"Alphas" Cancelled by Syfy After 2nd Season

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January 16th, 2013

Syfy has "decided not to renew" Alphas. Given its ratings during season two, most won't be surprised, even if they are disappointed. Here's the statement from Syfy:

Syfy has decided not to renew Alphas for a third season. We’ve been proud to present this entertaining, high-quality series for two seasons and to work with an incredible ensemble of talented actors, producers and creatives as well as our partners at BermanBraun Television.  We’d like to thank the show’s dedicated regular viewers for their tremendous support.

  • Shepherd

    Sad day indeed. Btw, nobody watches Continuum on syfy because scifi fans don’t want to support the network anymore, and its much easier and enjoyable to watch the show online after they air in Canada 10 months before they play on syfy.
    It’s funny looking back on the time when I could literally leave the channel on SciFi for most of the day and never worry about having to change the channel, and then looking at them today and how far they have fallen.

  • chrisss

    All those who are claiming that Syfy are trying to move away from scfi shows must have missed the news about them giving a straight-to-series order to Ronald Moore’s new shoow…

  • Shepherd

    But like everyone said. I totally expected this decision.

  • davie

    This blows. NBCU also canceled Heroes, which is why I thought alphas was to be their ”people with powers” redo.
    Oh well…only shows on syfy I watch now are being human, which I suspect is next, and lost girl, which luckily doesn’t matter on syfy,, I watch online

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Very disappointed. This was the best real science fiction on any network at the moment, and one of the best shows I’ve seen in recent years. Yet for some reason it got next to no viewers almost from the beginning. Apparently what little audience SyFy still has is devoted to FANTASY shows like Warehouse 13 and Haven rather than real science fiction.

    While the cast of Defiance seems excellent, I’m concerned from the limited trailer I’ve seen that it might be doomed. Some people have said the ambiance is like Firefly but with tons more aliens. Unless the aliens are done intelligently, this might “die very badly.” The presence of Julie Benz didn’t save No Ordinary Family, and I’m not sure the characters played by Jaime Murray and Tony Curran are going to go over well despite decent British acting.

    Continuum is a pretty good show but a Canadian import. It will be interesting to see where it goes in season two. Much as I dislike time travel shows, at least they’re doing this one intelligently.

    Lost Girl is fantasy but has a certain degree of charm (not to mention a lot of sex) that keeps it entertaining despite the absurd premise, not to mention a competent cast (especially Ksenia Solo.) Season three has started airing so we’ll where it goes. The special “Confaedential” show with a round table of the cast was fun, reminding me of the Firefly special. More shows should do those kinds of things to pump up the fans.

  • Juan

    Noo, it was my fav. Science fiction show, it was so good and am extremely sad that it is gone, I can’t believe it, not even a movie to tie it up

  • Jason50

    Not surprised but disappointed, IMO Alphas was best scripted show on the network. Will occasionally watch most of the other scripted shows but unless Defiance is good I won’t have any need to really tune in to the network. Being Human, WH13, and Haven are average with some entertainment to be had. Of the imports Continuum, Lost Girl, Merlin, and Sinbad; Merlin is ending and Continuum is probably the best of the other three. Didn’t enjoy season 2 of Lost Girl, hopefully season 3 is better.

  • WIlllow

    Only a moron would invest any time getting into any scifi (syfy) shows these days.

    Either have crap on, or have something good on that costs too much for them and they can it. Stargate sg1 got a great run because it started before they got bad. BSG got their run because they started super strong and knew at the outset it was a 5 year run.

    Other than that its reality shows, monster of the weak C- movies like jersey shore shark attack, or worse.

  • Terescia

    I’m sorry but this show was terrible. I watched the first season up to the season finale and finally just gave up on it. Gary was the only reason I watched that long. The rest could have jumped off a cliff and I wouldn’t have cared. The show ended because it didn’t appeal to enough people.

  • Stacy

    Thank G-D this was cancelled. The show itself was not bad and I used to enjoy watching it, but Dr. Rosen was so annoying that I just had to stop watching. I’m glad they are making room for a better show. I’d gladly trade 5 shows like Alphas or just one show like Farscape or Battlestar Galactica.

  • Eric_Philly

    Not surprised, definitely dissapointed.

  • Hillbilly

    :( I hope Gary fries the folks who canceled the show computers.

  • Micah C.

    In 10 years, there will be 4 cable networks: one for each media conglomerate owner each. All four networks will have 10-20 channels each and show nothing but “unscripted” reality TV shows all day long. HBO, Showtime and Starz may buck the trend, but they will go up in price for it.

    This is the future of cable networks; the money grabbing, channel blackouts, and online distribution stranglehold.

    I’m not saying give up, of course: If it’s scripted, watch the hell out of it, because you know it won’t be there for long… that earlier post suggesting that Comcast just turn Syfy into the WWE Network may not be too far off from now.

  • Micah C.

    From Chrisss: All those who are claiming that Syfy are trying to move away from scfi shows must have missed the news about them giving a straight-to-series order to Ronald Moore’s new shoow…

    Programmers are still doing their jobs (thankfully), executives are looking at how to cut costs more and more each year. It’s not going to happen tomorrow, maybe not next year. I don’t like the look of 2014-2015, however.

  • Conni

    Continuum and Lost Girl are on SYFY cause there cheap. There both from Canada. They are made for Canadian TV first. Syfy just buys the Repeats. Merlin was a British TV show, SYFY buying the Repeats. Is there much that SYFY actually produces themselves except for Garbage reality stuff?

  • coolioni

    I saw this coming from a mile away.
    The show was doing terrible for even SyFy. It was a scripted show paid for them on their network. So without good viewer numbers the shows was doomed.
    Well season 2s numbers were horrible. some weeks it got under 1 million views!

    I really hope that the new showDefiance is a good one and that if it is that people will watch it.

    I am sure that after they play season 4.5 of warehouse 13 it will get canned too.

    I am sure the reason why they bought an addition 7 episodes from season 4 was to get the lower season 4 price, plus they can now split up seasaon 4 into 2 years by running 10 episodes last summer, and then wait until next summer to run the back 10 of season 4.

    Unless the show get higher rating than it did in season 4.0 it will get cancelled too.

    W13 used to get well over 2 million viewers live +Same day and went close to 3 million on the Live +7 a few times…This was just last season suring season 3 !

    I really wish that there would be better shows on syFy, but now the channel realy does suck!

    too bad..They even stopped playing Sargate reruns which I used to love.

  • Ekras


  • Flare

    SyFy should just rename itself showcase USA with Lost Girl, Continuum and Haven (co-production) all produced by Showcase


    Like many others I am not surprised but I am disappointed. I liked the first season and the second though they were somewhat different. I am not a fan of ‘Lost Girl’ or most of the cheap import shows. I guess in the U.S. seems as though science fiction is not a seller. The SyFy Channel is trying with ‘Defiance'; which I hope is a good show and succeeds. Seems like they can only have one such show a year. I don’t really trust the brand, they seem to go the reality show/cheap import route as a matter of course.

  • POI

    SYFY doesnt have many good show now i remember the days when this network was good.

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