2012-2013 Season: NBC Leads Among Adults 18-49, While CBS is Number 1 With Total Viewers Through Week 16 Ending January 13, 2013

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January 15th, 2013

For the week's top 25 broadcast TV show ratings click here.


After sixteen weeks of the 2012-2013 broadcast television season (through Sunday, January 13, 2013), NBC is in first place among adults 18-49, with a 3.0 rating average, up 20% from last season.  CBS was second, with a 2.7 rating average, down 18% from the prior season. FOX was third with a 2.4, down 20% from last season. ABC was fourth with a 2.3, down 8% from last season. The CW finished last with a 0.7 adults 18-49 rating average, down 13% from the previous season.

Among  total viewers, CBS is ahead for the season  averaging 11.385 million viewers. NBC is second with 8.657m, followed by ABC with 7.965m, FOX with 6.722m, and CW with 1.812 million.

Each adults 18-49 rating point is a percentage of the adults 18-49 US TV population and equals 1.265 million adults 18-49. The season-to-date numbers are "Most Current" ratings, which are Live+7 Day for all but the two most recent weeks and Live+ Same Day for the two most recent weeks.

You can see last week's broadcast network primetime weekly TV ratings results here.

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  • Ultima

    with both the AFC Championship Game in primetime and the SuperBowl, CBS will leapfrog NBC and narrowly finish 1st in the 18-49?s

    I think you are drastically underestimating how much CBS will beat NBC by.

    The big NFL games alone will push CBS ahead of NBC and CBS will likely beat them every week for the rest of the season on top of that.

  • jm

    Thanks for clearing that up Ultima.

  • Joe

    I have to add my 2 cents to this little debate here…hopefully it’s worth more than that huh?

    CBS will easily win this season due to 4 factors…no SNF for NBC, the weakening of Idol, the Super Bowl and it’s consistent schedule. That part is easy, the real battle is for second and I’m predicting the opposite of what everyone is predicting

    FOX will take second by the narrowest of margins, why? Mostly due to the weakness of NBC until the Voice returns, but there are other factors. I predict that Idol will get the 4ish demo average which is still miles ahead of ANYTHING NBC has, with that said the entry of the Voice 2 months from now won’t be enough. If we only have 19 weeks remaining in the season then the Voice will return with only 11-12 weeks to help….that isn’t enough time and you know FOX will be doubling up on Idol just to make up its losses this season. I also predict that the Following will be a moderate success (mid 2s) which for FOX is good, meanwhile without SNF animation domination will rise about 10% from last fall…not a lot but it will help

    NBC will fall to third but it won’t be an embarrassing third place finish. I’ve already mentioned above concerning the Voice but I will add that I expect a drop in its ratings…twice a year is to much for singing shows therefore I expect the show to average either equal or slightly less than Idol…further I expect Revolution to collapse, that hiatus is to big, it will lose its #1 position on Monday night at 10pm. On Tuesday’s the comedies will never recover and will drag the night down, Grimm is no real help…a 1.7-1.9 demo average does nothing for the net…Sundays should average a low 2 demo (and I’m being gracios here). Please note, I watch neither Idol or the Voice and could care less about either….I just think the latter will fall more than Ithe former this Spring

    ABC has absolutely no game, the disaster of DWTS sealed it’s fate this season, and while they can boast of Scandels rise and the slid numbers of MF, Greys and OUAT the rest of the net isnt much help…next season ABC needs to cut DWTS to one cycle in the Spring, problem is that they have nothing to fill it with

    3.2 CBS
    2.7 FOX (Slight lead over NBC)
    2.7 NBC
    2.2 ABC

  • jm

    JOE, Well said brother! I don’t watch or care for either Idol or Voice. And this summer when the Prime time Emmy Awards nominations are announced, I won’t be shocked or surprise if any Reality singing compention programs (The Voice, The X factor, or American Idol) would be nominated.

  • iggy agrimotor

    For reference, for the final 19 weeks last season, FOX beat NBC by an average of ~0.7 each week.

    There you have it. FOX will be 2nd.

  • cass rowland

    it is crazy to beleive that fox will be second because of how bad they are already doing and abc will probally be 3rd because most of their scripted shows perform better then nbc and fox scripted shows and sunday night football is about over so nbc will be going down
    it will average cbs nbc abc & fox

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