CW's Pedowitz Talks 'Beauty & The Beast,' 'Supernatural,' 'Hart Of Dixie,' 'Nikita' & '90210'; Is Positively Noncommittal About All Of Them

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January 13th, 2013

If you'd care to read the carefully worded comments on Beauty & The Beast, Nikita, 90210, Hart Of Dixie, Supernatural and more CW shows from CW Chief Mark Pedowitz today during the CW's Television Critics Association meeting there are several handy places online.

Let me summarize for anyone not willing to do the Googling.

"We love all our shows. We think they're all doing well in one way or another, particularly considering something or other unique about each show. We'd like to have them all be renewed."

That shows that Pedowitz has completed the full TV Executive Public Speaking Course, which includes rules like, never commit to anything, and never speak negatively about any show in public, ever.

Those attempting to read the tea leaves on the future of their favorite shows from his remarks are engaged in delusional futility, but have at it as you will.

  • Mary

    Please keep Supernatural and Beauty and the Beast. Great chemistry in both of them! Still not feeling Arrow although I continue to watch it . . .

  • JR

    For a great show to be added to the CW 2013-14 schedule check out Super Kids and Dad Trailer- The Next Big Superhero TV Series!

  • abby

    Please please please keep Emily Owens Md….great show. So sad it will be cancelled!!!!

  • Kajin

    beauty and the beast is the best show on the cw. Please don’t cancel it

  • Kajin

    Everyone watch Beauty and the Beast. Best show along with arrow and Hart of Dixie. Jay Ryan is an amazing actor. AND HOTTTTTTTT!

  • Jackie


  • Mel

    I think that the hit show right now is BATB and that they should keep it running.

  • Haley

    BATB all day. Keep it

  • Dee

    Love Hart of Dixie and hope it is renewed. That means 2 more seasons, right? Just want to make sure. I hate when they just cancel a series and there is no real ending to it. Viewers have invested all this time in the characters, the stories, etc., and of course because it is the CW there is always drama and couples you like of course have to break up and there is yet to be a resolution…blah blah blah. You are just left hanging. That sucks!

  • edziak

    We all know when it comes to CW is always drama like DEE mention before me. Only time will tel because Pedowitz hasn’t said much…. I am huge fan of Beauty and the Beast and i really hope it will get there chance with 2 season.

    Hart of Dixie -should be cancel

  • Alec

    Ok ,i think they will have a final season for 90201 like gossip girl, Arrow and nikita, and heart of dixie will be renewed, the vampire diaries( well we will see that show for a while) And beauty and the beast will be cancelled.Also cult might get renewed for a new season just because it’s new and its getting ok ratings.

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