'Live With Kelly and Michael' Announces 'Girls Night Out: Oscar Edition'

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January 14th, 2013

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One Lucky Viewer and Her Friends Will Receive a Trip to Hollywood,

A Memorable Night Out with Kelly Ripa, and the Red Carpet Treatment



New York, NY – January 14, 2013 – On February 25, 2013 top morning talk show “LIVE with Kelly and Michael” returns to Hollywood for the show’s second post-Oscar® broadcast, just hours after the 85th Academy Awards® presentation comes to a close. But this time, “LIVE” wants to bring along one lucky group of girlfriends for all the glitz and glamour with “Girls Night Out: Oscar Edition.”


“LIVE” has treated past “Girls Night Out” winners to fabulous evenings in Las Vegas and New York City, and now it’s on to star-studded Hollywood, Calif. The search is on to find a group of friends in need of time away from work, kids and the home front. The winners will enjoy a five-night stay in one of Los Angeles’ hottest hotels, an exciting night on the town with Kelly Ripa, and $2,500 in spending money. But that’s not all – the winning ladies also will be treated like A-Listers with exclusive seats at the legendary Oscar red carpet, and VIP tickets for “LIVE’s After Oscar Show.”


Details about the contest are available on “LIVE’s” website, www.LIVEKellyandMichael.com.


Academy Awards for outstanding film achievements of 2012 will be presented on Sunday, February 24, 2013, at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center®, and televised live on the ABC Television Network. The Oscar presentation also will be televised live in more than 225 countries worldwide.


About The Academy

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is the world’s preeminent movie-related organization, with a membership of more than 6,000 of the most accomplished men and women working in cinema. In addition to the annual Academy Awards – in which the members vote to select the nominees and winners – the Academy presents a diverse year-round slate of public programs, exhibitions and events; provides financial support to a wide range of other movie-related organizations and endeavors; acts as a neutral advocate in the advancement of motion picture technology; and, through its Margaret Herrick Library and Academy Film Archive, collects, preserves, restores and provides access to movies and items related to their history. Through these and other activities the Academy serves students, historians, the entertainment industry and people everywhere who love movies.


About “LIVE with Kelly and Michael”

Emmy Award-winning talk show “LIVE with Kelly and Michael” is distributed in national syndication by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. Produced by WABC-TV in New York and executive produced by Michael Gelman, “LIVE” airs in more than 200 markets across the U.S. Visit “LIVE” on the web at LIVEKellyandMichael.com, on Facebook, or follow “LIVE” on Twitter, @KellyandMichael.

  • Daphne Mims

    Hello! Kelly and Michael
    Love both of you. I watch the show when I am off. I also DVR your show everyday. I am a Single working parent . I have 1 daughter and 2 nieces that I raised. My daughter Felicia(Northeastern University BA Communication Studies) and niece Krystal Mercy College BA Behavior Science) both Graduated in Dec ’12. There was no Celebration ! They were very Happy that they both accomplish their goal! I really can’t complain . I been bless. Felicia is calling me for breakfast as I am posting this. I think this would be a much needed Girls Out after 5-6yrs of hard work and Acheivement
    they deserve a Surprise!

  • Tammy

    Hi Kelly. I watch your show everyday when not in a good mood watching u just makes me laugh all the time… I love y’all show y’all doing a great job keep it up. Well in 2011 a week before Christmas my husband got In a car wreak and broke his neck his head hit the widshell of the car a man pulled out in front of him he couldn’t stop in time. The dr said he might not walk again but god was on our side and he still can walk ever sience this I have been taking care of him and still doing it now. He had surgery on valentine day he never stop hurting my heart goes out to my hubby I love him to the moon and back we been married for 19 years and have 2 wonderfull girls… there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. He’s my life. With all this stress money has been short but we making it I don’t ask for much just want him to be pain free we been trying to get away for a while now but it never happen but I’m cool with it just being with him is all I want. But I do need me time I would love u to pick me and my friends for a girls night out it is a much needed time I would thank u so much for picking me I would have a refresh time and come home to finish taking care of my hubby thAt I love so much. He himself would love me to get pick just to make my day. I really need this. I hope I’m the winner love u Kelly and micheal have a great day

  • sadie hunter

    hello Kelly and Micheal
    Can not get to the site for Girls Night Out
    I am the director of People First of Ohio which is an advocacy organization for people with developmental disabilities. my request is for a friend Deanna Hasty who has a story that needs to be told Deanna has mild retardation due to traumactic brain injury from a tornado when she was 6 that killed her young mother and her 2 sisters. Deanna was placeed in an instutution when she was 11. She was alone for many years, I met her and we took the journey to find any family. When she was in her 30s we found her family which was wonderful Deanna lives and works in Mt Vernon ohio and is a survivor and is a trainer to help ladies with disabilitiies learn about breast cancer and other trainings Long story short befor christmas she found a knot in her breast and it is maglignant and we started Chemo 2 weeks ago and will have more for 6 months before a a radical mastectomy after Chemo Deanna has a positive attitude and at times keeps me going I would love to nominate her for this girls night out Her story has more to it but it is too long for this A beautiful person who this would just be a dream come true for her. please consider my precious Deanna for this event.
    Sadie Hunter
    I could not get to the site that this was suppose to go on,

  • Tris McTavish

    Firstly, a warm Canadian hello.. Eh!.. Second, I am not sure if Canadians are even allowed to enter this .. But for my mother and daughter, (and if I could bring my son) I am going to try for them… I guess I could start with telling my story, which has its very sad, emotionally traumtic components… But that would only be going backwards, and I would never think sympathy is what they would want, they would want respect for making it through it… So with that said I would love to give the “night out” with my mom, daughter and son… To remember what is great and fun and wonderful in this life, to see that life is tough but we can still find greatness in all that life can bring that “sucks”… I would love to make this a night out to connect with being interdependent as a family, but celebrate the independence of each of our unique and special lives that we are blessed to be given, and to get through holding on to strings of wonder in what we will find to make the journey “awesome”… So, I know I asked for my mom my daughter and my son… And I would choose as my fourth person… Someone random.. From my community to come along with us, just to give the gift of extended appreciation to connect on a wider scale with someone I don’t know who could use the trip and experiance of the opportunity of life’s “awesomeness “… Thank you for considering my entry for an “Oscar night out”… Have a great day, good luck to everyone who enters… And congrats to the 4 who win… Ciao Tris

  • Vicki Hall-Black

    I would love the opportunity to meet Kelly and Michael. I’v been watching Kelly from All my Children and my husband loves Michael. This would be a great way to celabrate our 10th year anniversary. Its been a hard ten years with the economy and have been able to have a date night like we use to. It’s a prefect trip when you don’t have to fly because we live in Los Angeles.

    We pray that we win!

  • Sue McCullough

    I would love to register for your girls night out at the Oscar’s! Let me know where/when the site is available.

  • Olivia Hunter

    Hello Kelly and Michael,
    l’m Olivia, your sister friend and life time resident of Berkeley Ca , I’m Fabulous at 50 a sexy urban diva! l also have five fabulous sister friends that are all sexy Diva’s in their own individual ways, from working moms and fun loving women that I have shared my life time with from grade school to wives mother’s widow’s and, divorce.
    We have grown together as strong independent women, we are all happy and single women we all just hit fifty this last year we are fun loving and I think we would all enjoy a girl’s weekend of just being gorgeous and having fun enjoying time with you and Michael .
    My five sister s have been with me through the good and bad times. We have gone through different health Issues and hard times. Thing s are no longer as good as it use to be, and we still have remained true friend s.
    I’ve been more needy than any of them put together, but they’re love is never ending.
    I hope that you would pick us to join you and Michael on the RED CAR PET, which would be the party of a life time!
    Fabulous and fifty, from a little girl with big dreams to mature women with hopes of winning .
    I hope you feel and understand my letter. I’ve never been the smart one in the group this would be at big deal to pull this off and get something like this for us, we deserve some excitement before our youth days are gone. Did I mention that I would love to party with you both !!
    Your sister friend girl Olivia

  • Paula akaabby dennis

    Hi Guys …. Been trying to get on ur web site …. since u announced the contest , …even my husband has tried …we even e=mail u … no response. keeps saying e=mail add is en-correct

  • Monique nichols

    Kelly an Michael, every one has a story to tell ,I’m a work at home mom of three one that’s 31 with a seizure disorder from a car accident when she was 7,I myself was out for two day after this lost lots of memory, however I am a sponsor provider taking care of the disable in my home one is my daughter an a guy that’s handy cap also my days an nights are the same everyday caring for the two I don’t have a social life I don’t go out with out them not to mention I raised a grand son,I have never traveled but always wished to, I dreamed how great it would be to connect with the outside world I haven’t gone out just to do me I polish my own nails do my own feet an hair because I don’t get out for quality time at all I would love to get free time for myself to go any place. I would love to come on your show but it has not happened going to the big holly for a lady that’s home all day with the ones that really need me would be better than hitting the mega million!!!! Well! Almost at least I I can pay for my trips. All jokes aside I’m in need for a vacation and a day out the house, Remembering there is a world out there that I forgotten. Hay just think this is how I get to watch you shows some days so winning this trip would be great. Monique

  • Tanya Owens

    38-40 years ago 7 very young women who had been married for just a few years became friends. One had to be taught to drive and to talk more. Our mistake was in encouraging her, she talks a great deal now and will say just about anything.

    We’ve raised 10 children together. When they were young we met every Friday night gatherings at each others house, learned to make bread, sewing clothing, perming hair, and supporting each other with whatever was going on in each others life. For the last 10 years we have had sleepovers rotating houses and this included dinner, a gift giving with lots of wine, doing the Christmas season. It is about the sharing and trust me, all topics are covered. The great thing about having friends is that you go through the good times and the not so good together: 2 breast cancer survivors, a husband survivor of stomach cancer, 1 with MS, the lost of a husband, divorce, a separation, but none of this has taken the wind out of our sails.

    The one thing we have been trying to organize for the last 2 years is a trip away that is just about fun, fun, and more fun. We are ready to party really hard with you and Michael. PLEASE CHOOSE US.

  • Michelle

    This link will take you to the site to register for the trip!

  • Sara Beveridge

    What is your FAX number?

  • Daryl Ann Hein

    Hi Kelly and Michael, I have been a fan of yours forever and tape every episode. I am actually writing as i cannot get into the submission portion for the contest. I tragically lost my son Jan 6, 2012 via a car accident. He was only 17 years old, a senior and an awesome golfer – hit an 83 on the Bethpage black course at 15 years old. We just had his 1st anniversary in heaven and 70 people showed up at my house. It’s sad that you find out how great, kind and generous your children are once they are gone. I am actually asking to be the chosen 5 not for myself but for my close friends who helped and are still helping me get through this tradegy. The support, love and kindness that i received from my community, church, school and work was incredible. I would love to surprise them with a thank you by giving them this trip. I don’t even have to go – i can choose 5 friends to go. Thank you for putting a smile on face every time i watch you both – you are the best there is!!!! Daryl Hein

  • sherry paterno

    I have breast cancer. I had surgery oct 15 and now I’m going thru chemo and then I will need radiation. it’s a long journey. I have so many special friends that have been there for me to get me thru this. my first cousin also has breast cancer and is finished with chemo and now getting radiation. my friend that turned 40 in oct ha breast cancer and is getting chemo and also has a 13 yr old son with lukemia he was disagoinsed summer of 2012. my 22yr daughter and my bff have been there every step of the way. God knows how we would all love to get away for awhile. please consider me and my breast cancer friends.

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