'Girls' Returns Down & 'Enlightened' Rises for Season Two Debut

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January 14th, 2013

HBO's Girls premiered its second season last night to 866,00 viewers, which is down just slightly from last year's season one debut (which notched 872,000 viewers). Enlightened, on the other hand, drew 300,000 viewers, which is up from last year's debut, which only had 210,000 viewers.


  • Guardian Owl

    I love how everytime someone states their opinion that Girls is awful (I’ll throw my lot in with them as well) they are accused of being jealous. All I knew was that the show was supposed to be funny and had gotten high praise so going in cold I started to watch the first episode and I got about 2/3rds of the way through the pilot before I finally couldn’t subject myself to it any longer. The characters are so shrill and annoying that I just couldn’t stomach it another second.

  • ultimateslayer

    I think Mr. Gorman is quite proud of his horse remarke. :)

  • No Love

    I don’t understand the blind love for Girls. The dialogue can be entertaining but not enough for a comedy, and the show isn’t realistic enough for a drama. Lena Dunham seems to think good writing means developing a story line and its characters toward an inevitable conclusion, then throwing in some completely out-of-character twist at the last minute to keep things “quirky” and “offbeat.” Quirky and offbeat only work when they make sense within the story. For example, a narcissistic user like Adam doesn’t suddenly transform into a clingy long-term relationship type. A pretty but jaded girl who thinks sugar daddies are creepy losers doesn’t do an about-face and marry one just because someone pointed out that she’s drifting in life. Characters can change, but good writing has to build toward that, not fast-forward it for the sake of surprise. It’s incredible that this sloppy writing has been nominated for so many awards and makes me wonder who’s getting kickbacks. Maybe it’s because Apatow is such a hot commodity, and everyone in Hollywood is hoping to work with him.

  • Greg

    Well, it’s HBO. We should find out about Enlightened in the next week or two. If it doesn’t get renewed by episode four, it’s not coming back.

  • Alicia

    I can’t understand why anyone would want to watch a show like “Girls” with such incredibly unattractive women in the cast. Lena Dunham is so plain and fat, the Mamet girl picture above. Don’t say they look like “real women” because all the real women I know look better than any of them. It’s not just that they were born with non-ideal faces and body types, they wear little or no make-up (which just doesn’t look good on women in front of the camera) and very unflattering clothes, when they’re wearing clothes. I’m a female and I like to escape when I watch TV, not watch a bunch of women who need a visit from a makeover team. In fact, I’d like to see one of the daytime talk shows give those “Girls” girls makeovers to put them in flattering clothes, make-up, and hairstyles. And tell them to start smiling more and whining less.

  • BTDubs

    Lol @ Alicia.

  • truebloodlover27

    girls is GREAT and its getting HBO all those precious awards HBO love their awards, so girls will be around for awhile, it totally deserves all the glory its been shown cause its sooooo good!

  • Adam

    Entertainment weekly said Girls premiered to 1.6 million across the 3 airings for that night, compared to only 1.1 million for the first season premiere. So it was actually a rise from the first season. And it aired during the Golden Globes, so that’s really good.

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