'Drop Dead Diva' Canceled by Lifetime

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January 15th, 2013

Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva has been canceled by Lifetime after four seasons Deadline reports.  As several had noted in our cable series renew/cancel status list, Lifetime was taking a long time to make a decision about the fifth season. According to Deadline they waited so long so they could see some of their series pilots. Apparently they liked what they saw in those pilots.

  • BrieK

    I am ticked! There was no series finale! Now, we will never have an end to the story. How rude of Lifetime to do that to the fans after years of support.

  • jessica

    @ Herb Finn
    You are still missing Medium (NBC > CBS), Southland (NBC > TNT), Sliders (FOX > Sci Fi), The Game (The CW > BET), Airwolf (CBS > USA), Baywatch (NBC > first-run syndication), The Bionic Woman (ABC > NBC), Clueless (ABC > UPN), and probably a few other shows.

    And up here in Canada there is Murdoch Mysteries which was cancelled by Citytv after 5 seasons but was picked up by CBC for 6 and looks to be getting a 7th season. Unlike most you have thought of Murdoch Mysteries actually moved FROM its producer’s network to a different network.

    Odds are whatever replaces Drop Dead Divas will suck and be cancelled. Replacing a winner with a winner so rarely happens.

  • Rebecca

    It’s too bad. The season finale was a cliffhanger and I looked forward to seeing the show continue. I read an article that said the show wanted to get edgier and Lifetime didn’t want that. Nothing wrong with someone like ABC or CBS picking up the show (not too edgy for them)…as it was, I had to watch it online on Lifetime’s site (the only Lifetime show I watch). I’ll miss DDD.

  • Shabbir

    shame. it was a good show that I followed. Hopefully the replacements will be better.

  • Mi

    I only saw a couple of episodes of this show when there was nothing else to what at my gym, but them cancelling shows without giving them proper finales is bad news for other shows I watch (TCL) or plan to watch (DM) in Lifetime..

  • Tracey

    It’s the Kardashian Kurse I tell you!!! This is what happens when you invite one of THEM to guest star on your show. Nothing good. Last year I was really enjoying “Last Man Standing” with Tim Allen and then KK guest stars on the show and then suddenly this season the show SUCKS. It’t the Kardashian Kurse. BELIEVE.

  • Brandy

    Well at least I have the dvds,going to Target to buy season three on sale for $15.

  • Nancy Mahews

    I read that the reason they were taking so long for renewal or cancel was that Lifetime was trying to get Sony to cut some of the expense and Sony couldnt or wouldn’t do it so the show got canceled. (Source: USA today online article 1-16-2012

    Maybe the silver lining is that Drop Dead Diva Fans won’t have to complain about a crappy ending or not so saisfying ending. (like Chuck MiamiVice Quantum Leap, Mork & Mindy to name a few)

  • Carly M

    Wow, really sad to hear that this show has been cancelled….what about Grayson and Jane/Deb! What about Fred coming back? Will the Pakery ever get a dot com? What about Nikki LaPree’s evil Diva ‘pake’ creator role? What about Teri Lee’s fledgling singing career? Will Jay convince Elisa to let him help raise their son and will he EVER propose to Kim. What the Hell, Lifetime?!? This show was perfect for your viewership!!!

  • Sam

    Not the first idiotic decision Lifetime has made, but it’s certainly one of the most surprising.

    I guess they felt the show was dragging on a little.

  • Joseph

    We should recruit a Cancellation Cub to cancel and devour cable shows.

  • Ellen in NYC

    That sucks. I was really looking forward to its return, and especially how they were going to proceed with the storyline after that odd ending.

  • KJ Styles

    Fame (NBC > First Run Syndication) Different Strokes (NBC > ABC) Family Matters (ABC > CBS) and Sister Sister (ABC > WB/CW) Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (ABC > WB/CW) and Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader (FOX > First Run Syndication) also switched networks.

    I never watched Drop Dead Diva so I can’t really comment on it’s quality or whether or not it deserved to be cancelled. I just wanted to play the “showsd switching networks” game.

  • tahina

    I need CLOSURE! :0(

  • Just Grand

    WTF! Now I have to spend an extra hour with my wife. Damn you Lifetime!

  • jessie

    If enough of us keep asking other networks to pick up the show via tweet/email, I think we can make this happen. NBC, Comedy central, TNT, FOX, CBS, ABC, USA network, CW network, TV land etc, We have to try right?

  • MattG

    The last season was pretty bad. From this perspective I can understand the decision. Too bad though it didn’t get a proper ending!

  • WTH?

    What the heck? Lifetime keeps a reality show as stupid as Dance Moms, and cancels its funniest scripted show? They need to fire who ever made that decision and the bring the series back. I am going to assume it is the same person who thought it was okay to end Army Wives with what seems like the spouses of pretty much each main character dying. Drop Dead Diva was the last thing that tuned me in to Lifetime. I definitely won’t be watching it again.

  • Heather

    Lame! I will miss this show. So disappointed!

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    @Herb Finn et al

    Although Herb’s original post was deeply flawed in terms of the numbers of shows that have made the network jump he did specify in the last 15 years which greatly decreases the amount based on some of the posts above.
    Anything over 15 years is probably worthless to post about because of changes to the industry.

    His original premise was spot on. Given the amount of shows that are cancelled (and I think he underestimated the amount) network transfers are rare and are almost always due to syndication economics or other special circumstances.

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