'Girls' Returns Down & 'Enlightened' Rises for Season Two Debut

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January 14th, 2013

HBO's Girls premiered its second season last night to 866,00 viewers, which is down just slightly from last year's season one debut (which notched 872,000 viewers). Enlightened, on the other hand, drew 300,000 viewers, which is up from last year's debut, which only had 210,000 viewers.


  • RyanCanada

    Girls is sooo good and well acted, yall should check it out

  • Derek

    Enlightened is AMAZING. The good thing about it being on HBO is its subscription based, so it doesn’t matter. They’ll allow a really great show to continue. They can allow shows time to grow, something networks used to do. Some still do it…shows like Walking Dead & Mad Men just get more popular each season. Homeland as well.

  • Chris

    Showtime can just barely equal or beat HBO’s lesser shows. They never get close to the numbers of the HBO hits, like True Blood. The difference in subscribers isn’t great enough to explain that.

    Girls was disappointing last night–HBO is basically just doing a classier version of a Showtime-series–and Showtime basically does a classier version of a Playboy Channel series. :D

  • Pam

    @Freyja, Girls became much better after the 1st 3 episodes last year. The writing improved.

  • Dan

    Ratings never seemed to matter for a series like Girls, that show looks to have a long life on HBO. I expect a third season announcement any day now. Enlightened could go either way, but the numbers rising from it’s season 1 Bored to Death premiere shows promise, even though Girls is a better lead in.

    Basically the critically acclaimed Enlightened and Veep will last a while on the network. They seem to have just the right amount of comedies, umlike a couple of years ago when they got rid of Hung, Bored to Death and How to Make it in America just to make room.

  • Lisa

    I am so glad that piece of trash Girls is still a flop. I hope HBO regrets buying those Golden Globes now.

  • Pam

    Girls is better than Modern Family.

  • Keri

    Show is unfunny trash, expected so much better from an Apatow project.

  • Oliver

    Weak for Girls given I’ve seen (very obnoxious) ads for it all over the web. HBO has been promoting it very aggressively. I don’t care about the show, just glad the annoying ads are going away.

    Enlightened growing from a very low base. Unlikely to get a 3rd season, but you never know with HBO.

  • Bigbrotherfan

    This is one of the worst shows I have ever been forced to watch! Really not funny at all and Lena Dunham is a classless, unattractive talentless annoyance. I can’t believe she won the golden globe but good for that overrated slob I guess! What a sad turn out!

  • Matt

    I think it is so sad that “Girls” got the Golden Globe last night….and it only 866,000 viewers, but yet, “The Big Bang Theory” didn’t win when it got 20,000,000 viewers last week! Wow, how can we trust the Golden Globes anymore!

  • Pam

    @ BigBrotherfan “good for that overrated slob I guess!” This kind of comment needs to be called out because it is sexist and prejudiced against curvy women.

  • Weez

    A lot of the posters here may have a decent understanding of television ratings, but when it comes to discussing and aknowledging quality television, there are a lot of hilariously bad opinions to be found. Girls surely isn’t for everybody, and it isn’t trying to be. It won the Globe for best comedy series because of its unique approach to portraying its characters, the great writing and acting, and the excellent directing. The Big Bang Theory gets 20,000,000 viewers because it panders to the lowest common denominator. They’re goals are vastly different, and I’m glad that Dunham and the rest of the cast & crew were rewarded for their great work. There seems to be a lot of anger and jealousy directed at Dunham in particular, which makes me even happier for her, since so many dickheads (such as ‘Bigbrotherfan’ – that’s a really “classy” show for “classy” people, by the way) seem to think that there uneducated and unfounded opinions matter to her.

    As for the numbers; HBO is likely very happy with the numbers for both shows, especially since they don’t have any hour-long drama series to air right now. As has been mentioned, Girls is keeping consistent numbers with last season without the lead-in from Game of Thrones. Enlightened also premiered higher than it did for its first season, and both shows will likely see an increase now that Girls has won both awards it was up for at the Golden Globes (and since they won’t be competing against said awards, which undoubtedly took some viewers away from both shows). As has been said, though, the cumulative numbers are what matters, and those will probably be more than enough to see a renewal for both series.

  • Oliver

    The Globes go to whoever was best at shmoozing the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and, for TV, this tends to be premium cable as they have the most incentive to do so. HFPA aren’t exactly a credible organisation, even though NBC gives them a primetime platform.

    True Blood and Game of Thrones are ratings monsters (although GoT is the most expensive show on television, so it has to be), but HBO is slowly but surely losing momentum as Showtime rises.

  • Rich

    Given the Golden Globes was the same night/timeslot, it doesn’t surprise me that these numbers are lower.

    The Girls season premiere was sub-par

    Enlightened, however got a well-deserved boost. HBO did a good job of showing reruns during its hiatus. I think more people are aware of it now, especially after Laura Dern won a Golden Globe for Best Comedy Actress in 2012.

    And, as most of you have mentioned, HBO isn’t all about ratings…more so subscribers and awards

  • Rob

    The show Girls is over hyped. I watched the first season and after the third episode I wanted gouge my eyes out. I watched the entire first season and it was like watching grass grow! Big Bang Theory is such a better show.

  • Psac

    I don’t think Girls is the best comedy on TV right now, but it absolutely has its place. Funny, quirky, and most of all ORIGINAL show, very enjoyable to watch. Dunham is at the same time self-deprecating and liberating — nobody else who looks like her is naked on TV. My only complaint is her terrible tattoos. ;) Wow, they’re bad. But hey, more of what makes her her.

  • bigbrotherfan


    Very sorry, would say the exact same about Jack Black too..not a Gender thing, at all

  • Joe

    Both of these shows are terrible. I am canceling HBO until April (Game of Thrones).

  • bigbrotherfan

    QUESTION: If the show still does lackluster will HBO stiill drag it along because of the Golden Globe win? I mean, IN TREATMENT had horrible ratings and stuck around for 3 seasons.

    …But ATLEAST that was quality

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