CW's Pedowitz Talks 'Beauty & The Beast,' 'Supernatural,' 'Hart Of Dixie,' 'Nikita' & '90210'; Is Positively Noncommittal About All Of Them

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January 13th, 2013

If you'd care to read the carefully worded comments on Beauty & The Beast, Nikita, 90210, Hart Of Dixie, Supernatural and more CW shows from CW Chief Mark Pedowitz today during the CW's Television Critics Association meeting there are several handy places online.

Let me summarize for anyone not willing to do the Googling.

"We love all our shows. We think they're all doing well in one way or another, particularly considering something or other unique about each show. We'd like to have them all be renewed."

That shows that Pedowitz has completed the full TV Executive Public Speaking Course, which includes rules like, never commit to anything, and never speak negatively about any show in public, ever.

Those attempting to read the tea leaves on the future of their favorite shows from his remarks are engaged in delusional futility, but have at it as you will.

  • Jere

    If cd and cult is a hit, cw next year
    Tue-originals/ new supernatural show
    Wed- arrow/supernatural
    Thur- vd/amazon
    Fri-Nikita/90210 final 10
    Two more supernatural dramas picked up for mid season and cult for 13 more episodes

  • CrystalBall

    8 pilots only ? They have way more script than last year and more empty slots to fill …
    I think it just means their renewal will be the same as this year.

  • lisa

    i can see a show being shipped off to friday if beauty returns it will go to fridays for sure.

  • Oliver

    My guess is that The CW always intended Cult to be a Friday show, but the open schedule slot opened by Emily Owens coupled with the weak Nikita performance at 9pm changed their mind.

    They are still scheduled to air repeats of Cult on Friday at 9.

  • psychic

    Pedowitz. What an unfortunate name.

  • Jarrod

    Final season? 90210 should get a full season 6 pick-up! 90210 SHALL LIVE ON!

  • The End

    @Well this shows that no network is going to talk negatively abut their shows on the air.

    Boom! Correct.

    Even if a show is a catastrophic failure, like say Stargate Universe. It’l still get some backing.

    This is the first show that comes to mind considering it was more expensive than the first 2 seasons of The Walking Dead and Season 2 rated under 1 million lol

  • moshane58

    Supernatural goes I’ll never watch CW again.Love that show.Loved Emiley Owens M.D. got cancelled.Loved Secret Circle got cancelled.Love Arrow but Supernatural is my favorite.Bring Bobby back.

  • Restless

    I’m kind of excited about the web series they have in development.

    Web Series: Pedowitz said the network is working on more original online content, including an animated series called Gallery Mallory, featuring the voices of Justin Hartley and Misha Collins, as well as a series featuring Hart of Dixie’s Wilson Bethel.

    Using the web to test the waters, maybe? CW with an animated show, hehe, why not. Why let basically Fox have the only cartoons.

  • David

    90210 – Short Final Season
    BatB – Cancelled
    HoD – Renewed
    SPN – Renewed

    I also heard the CW are starting a TVD spinoff called The Originals. If it gets a series order, I guarantee it will air Thurs 9. It’s the only show which can keep TVD’s audience. Only thing is that the spinoff is of a character which TVD fans don’t like, wether That will affect ratings I don’t know.

  • Tom

    @ David Scheduling a sequel before a prequel represents an unusual paring. Why not put the Originals first?

  • JoJo

    Well isn’t it too soon to predict any renewal or cancellations of any series on the CW? The network already got rid of the dead weight(Emily Owens)and besides Arrow..SPN..and TVD all the other series have there pros and cons. I do believe the CW will renew Hart of Dixie and Pedowitz seems to really stand behind BATB. 90210 I could take or leave.

  • June

    Winter, your stats show that BatB dropped from 1.2 to 0.6 in the fall while HOD stayed steady in the same period. Which trend do you think looks better?

  • Mayorofsmpleton

    Must say I saw the pilot of Nikita on Netflix and I’m not surprised at their ratings. Doesn’t feel like a CW friendly show but it was rather good. Will probably catch up.

  • Eddy

    Supernatural is the only reason I watch the CW, if the show gets canceled, I’m done with the channel.

  • Winning C.

    I need to see the numbers that matter for The CW before making any judgements and that’s the overseas numbers and revenue reports. This was how I figured out that The Secret Circle would be a goner last year not its Thursday ratings.

    B&TB is probably the one fighting for its life the most right now but if its doing well enough internationally they’ll keep it. I personally think the show is an asset for them. It’s not a good fit with Vampire Diaries at all. I think its a better fit with Nikita more than anything and that’s probably where it will move if it survives.

  • Shaz

    @Tom The Originals isn’t a prequel. It takes place in the present day like Vampire Diaries, but is about the original vampires that are already recurring characters on Vampire Diaries.

  • JJA

    They probably do like all the shows, and they do want them all back.

  • Wright

    TVD,SPN and Arrow are definitely getting renewed.I too wish the writers would bring Bobby back on SPN. I think Cult has a good chance just because of the actors. 90210 should end this year to make room for a better show. I’m looking forward to The Originals if it gets picked up because I love Joseph Morgan as Klaus.

  • M

    I also read somewhere that Pedowitz said that Beauty and the Beast is at par with The Secret Circle.

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