CW's Pedowitz Talks 'Beauty & The Beast,' 'Supernatural,' 'Hart Of Dixie,' 'Nikita' & '90210'; Is Positively Noncommittal About All Of Them

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January 13th, 2013

If you'd care to read the carefully worded comments on Beauty & The Beast, Nikita, 90210, Hart Of Dixie, Supernatural and more CW shows from CW Chief Mark Pedowitz today during the CW's Television Critics Association meeting there are several handy places online.

Let me summarize for anyone not willing to do the Googling.

"We love all our shows. We think they're all doing well in one way or another, particularly considering something or other unique about each show. We'd like to have them all be renewed."

That shows that Pedowitz has completed the full TV Executive Public Speaking Course, which includes rules like, never commit to anything, and never speak negatively about any show in public, ever.

Those attempting to read the tea leaves on the future of their favorite shows from his remarks are engaged in delusional futility, but have at it as you will.

  • halloween

    they can cancel nikita after 3 season, just like veronica mars

  • Richard Steven Hack

    In other words, this entire post is as meaningless as his statements…

    Which means nothing has changed…


  • Richard Steven Hack

    Halloween: “they can cancel nikita after 3 season, just like veronica mars”

    Not necessarily. If the studio wants to make money in syndication, they offer it to the CW at next to nothing. As long as the CW has nothing else on Fridays that can make MORE money, they will air Nikita.

    Veronica Mars wasn’t necessarily in the same situation because it didn’t have a mega-Asian star in the lead.

  • pal

    Sounds like what an admissions officer/human resource person says: we love every applicant, everyone has their unique talents. We would love to hire/admit everyone.

  • June

    Richard, who is the mega-Asian star?

  • carla

    They said pretty positive things about BaTB with with its pca win and it doing well internationally if ratings stay steady it should get a S2

  • thesnowleopard

    @Richard Steven Hack
    The studio may slash Nikita’s budget to justify keeping it around long enough to satisfy syndication requirements. Then again, they may already have done that to reach season three, which makes it more difficult for the show to meet that minimum threshold after this season.

    And even if it had ever been confirmed that Maggie Q is as popular in Asia as some fans of the show claim she is, that would not solve the problem that the show is scraping the muddy ratings bottom in the U.S. Even if Maggie Q were the female equivalent of Jackie Chan, the network would still need to find a way to make that marketable for it to affect the show’s fate. Network shows can’t yet exist in full ratings freefall, based solely on revenues from non-traditional sources.

  • Bizarro

    Nikita will be renewed but needs to be shown during the summer. If ANTM is moving to the summer, why can’t Nikita be moved too? Also since Pedowitz wants to work with Sarah Michelle Gellar again and her new comedy produced by Fox might make Pedowitz push for comedies next season. They will then probably be shown on friday. Two or four new comedies on friday reminds me of when the CW first started. Summer programming for the CW with Nikita and ANTM, will have good ratings probably. A win win for the CW and fans.

  • Margot Green

    Beauty and the Beast won an award? honestly we all know how the voting takes place so it’s a big scam. Delete I do not like the show the beauty and the beast, Kristin K. is a bad actress.

  • Sarah

    If Mr. Petowitz not cancel some shows ugly and boring the CW network will be used to “die”! Delete: The Beauty and the Beast, Emily Owens, 90210, Nikita and GG need to renew!

  • Shaz

    Hm… need to delete the linguistics-challenged people who — despite a big banner saying RENEW/CANCEL INDEX on every page of this site — can’t seem to figure out that TV shows are cancelled and not deleted.

  • JulieDawn


    ROFL – you said what I was thinking…I needed that!

  • JulieDawn

    Continued (accidentally clicked ‘enter’ before I meant to)…

    Whenever I see “delete” I just keep hearing Cybermen and get the giggles (Doctor Who fans will know what I mean!)

  • lakersupbyten

    He have a big hint that Beauty was gonna stay..looks good.

  • lakersupbyten

    He gave a big hint that Beauty was
    staying a long time.

  • Dahne

    BaTB fans are annoying! It’s just a bunch of fangirls using multiple usernames whining on all tv sites and cheating on polls to make it seem like the show is popular. And it’s funny how they’re all taking Mark’s comments as a sure proof of renewal LOL.

  • H

    What’s up with all the BatB hate on this site? The latter is probably scheduled at the toughest time of the week for any network show. It gets very little promotion compared to Arrow and the TSC did last year, which was the CW’s it show at that time like Arrow is this year. The latter benefits from legions of already dedicated comic book fans and the succesful end run of Smallville. It seems like some people are upset that their shows got cancelled, or if they are actually members of the entertainment industry, that their pilots didn’t get picked up. The Originals sounds strangely ironic. A vampire show spinoff of TVD really is not at all original.

  • laura moss

    HE has not brought any improvement to the CW network shows are even more mediocre and ugly and the rating is worse. Did not renew Nothing!

  • ragul

    guys ringer didnt win pca,but batb did, i think we are seeing the 3 rd favourite show in the cw network after supernatural,and tvd,
    source:spoiler tv usd poll

  • matt

    All fans deserve a resolution? He really felt that way towards The Secret Circle and Ringer!

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