'Drop Dead Diva' Canceled by Lifetime

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January 15th, 2013

Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva has been canceled by Lifetime after four seasons Deadline reports.  As several had noted in our cable series renew/cancel status list, Lifetime was taking a long time to make a decision about the fifth season. According to Deadline they waited so long so they could see some of their series pilots. Apparently they liked what they saw in those pilots.

  • Rachel

    I never paid attention to this show’s ratings but if it actually did well I have a feeling what ever they replace it with will perform worse. Karma.

  • Herb Finn

    Can you believe they say Sony Pictures TV may shop it elsewhere – Every time a show is cancled, you here that.

    I’m tired of stuff like that – it gives fans false hope – how many shows in the last 15 years have been canceled and revised on other networks.

    No Cable Series, but four broadcast shows – “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”, “Flashpoint” and “Cougar Town” – two were Broadcast to Broadcast,and Two were Broadcast to Cable.

    How many TV Series have been cancled in the last 15 years? Has to be at least 150-200,including cable.

    Drop Dead Diva is Dead – unless Netflix is interested :)

  • Herb Finn

    …it’s Five if you count Conan O’Brian :)

  • Alan

    What the hell????????????????????????????? This sucks! I stopped watching on half of season four but it was getting great ratings, something is wrong with Lifetime.

  • Alan

    They also said that the show was getting too expensive for Lifetime…

  • Jane Elliot

    Not as much of a surprise as it could have been, thanks to the long wait. Still frustrating, though, because the ratings were solid.

  • chris23

    I didn’t have much interest in this show, however someone else was watching it on Netflix and i automatically got hooked. I like the lawyer/business side of it, the quirky sense of humor, and rooting for Jane to finally get the guy. I just finished Season 3 on Netflix and checked to see if there was a Season 4. I was happy to see there was a S4 and I figured I would hurry up and watch that when Netflix released it and then watch Season 5 live.

    I checked up on ratings b/c I found it odd that Triple D was not renewed, nor canceled. I had a feeling no news was bad news but then the ratings made me contemplate, “well Lifetime would be stupid not to renew this series”. It did not underperform at all.

    It would be great if CW picked it up lol, but WE could use a hit show(is it even still a cable channel?) or might be a great fit for a network on the up and up. I find it very hard to believe that Drop Dead Diva was too expensive, I mean it only had 52 eps so far, 4 “13” ep seasons, and pulled modest ratings for cable network tv. Not to far off from Army Wives which is a staple show of Lifetime and that got renewed you think that show would be way more expensive than Drop Dead Diva.

    I hope someone will realize this show is not just a ditzy diva drama, it is a self respecting show that deserved a respectful proper ending. Lifetime should have given it a proper final season even if the cut the episode order down to 8-10 episodes!

  • Kyle

    That’s so messed up to the viewers of this show, I happened to see the season 4 finale while at my mothers and it ended with a ton of cliffhangers.

  • Herb Finn

    I stand corrected – it’s FIVE scripted shows – “Scrubs” jumped networks, so I guess it counts as well. But we’re still talking Five live-action scripted shows in 15 years out of 200 odd series canceled in that time.

    So, unlikey Sony will find a home for DROP DEAD DIVA.

    (I don’t count “Arrested Developement” as NETFLIX doesn’t count as a “network” or “Cable” and more “Direct-to-Video”.)

  • SJ

    WTF? I thought this rated well…

  • Bob

    JAG was cancelled by NBC and picked up on CBS. Could be the dumbest decision NBC ever did in the history of a TV network…..

  • Sel

    Wow, I did not saw that coming!

  • Herb Finn

    OK, Six Scripted series in the last 15 years survived cancelation (How could I forget JAG! I love the show!) – but it still shows that the odds of the show geting picked up elsewhere is slim at best.

  • The 47th

    @Herb Finn

    Damages was also moved to DirectTV after it was cancelled by FX.

  • Nathan

    I know “Dance Moms” is a reality show, but if this show could get cancelled Dance Moms can, because it surely had better ratings than DM.

  • Oliver

    @Herb Finn
    Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Roswell, Medium, The Game and Futurama too.

  • Oliver

    …and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

  • Michael

    A dick move by a crap network. Not exactly a shocker.

  • Nancy Mahews

    I can’t believe this. I really liked this quirky show. I’m really going to miss it. We even Had Maddie from Dance Moms peorm a dance and play a character on it last year as a guest. Like other people have said this left us with a clif hanger several of them, and it was a quality show. If not a whole season, Life time should have given them two or three episodes to wrap up he clif hanger an dgive the fans a proper ending of some sort. Instead I notice they’re running A&E’s Hoarders and that new show Double Divas about the brazier making women (who one at least is tripple sized.) I hope they find a new home for Drop Dead Diva, but I’m not holding my breath. If they do find one it will be a nice surprise.

  • bigbrotherfan

    Dunno if this counts but CBS cancelled WOLF LAKE October 2001 after 5 episodes (I think, correct if I’m wrong) and UPN aired the series in its full 9 episodes later in April.

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