'Drop Dead Diva' Canceled by Lifetime

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January 15th, 2013

Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva has been canceled by Lifetime after four seasons Deadline reports.  As several had noted in our cable series renew/cancel status list, Lifetime was taking a long time to make a decision about the fifth season. According to Deadline they waited so long so they could see some of their series pilots. Apparently they liked what they saw in those pilots.

  • Mike

    What the hell? It rated really well.

  • Savanna

    This is definitly a shock! The ratings were very good. I hope that another network will pick it up. I’m a fan of the show. This sucks

  • Lisa

    That’s too bad, it was a nice summertime show.

  • KMS

    I am surprised; I had noticed it hadn’t been renewed officially, but I didn’t realize it was really at risk of cancellation. It was such a fun show to watch, too.

  • Dan

    I thought this series was renewed for season 5 already but I guess not.

  • Observer

    I sure hope that means Secret Lives of Wives (with Salli Richardson (Eureka) and Joe Flanigan (Stargate Atlantis) ) has a chance at being greenlit!

    Sorry DDD fans… I never watched your show.

  • Juan

    Wow surprise

  • aiden


  • Kim

    I am so surprised! It was actually a quality show. They ended season 4 with a cliffhanger so we’ll never know what happens next. Sad.

  • Jennifer Pierce

    Are you people insane? How can you just drop a great show like Drop Dead Diva and leave everyone hanging? Oh, I guess you have a predjudice against overweight people. I’m guessing you’ve found a new show with a skinny sexy heroine because you think that will pull in the numbers. I’ve eliminated every network from my viewing list that has left me hanging and now I have eliminated Lifetime. Like they have any other good shows, duh.

  • rob60990

    Apparently they want more edgier shows and Drop Dead Diva just didn’t fit in the direction Lifetime is going. Still, this decision is dumb. It rated well.

  • Emily N.

    Very disappointing! I wish they would have at least ordered one last season to give closure to the story lines.

  • stevoreno

    Cable channels don’t always seem to base decisions as much on ratings. They often take other factors, like rising costs (see Eureka)or how it fits with other programming, into account. I suspect that might have been the case more here though I am not sure exactly of the ratings relative to Lifetime’s overall, though I imagine they were pretty good.

  • Keena

    I hope they at least do a movie to wrap everything up, love the show.

  • RyanCanada

    lifetime sucks seriously, who leaves the series with that ending? smh i hope that networks files for chapter 11

  • violet hour

    i’m soooo mad right now! would it have kill them to renew for one last season of 10 episodes instead of 13 if they’re thinking of costs?

    can’t believe i got screwed over by yet another channel, and the way it ended ughhhhhhh evn ugly betty got fair warning if you will and scrambled a satisfactory end for its fans that was open enough to think what you want , although him quiting mode and following her to england was pretty clear to me!

    lifetime acts as if they had a plethora of quality shows on their network LAMEEEEEEEEEEE! i can only hope another network like tnt or tbs picks them up or some other women network

  • Justin

    Drop Dead Diva. That title makes alot of sense now.

    Lifetime Dropped the Show
    The Show is Dead

  • JuliannaBastos on Twitter


  • I luv nickelodeon

    That is exactly how victorious got canceled. It was doing goon on nickelodeon but nick decided to cancel it.!
    Networks these days

  • DM

    Prejudice against overweight people? Abby Lee Miller is one of the main faces of Lifetime.

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