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January 13th, 2013

This week Once Upon a Time faces tough competition from both a NFL Playoff Game and The Golden Globes. Last week the show earned a 3.1 adults 18-49 rating. Last year, it held its own with the awards show, earning a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating versus a 5.0 for the Golden Globes. So how will it do this year? Make your predictions then discuss in the comments.

  • NBC is awesome

    GGs will be up

  • Liam

    In relations to Desperate Housewives.
    Season 1: The best season of the series.
    Season 2: Weak, good but not a good as the first, but still enjoyable.
    Season 3: Great improvement on season 2. Mystery was brill, and the story lines were very good.
    Season 4: The best season since season 1. Great mystery and story. Great moments throughout the season.
    Season 5: Weak, predicable in places. Still enjoyable, has its funny moments. The 5 year jump was good but there was trouble trying to find its feet in doing it.
    Season 6: Best season of 5-8. Dark season, better than season 5. Really good.
    Season 7: Very weak. This season is kind of all over the place. Has its good moments but overall the weakest season. Finale, riot episodes were the best.
    Season 8: Good for a final season. Rocky in places. Great first half up until 8×16, gets a bit weak from 8-17 to 8-21, the finale is good.

  • Wagner

    Who is the woman in CrimTV’s picture? She looks beautiful.

  • BG

    OUAT- 3.0-3.1

  • Michael

    2.8 is a generous estimate… I used to be a fan but season 2 totally lost me so I’m not watching anymore. I’d suspect other fans will do the same.

  • Nick

    Once Upon a Time: 3.0
    Revenge: 2.3
    Happy Endings: 0.9
    Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23: 0.7

    60 Minutes: 3.9
    The Good Wife: 2.3
    The Menatlist: 2.0

    The Simpsons: 2.6
    Bob’s Burgers: 2.1
    Family Guy: 2.4
    American Dad: 2.0

    Golden Globes: 5.3

    Once Upon a Time will be steady. Historically, it’s done very well against events such as these. Also, its midseason premiere was a little squashed by the football game, so the drop won’t be big.

    The Golden Globes will be up. It’s been very buzzy lately.

  • Jon23812

    Once Upon a Time: 2.6
    Golden Globes: 4.8

  • David Howell


    It won’t go up, but it shouldn’t go down much.

    Watch out for TGW and Mentalist numbers tonight, if the tailwind from the NFL game fails to power them clearly into the 2s then CSI NY has a huge shot at renewal.

  • lindsey1

    Once Upon a Time 3.0

    Golden Globes 4.8

  • Mark

    In response to the Desperate Housewives ranking from best to worst:


  • rob60990

    I hated season 3 of DH. Could not stand Orson, his wife, and his mom. Also hated that Marcia Cross was out for a lot of episodes that season.

  • Larry

    Last year QUAT was a new show and had some momentum going for it going into the awards show. I think it just might get affected just a bit, so i’ll guess a 2.8.

  • Melissa

    ABC: 1.7

    Once Upon a Time: 2.9
    Revenge: 2.2
    Happy Endings: 1.0
    Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23: 0.7

    CBS: 5.7

    NFL Overrun: 13.0
    60 Minutes: 5.2
    The Good Wife: 2.4
    The Mentalist: 2.3

    FOX: 2.5

    The Simpsons: 2.8
    Bob’s Burgers: 2.3
    Family Guy: 2.6
    American Dad: 2.1

    NBC: 5.3

    The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards: 5.3

  • Matthew

    Probably a 3.0 for OUAT, Revenge will do around a 2.2-2.4 The plots are getting much better for OUAT so I dont think think they will fall, but they probably wont grow.

  • BH

    GGA is going to hurt Revenge more than OUAT!

  • Jase L.

    Probably 2.9 for OUAT and 2.1-2.2 for Revenge.

  • Samunto

    OUAT will go below a 3.0 i’ll say a 2.7!

    With the Oscar noms just announced awards are in people’s minds and i think the Globes will do better than last year. And… Viewers have returned to NBC!

    And Revenge might go under a 2.0 to around 1.8 for the very first time ever.
    Desperate Housewives could hold it’s own but Revenge is lower than DH was doing.

  • Samunto

    Interesting how this has turned to a Desperate Housewives topic.

    Anyone remember when NBC moved the Golden Globes to Monday to avoid the Juggernaut that was Desperate Housewives?!!!!!

  • tv_viewer

    I’m predicting

    Once Upon A Time 2.8
    Revenge 2.2
    Happy Endings 0.9
    Apt 23 0.8

    Last year OUAT avoided the lowest rating for the season up to last season’s Golden Globe Awards (3.3 on 1/15/2012 is larger than 2.9 on 12/11/2011). The lowest rating for OUAT in season 2 (up to now) is 2.7.

    Last year Desperate Housewives tied for the lowest rating for the season (for the first 11 episodes of season 8). I anticipate Revenge will repeat the feat tonight.

    At this time last year Pan Am was so low rated that the Golden Globes really didn’t drop Pan Am that much. I expect Happy Endings and Apt 23 to drop only 0.1 because of the Golden Globes.

  • Nick

    The NFL game looks to overrun well past 8 pm. Expect low ratings for OUAT & The Simpsons.

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