How Will 'The Carrie Diaries' Premiere Tonight? (Poll)

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January 14th, 2013

Sex and the City prequel/spinoff The Carrie Diaries is premiering tonight on The CW at 8PM. Mondays on the CW haven't exactly been very strong this season ...can The Carrie Diaries turn this all around? Or will tonight's premiere produce more of the same? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • The Cool Max

    Meh. I say 0.4. Does any one actually care about this?

  • Ethan

    1.0…but I think it will fall fast and hard

  • Chris

    Hopefully it flops. I want CULT!
    CW needs more shows that attract wider audiences. No more of this teen girl stuff crap.

  • Mark

    8pm – 1.1
    9pm – 1.0

  • Alan

    1.0, I hope it does well. A lot of SATC fans are watching this and some GG fans too

  • JJA

    The CW will be happy tomorrow.

  • Ann

    It will premiere poorly.

  • William

    Stiff competition and it is the CW..

  • Hello

    Who cares!


    Another teen show from the teen network that I’ll never watch, so I didn’t bother to vote

  • SJ

    For ruining a perfectly good franchise, I hope they get a 0.6 or lower so that this thing can get off the TV by season’s end.

  • Matthew

    0.7-0.9 then it will settle around 0.3-0.5

  • Renee

    It will probably be a hit, because I hate this kind of show.

  • CrimTV

    I’d laugh if it got the highest CW premiere of the season!

  • Jarrod

    Premiere big, fall hard.

  • Jarrod

    @Roswell: “The only reason I want this show to succeed is so that it can boost ratings for 90210″ – YOU AND I BOTH!

  • Mark Wood

    Actually for any fan of any current bubble show, you really want Carrie and Cult to fail and fail hard.

    Increases the chance for the bubble programming to survive.

  • Nick

    If Carrie does well and boosts 90210’s ratings, they’ll pair them together next season too so they have a point. If the shows were on different nights than yeah, they should want them to fail but Carrie could possibly spring new life into 90210 next week.

  • Oliver

    Honestly, no idea how this will perform. Could do amazingly well or terribly and I wouldn’t be surprised.

    I don’t really see who it’s aimed at: young women won’t like the 80s aspect, and older women won’t watch a teen soap. No men will watch, obviously.

    Still, it’s nice to see the network taking chances. Cult and this look a lot more interesting than typical CW fare.

  • Amy

    I’m going to say a 0.7 just for the curiosity factor.

    But it has several strikes against it:

    1) Who is the audience for this show? Adults who watched Sex and the City aren’t going to watch it. Teens don’t want to watch a show set in the 80s.

    2) The cast doesn’t seem appealing from the promos.

    3) A lot of former viewers of The OC and GG won’t watch another Schwartz/Savage production again because of how they screwed those two shows up.

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