obvious (besides Nikita) to renew, it gets 0.6s and 0.7s still, but there’s still Carrie Diaries and Cult.

  • Jane Elliot

    I find it awesome that, despite its woeful ratings, Nikita is now universally accepted as a lock for (reluctant) renewal. I’m a huge fan of the show so that makes me happy. At the same time, there are shows that are cancelled after the third season. Looking at the ratings, I’m trying not to let my hopes get up too high.

  • helpful_lurker


    You are absolutely correct:

    Supernatural: Pedowitz said no official decision has been made about a ninth season for the show, but prospects are high. “We are pleased with how Wednesday night has turned out, with Arrow being a bonafide hit and Supernatural actually gaining viewers again,” he said. “I think creatively the show is in a great place and there’s always a good shot.”

    I also think (based on quotes from the article I link) “90210” is all but officially renewed for at least a short final season.

    “However, speaking specifically of 90210, he said it’s important that long-running — shows such as One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl — get a proper ending. “I’m a big believer in giving fans a very satisfactory conclusion,” Pedowitz said.”

    So, I think we (or this sites r/c/bubble lists) could go ahead and mark “The Vampire Diaries,” “Arrow,” “Supernatural,” and “90210” as certain renewals.

    But mostly right now all I care about is getting fans to vote “Supernatural” into winning another award so we can get Jensen and Jared on stage again – they was so adorably nervous at/on the PCAs!

  • Freyja

    The only way SPN doesn’t get renewed is if the ratings take a serious nose dive and by that I am talking real bad and I don’t see that happening.

    So I would say TVD, Arrow and SPN all renewed the rest are up in the air, depending on how Carrie Diaries and The Cult do..

    Also depends on how well their development slate turns out this year.

  • Winter


    HOD hit 0.5 at episode 11 last year, also in the first half of the season, and proceeded to get several more while never crossing 0.6 again for the entire season. And this year it has achieved only 1 0.7, and is usually found at 0.5 (5x thus far).

    Besides a marginally stronger first few episodes (nothing over 0.9 though compared to a 1.2 for BatB) HOD has not performed any better really than BatB comparatively. Given the downward trends of the vast majority of TV this year I think you could really call it even.

    HOD BatB
    1 0.8 1.2
    2 0.8 0.7
    3 0.6 0.6
    4 0.6 0.6
    5 0.8 0.7
    6 0.6 0.6
    7 0.7 0.6
    8 0.7 0.5
    9 0.9 0.6
    10 0.8
    11 0.5
    12 0.6
    13 0.6
    14 0.6
    15 0.6
    16 0.5
    17 0.5
    18 0.6
    19 0.5
    20 0.6
    21 0.6
    22 0.6

  • Moe

    After reading Mark’s comments to Zap2it about Supernatural’s renewal chances being based on these coming ratings, yea, I’m a bit worried. Shows traditionally go down after the holiday break and there’s not a whole lot of buzz right now for the stories Jeremy Carver has going on. I’m a little worried the ratings will tank and the show won’t get a season 9.

    My one consolation is that chances are, the rest of the CW’s shows will be doing so much more poorly, that maybe Supernatural will squeak by there with a renewal.

    I just wish the show was more exciting right now. This tablet story with Kevin and Crowley is lackluster, Purgatory is over, I could care less about Sam’s soap opera love story, Benny and Castiel are gone for a while after this week and Dean has no story. Maybe they will finally do something with the angel storyline this week, but honestly, Carver needs to liven this season up somehow. I don’t want to see the show tank because he can’t get some buzz and excitement going because all he can focus on are unimaginative stories.

  • Zach

    But HOD was building on the poor lead in it got from Gossip Girl all season. BATB is losing its great lead in from TVD. Also I believe episode 11 of HOD was the first one after the winter break, so we will see how BATB does when it comes back in a few weeks for proper comparisons.

  • Winter


    I really don’t buy into the ‘lead in’ talk. TVs these days have inbuilt TV guides and changing a channel involves a few clicks of a button. People watch what they want at the time they want to regardless of the channel. Just because more (or less) people happened to be watching the last show doesn’t determine how many will watch the one after. if that was the case 8pm should always be weaker than 9pm – however this doesn’t seem to be the case.

  • thesnowleopard

    Fan commentary on online boards means less-than-nothing about a show’s chances. Only ratings matter. And SPN would have to drop a *lot* before it was in danger.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    SPN, according to the writers, had a 5 season story arc & when it was renewed past that, another 5 year story arc was created. Now, I know that if the ratings started to stink & new shows came up to be new hits then cancellation could be in order. However, with the 2 leads signed up & only Arrow & TVD as current hits, there is just no way they cancel SPN. This is b/c right now it’s #3 on the Network, meaning that 7 others would have to be canceled b4 SPN.

    So, SPN will get it’s final 2 years. The Execs are just wanting to make sure you all watch live to view the ads, not to ensure renewal. I also think that there is a chance that they might not create another story arc, even if they don’t have any more new hits in the next 2 years.

    For example, Showtime is going to cancel Dexter after this summer run. However, they haven’t confirmed again, even though we all know that they said the 8th season would be it’s last & that the rating’s are really good. They are both going to end on their own terms, I imagine.

    CW really needs more than 1 show in the past 5 years to be a hit for a full four plus years. Arrow is too new to really know if it will be a TVD or a Nikita or even if it gets 2 seasons and is done. CW’s older standby’s are ending their runs or have ended in the past couple years. So, only 1 new hit & a fade or 2 was fine enough for the recent past but not anymore.

  • Oliver

    I was surprised about how cooly Pedowitz talked about Supernatural and would be worried if I was a fan. It should be a lock given its ratings, but he was utterly non-commital.

  • AAA

    @oliver Was he commital about anything?

  • Dan

    Well this shows that no network is going to talk negatively abut their shows on the air. He says BATB has a long life on The CW, well if a long life for BATB is the same long life for a show like Vegas, then its only until May and CW still has Cult and Carrie Diaries so if those do better than BATB then its Bye Bye for that show.

    His implication of wrapping up 90210 has final season Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill written all over it. He says that Nikita is performing at his expectations, in which he avoids saying that its underperforming. I think this still implies syndication wise that it will get a fourth and final season Fridays at 8. I think they have a commitment for Hart of Dixie well over Beauty and the Beast.

  • david

    Here is news on what Mark Pedowitz said about having reality shows fill the summer and the renewal of the current shows and the pilots in contention.

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