How Will 'The Carrie Diaries' Premiere Tonight? (Poll)

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January 14th, 2013

Sex and the City prequel/spinoff The Carrie Diaries is premiering tonight on The CW at 8PM. Mondays on the CW haven't exactly been very strong this season ...can The Carrie Diaries turn this all around? Or will tonight's premiere produce more of the same? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • JoJo

    I’m gonna give The Carrie Diaries a chance at 9pm during the encore showing. I feel like this show is gonna be either hit or miss. Hopefully it does well. I personally like the darker series on CW like Arrow and BATB but I’m willing to give this show a shot.

  • fatal

    never gonna fly-first Carrie’s nose grew after she hit 30? second who really cares about the “journalistic struggle” of a journalist that writes a gossip column of her thoughts and how she became the bitter cynical NY spinster because her gaggle of GF’s are always telling her how fabulous she is when she gets dumped for being a hag-or if the guy is actually game how then all of sudden he isn’t good enough-these women could never keep a relationship with a man because the whole “girlfriend thing” always came first-so just be career first lesbo’s why even bother with the men

  • AJ

    0.7; 1.4 million viewers

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    1.2 for the premiere, I plan to watch at 9 though, cuz I watch HIMYM at 8

  • Raykov

    I think it will premiere to a 1.2 key-demo rating but I don’t get why are they putting a reapeat of the episode right after it…

  • Roswell

    The only reason I want this show to succeed is so that it can boost ratings for 90210

  • BG


  • TV#1

    I think it will get around a .8, and maybe 1.5 million viewers.

  • Meej

    I think it will premiere to a .9 or 1.0

  • Dillan

    I’m gonna say 1.1. The show has quite a bit of buzz which will help. I can see it being renewed for a second season.

  • Paul

    Below a .6. I feel like it has flop written all over it. I wouldn’t like it to flop but it is on the CW …

  • tasha

    0.6 because 0.4 wasn’t an option.

  • Bizarro

    .7-.9 and about 1.81 million viewers. It will not get over a 1.0 because lets face it Mondays are bad for the CW. It took GG series finale to get monday above a 0.5 or 0.6 for the network! The show though is receiving quite a bit of press and it will show in its premiere but it will probably go down to a .5 in the coming weeks because the CW slacks with promo for shows after like 3 eps.

  • s0303

    0.5 i really don’t see this doing much better than emily owens did…

  • Jane

    0.5. No one cares about Carrie.

  • Anon

    Let’s see… it doesn’t involve vampires or comic book reimagining.

    < 0.6

  • Zach

    I love everyone here expecting this to fail. Everyone saying that they didn’t watch SATC so they won’t watch this is stupid. That show was ridiculously popular. If a portion of the people who watched the original tune into the new show then it will be a hit for the CW. The CW has already gotten rid of most of their teen shows also so i don’t know why there is any complaining about having ONE. The network is never going to go full fantasy/scifi like a lot of people on here want. Get over it.

  • Pavelsauce

    0.7-0.9 I don’t have high expectations for it.

  • melanie

    1.9 monster (cw) premiere. It obviously won’t keep it up but it will premiere big.

  • thesnowleopard

    I’m inclined to think a 1.2, because some will be curious and there may be some Sex and the City fans who look into it. But it could be worse. It could even be better.

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