'Shameless,' 'Californication,' and 'House of Lies' Premiere to Viewership Highs

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January 14th, 2013

Last night's season premiere of Shameless drew a series high of 2 million viewers at 9pm (up from last season's 1.58 million). Californication also set viewership highs at 10:30 with 1.07 million, up from last season's 758,000 at 10:30.  At 10pm the season 2 premiere of House of Lies also set a viewing high with 1.19 million, up, though only slightly from its previous high set in its series premiere last year of 1.03 million.

Update: here's more info via Showtime:




Hot Off Don Cheadle’s Golden Globe Win, HOUSE OF LIES Tops Sunday Comedies


Last night, the network's Sunday night series returned with their highest-rated episodes ever, up double digits versus their series averages and besting their prior season premieres and season finales. Additionally, SHOWTIME won the most Golden Globes ever in the network’s history, marking the most series wins of any network, and in its freshman year HOUSE OF LIES' Don Cheadle won a Golden Globe for his lead role.



The third season premiere returned to its highest rated episode ever to-date.

  • At 9 p.m. SHAMELESS delivered 2 million viewers, up 46 versus the series’ season two average (1.36 million).

-        Up +37 percent vs. its season two finale (1.45 million – 4/1/12).

-        Up +26 percent vs. its season 2 premiere (1.58 million).

  • For the night, the series garnered 2.6 million viewers, up +36 percent vs. the season two night average (1.91 million).

-        Up +26 percent versus the season two premiere night (2.06 million) and up +29 percent vs. season two finale night.



The second season of HOUSE OF LIES, starring Don Cheadle, Golden Globe winner for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Comedy, returned at 10 p.m. last night to its highest-rated episode yet.

  • At 10 p.m., the series delivered 1.19 million viewers, up 43 percent versus its freshman season average (830K)

-        Up 53 percent vs. its season one finale (775K – 4/1/12)

-        Up +15 percent vs. season one premiere (1.03 million).

  • For the night, HOUSE OF LIES cumed 1.54 million viewers, up 33 percent versus its freshman season night average (1.16 million).

-        Up +41 percent vs. season one finale night (1.09 million).



The series continues to top itself six seasons in, delivering record ratings.

  • At 10:30 p.m., the season six premiere attracted 1.07 million viewers, up a massive +48 percent versus its season five average (722K).

-        Up 41 percent vs. its season five premiere (758K).

-        Up +39 percent vs. its season five finale (768K – 4/1/12)

  • For the night, the series delivered 1.3 million viewers, up +39 percent vs. its season five night average (931K)

-        Up +31 percent vs. its season five finale night (984K)

-        Up +26 percent versus season five premiere night (1.03 million).


  • James

    How come HBO doesn’t ever release press releases like this when their shows do good?

  • Oliver

    Strong ratings by Showtime standards, especially Shameless. The network has a lot of momentum lately. Credit to Nevins for pulling the network out of its creative rut.

  • Bigbrotherfan

    Very Nice to see shameless boost up! It’s been very good series but I have to say the premier was a bit underwhelming ! I expect more from the gallaghers! This stuff is always qualify, though so I’m sure it was just a ‘we have to tie up some stories” thing.

  • Winter

    It really amazes me how every time a show does well on a free weekend, people pipe up and say that it’s because of the free weekend. They are then informed repeatedly that the free weekend DOES NOT COUNT. Then a few weeks later it happens again…

  • weirdfeline.tumblr.com

    Shameless is one of the most underrated shows in the sense that it gets no award love! The ratings for it are usually great though.. by Showtime standards.

  • Chris

    The Deadline article isn’t proof. Deadline has been known to be wrong, from time to time. :)

  • Chris

    Okay, the cable finals show no change in the ratings–so all the new viewers who presumably tuned in while Showtime was free aren’t going to be counted at all, ever? Is that really how Nielsen works? Showtime can tell them to not count any Nielsen families that don’t subscribe to Showtime?

    I think it’s pretty obvious the series-highs are the result of the extra viewers tuning in for free. I was one of them, and I was not impressed. Shameless and Homeland are shows I’d watch if I didn’t have to pay for them–not great shows, by any stretch of the imagination–nowhere near the level of HBO’s best, but better than HBO’s worst offerings. Claire Danes and Emmy Rossum are both very good, but the writing and production, while more than competent, are just not all that. I think what Showtime is selling is dressed-up cheap thrills. And their others shows airing now are simply embarrassingly bad.

  • cas127


    What makes you think Showtime/Nielsen is capable of distinguishing Freeview/Subscriber viewership?

    Sure, Showtime knows its subscribers.

    And Nielsen knows the viewers.

    But I’d be pretty surprised if they successfully cross-matched these two databases within a day or two.

    And I would be friggin’ amazed if they were honest about it in a PR piece…

  • moraliste

    Had Showtime, coutresy of a Direct Tv promo, last year long enough to see the entire story arc for Shameless, and it was the only Showtime program since Weeds worth a damn. Now the Audience channel, which is Direct TV’s bin where shows like Damages and Call me Fitz pop up, is showing Shameless – from last year. Let’s face it, only on Showtime and HBO can you see original programming that doesn’t have to pull punches. Basic cable is as handicapped vis a vis the premium channels as the networks are vis a vis basic cable.

  • Chris

    We should remember that Shameless was originally a British program, which got remade for Showtime. And Homeland is based on an Israeli series. The most popular series they have now is a remake, and the most acclaimed series they’ve ever had is a remake. And that’s Showtime fer ya. :D

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