'Katie' is TV’s No. 1 Freshman Syndicated Talk Show for 17 Straight Weeks

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January 15th, 2013

via press release:

“Katie” is TV’s No. 1 Freshman Syndicated Talk Show for 17 Straight Weeks


Building Week Over Week by 6% in Households, “Katie” Marks its

Highest Rated Week Since the Middle of the 2012 November Sweep


Of 18 Syndicated Talk Shows on the Market, “Katie” Stands Among the Top-Tier



“Katie” National Ratings – Week 17

Based on National ratings for the week of December 31, 2012, “Katie” led the freshman pack of syndicated talk shows, outdelivering runner-up “Steve Harvey” by double-digit margins in Households (+36% - 1.9 rating vs. 1.4 rating), Total Viewers (+26% - 2.498 million vs. 1.987 million) and Women 25-54 (+13% - 0.9 rating vs. 0.8 rating).


  • “Katie” qualified as the No. 1 new talker for the 17th week in a row among Homes and Total Viewers.  On average, “Katie” ranks as TV’s top freshman syndicated talk show in 3 years – since “Dr. Oz” in 2009.


  • Building week to week by 6% in Households (1.9 rating vs. 1.8 rating), “Katie” marked its highest rating since the middle of the November Sweep – since w/o 11/12/12.


  • Ranked among all 18 syndicated talk shows this season, newcomer “Katie” places among the top-tier across all key measures:  Households (No. 6 – 1.9 rating), Total Viewers (No. 6 – 2.473 million) and Women 25-54 (No. 6 – 1.0 rating).


“Katie” is executive-produced by Katie Couric and Michael Morrison and is distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. Co-executive producers are Kathy Samuels and Michael Bass and the program is directed by Joseph Terry.

  • Dontryl Alexander

    I have one thing to say… BORING!

  • Joe

    Katie, great show, great interviewer!!! Must watch TV

  • primetime blabber

    more like #2, if you know what I mean….there isn’t enough toilet paper in this world to clean this crap up….

  • Mike

    Joe, I totally agree with you. But usually if you say that around here the soap opera mafia comes out and beats you down. You know those soap operas they are always filled with the greatest actors, the best writing, the greatest stories, top notch quality drama every single day…..Pulitzer Prize winning stuff right there.

    Of course don’t go into those threads and say anything negative, because everyone is supposed to be positive when speaking of the sainted soaps. Those soaps are so fragile these days that if you say anything negative the networks are going to sweep right in and cancel one of them.

  • Kelly Ryan

    ….You can only be a Freshman ONCE

  • Mike

    @Kelly Ryan

    This is from a press release. The folks that write these are professional spinners. the networks hire these folks for that reason — to make any kind of ratings look good. That is their job.

    Whether it is her being the #1 Freshman series or whatever if the networks want to promote a show they will find a way to do it. They just take advantage of what works best to do that.

    Pretty soon I am sure they will move from her being the number 1 freshman series to promoting her being consistently in the top 10 of all syndicated shows esp. since she has been rising for a few weeks now and some of the other talk shows have been dropping some.

    It will be interesting to see if she can hold to that next week which will be the ratings for the week of New Year’s. All the soaps dropped in total viewers that week. Will Katie and the other daytime shows follow suit?

  • Mike

    above should say the top 10 of all syndicated talk shows — not top 10 of all syndicated shows.

  • kelly

    @Mike,is that why “The Steve Harvey Show” won The People’s Choice Award?

  • Mike

    Kelly, Considering that half the time people voting on stuff like the People’s Choice Awards get it wrong or voting is manipulated I don’t see all of yours and others fascination with this.

    how often have all the voters got it wrong on shows like American Idol? People complain about that all the time.

    How about all the voters over at We Love Soaps and how they constantly vote Days of Our Lives the top soap opera when it is consistently the #4 soap in the ratings.

    Oh and using the People’s Choice Awards is such a wonderful source too. In 2011, $#*! My Dad Says was voted the Favorite New Comedy over such and it didn’t even last a full season and was considered by most critics as one of the worst shows ever.

    I am sure that Katie is crying over losing such a prestigious award as the People’s Choice Awards.

    I think she sits back and is happy that she has beat him in the ratings for 17 weeks straight now as her victory.

  • UmAnyways

    Sorry but this makes me gag. Though I love Katie in general, Steve Harvey win the people’s choice award for his daytime yak show, I find Jeff probst show interesting, and Ellen is hilarious! Katie’s show is like gma or today show but an hour instead of hours.

  • mikehunt soaphater

    Katie “Gotcha” Couric and that gummy, poopeating grin is more than most people can stomach. And stop with the sleeveless dresses in January Gotcha-you’re not 30 anymore. The reason her ratings are palatable is because nothing of note is on at the same time. Kinda like a communist election: one candidate only.

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