Oxygen Cancels 'All My Babies’ Mamas' in Response to Online Petition

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January 15th, 2013

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  • Sabrina Lamb, best-selling author, gathered over 37,000 signatures on her Change.org petition asking Oxygen to drop the proposed show starring Atlanta-based rapper Shawty Lo
  • Sabrina’s campaign garnered the support of the Parents Television Council, and popular radio host Mo’ Kelly

NEW YORK, NY – The Oxygen Network confirmed today that they will not move forward with plans to air a controversial proposed show, “All My Babies’ Mamas,” after more than 37,000 people supported a petition on Change.org demanding that Oxygen pull support for the show. “All My Babies’ Mamas” had been set to feature rapper Shawty Lo, his 11 children, and their 10 mothers.

The petition on Change.org was started by author Sabrina Lamb, who launched the campaign in late December, days after Oxygen announced plans to develop the show and a trailer, featuring the 11 mothers and Shawty Lo’s current 19-year-old girlfriend, was leaked on the internet. Her campaign quickly garnered national media attention and culminated this morning in simultaneous petition deliveries in New York City, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia to the offices of Oxygen, owner NBC Universal, and broadcaster Comcast.

“On this official birthday of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, who fought for justice for all, and especially children, he once said, ‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.’ I am pleased that Oxygen Media has heard the outrage of over 37,000 consumers and shareholders who said, ‘enough is enough,’” said Lamb, who started the petition on Change.org. “We will not support any network and advertiser which exploits the plight of children and targets young women with stereotypical, dangerous, unsafe messages. This petition, this victory is for them. Adults have choices and today, children, through 37,000 petitioners, have voices.”

In a statement provided by an Oxygen spokesperson to Change.org, the network announced that plans for the show will not move forward.

“As part of our development process, we have reviewed casting and decided not to move forward with the special,” the Oxygen statement said. “We will continue to develop compelling content that resonates with our young female viewers and drives the cultural conversation.”

Lamb’s campaign was endorsed by the Parents Television Council, Industry Ears, Rap Rehab, The Odyssey Project, Black Men in America, and Los Angeles radio host Mo’ Kelly.

  • Sax

    What do you know? Online petitions can work to affect a show’s fate.

  • Shawn Kemp

    C’mon man. He needs to feed his keeds. Brutha got beels 2 pay, yo.

  • outlawz

    greatest news ever

  • kyle

    well what do u know, the 10 (the word that starts with a W) and the pimp don’t get a payday after all

  • rob60990

    LMAO but honestly, this show was a bad idea from the start and in poor taste.

  • panda22

    Its a sad state we are in when shows like this are even considered. No pay day i guess for all them gold diggers.

  • Mega64

    More likely they were going to can the show anyway and are simply using the petition to give it a positive PR spin for the network.

  • kongujala7

    what a bunch of hippocrates. but its ok to have the amish show with all their wifes and kids and its ok for octomom with her litter of kids and its ok to air pegnant at 16 and its ok to air honey boo boo right? its not like anyone is getting exploited on those shows right? this show would have been gargabe like all the rest of reality shows, but if your going to put the rest of the trash on the air, then you have no right to not allow this one as well.

  • DonMedia

    Maybe this is a sign the reality show genre has explored all the appropriate, topics and is now working it’s way quickly through the inappropriate ones.

    I’m waiting for “Rural Purge 2.0″ when they kill off all the hillbilly shows with a single snip.

  • Mark3

    Thank god!! This loser is a class act lol and a stereo type! Hmmm one man tons of kids with diffrent women. Wow what a real winner.

  • ce ce

    thats crazy then they need to take off teen mom, honey boo boo….. negative. they have hoe KIM K on E everyday and she sleep her way to the top I thought its reality and in reality this man has 11 kids and 10 baby moms I would rather see that then some fat little girl saying money makes me holla. HOW ABOUT TV is trash now no good writers… they feed us what they want but this show is no worst then the rest, old ass women fighting on every housewives show WTH…. HATE NOT ON THE SHOW BUT THE FACT THERE ARE NO WRITERS to make good shows. and if Mike Tyson can have a show about pigeons,,, thats not reality or some redneck kids can have a show just doing BS… why would you hate on this one. I think its racist not to show urban reality.. but we can watch redneck reality???? like or not it is what is everyone Knows some man with a buncg of freakin kids at least one was going to be able to provide extra’s fro all those kids with the proceedings from the show now that’s gone again because of hate…

  • ce ce

    take off JERRY TAKE OFF MAURY…… straight BS

  • Jennifer

    Just goes to show: liberals are the worst racist hypocrites in the world. They see everything in terms of color first. No one is signing any petitions to take off Buckwild (or Jersey Shore when it was at its height), but show urban blacks acting as they do…and god forbid.

  • Up Yours!

    So this would be acceptable if he were a Mormon living under the guise of sister-wives? You hypocritical racist idiots!!!

  • r0ckmypants

    Considering 37,000 people is about the audience Oxygen could have expected from this show, I guess it’s not a terrible decision.

    I just don’t understand what’s so offensive about the show to begin with…

  • James

    Holy crap, American still has a few standards left!

  • wallaby2012

    I was looking forward to watching the depiction of this lifestyle choice.
    37,000 people out of 320 million is all it took to pull this show? Wimps.

  • rehabber

    Glad this is not going to air, but have millions of people lost their remotes with the off button. If people did not watch this trash it would not be on the air. The only way it is going away..STOP WATCHING what they call reality TV, that is scripted and edited. Reality??? Really??

  • Melanie

    I agree with rehabber.Thank goodness someone had the sense not to put this junk on the air!!

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