Fox News Channel Announces Coverage Plans for Inauguration

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January 15th, 2013

FOX News Channel (FNC) will provide live coverage of the Inauguration of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden beginning at 10AM/ET on Sunday, January 20th. Special Report’s Bret Baier and America Live’s Megyn Kelly will co-anchor America’s Election Headquarters: Inauguration 2013 for the private ceremony on Sunday, January 20th at 11AM/ET and at 8:40AM/ET along with the public event on Monday, January 21st from 11AM-3PM/ET live from Washington.

Providing additional perspective of the events will be: FNC’s senior political analyst Brit Hume, FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace, co-hosts of The Five Bob Beckel, Dana Perino and Juan Williams along with FNC contributors Charles Krauthammer, Stephen Hayes, Kirsten Powers, Karl Rove and Joe Trippi.

Additionally, FNC’s Bill Hemmer, Martha MacCallum, Shepard Smith and Neil Cavuto will anchor their respective shows from Lafayette Park on Monday. Also, The O’Reilly Factor (8-9PM/ET) and On the Record with Greta Van Susteren (10-11PM/ET) will be live in primetime. will offer a live stream of the inaugural address as well as coverage of related events around Washington. Viewers can log on at:


  • Diamond Dave

    Everything Ruth just said proves my point. If MSNBC was leading, she would be boasting how great that channel is. But since its actually going down in the ratings, she must come up with any excuse she can to downplay FNC’s mega-success. She can’t comprehend the power of their brand name. But she’ll keep spinning, and continue to tell us we don’t understand.

  • JM

    Glad to know in advance so I can keep my TV off Fox for that day. I’ll watch sports. And I’m a woman and a senior that this govt. is killing us with low interst rates. I keep the remote handy to turn the channel every time I see either of the Obama faces.

  • Ruth

    I get it, Diamond Dave, you’re trolling, and screwing around just for the hell of it. I only joined in on this when people like you made incorrect statements.

    So next time, try reading some (any) news on the site you’re actually visiting – TV By The Numbers reported on Monday, January 14 that the Demo numbers for several shows on MSNBC nearly matched several shows on Fox News.
    That does matter. Again, tens of millions of people choose to get their news from any other channel than Fox News, and more prefer the CNN site and the MSNBC site online than the Fox News one.

    Educate yourself, and don’t waste people’s time spewing false and misleading information. Facts are important, regardless of your bias.

  • Diamond Dave

    Nope. Not trolling. Everything I said is correct. You can spin all you want, Ruth, but you’re wrong. Keep trying.

  • Diamond Dave

    By the way, no one here is talking about the major news networks, or if they are it’s an inappropriate comparison. This is the CABLE NEWS RATINGS thread. And no one is talking about the on-line pages, eirher. Again, this is a CABLE NEWS CHANNEL thread. And the numbers speak for themselves.

  • Diamond Dave

    Hey Ruth….I understand Dancing with the Stars regularly beats O’Reilly. That must mean that FNC is doing terribly.

  • Ruth

    Dave – try focusing, and concentrating while reading what people have written. The gist of previous comments I only was concerned with were about Fox News anchors barely disguising their biases about President Obama (again, re-read previous comments,) and that some MSNBC NEWS (stick to the subject, NEWS SHOWS, & not so-called entertainment/opinion as O’Reilly’s) programs have nearly tied Fox News programs in their demos, and that most people get their news from other sources than Fox News, both with television, and online (you’re one of the few who want to discount online viewing,) so Fox News’ BOASTING is laughable. You just want to ignore the fact that tens of millions get their news from other networks, and that’s it’s only about a million or two mostly conservative Republicans resorting to listening to Fox News (again, not much to boast about.) Something for CNN to be encouraged by, according to experts in the industry – “Television advertising analysts note that CNN still sells advertising at a premium rate, or cost per thousand viewers, due to its better educated demographic” – Reuters, Jan. 31, 2012.

    Concede defeat, learn to read carefully, and try to move on. How many articles on Fox News do you comment on? I’m sure it’s weirdly a lot.

  • kipoi wales

    You make me LOL w your stupiity!

  • 1966

    you nrrd a man in your life

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