"Alphas" Cancelled by Syfy After 2nd Season

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January 16th, 2013

Syfy has "decided not to renew" Alphas. Given its ratings during season two, most won't be surprised, even if they are disappointed. Here's the statement from Syfy:

Syfy has decided not to renew Alphas for a third season. We’ve been proud to present this entertaining, high-quality series for two seasons and to work with an incredible ensemble of talented actors, producers and creatives as well as our partners at BermanBraun Television.  We’d like to thank the show’s dedicated regular viewers for their tremendous support.

  • jay_s

    Didn’t even realise that SyFy still had any scripted TV on the air still at all… I couldn’t make it through two episodes of Alphas. Never watched anything on this network since Sanctuary was cancelled and likely never will.

  • Just Grand


  • NJCaliboi


  • Brian Williams

    This is what America (and the rest of the world) gets for relying on advertising to sponsor programming. You rent cable and DSS, mostly, (apart from city folk) so why aren’t you boycotting the subscription channels that rely on advertising? As long as they charge enough for subscriptions and enough people pay, they should be able to provide high quality programming without cancellation.

  • keith

    Another American programme that leaves a cliffhanger ending then gets canceled.I wish they would leave an ending that if it does finish there is at least a proper ending..Two series that are now for me a complete waste of my time..Haven has similar ratings to Alphas and gets renewed, Warehouse 13 has been split into two series of 10 episodes so thats on borrowed time as well.

  • Ray

    Alphas fans don’t despair. A friend of mine at the network said they are planning a spinoff reality show called “Betas,” in which each episode is devoted to a person who can do everyday tasks in what seems like superhuman fashion. The pilot is about a single mom who can buy a week’s worth of groceries from three different supermarkets in 4 minutes. You have to see it.

    The friend said the network is planning to work their way through the entire Greek alphabet with a mix of scripted and unscripted programming. The last show, Omegas, has something to do with an epic battle between farm-raised and wild salmon.

  • JulieDawn

    Even Being Human, Warehouse 13 and Haven could be considered half-Canadian, as they are all filmed here (in Montreal, Toronto and Halifax) with some Canadian money invested.

  • JohnC

    The second season is not as good as the first one. But it should be given another season to redeem itself.

  • Dan S

    Ever since Sci-Fi was rebranded Syfy the quality of their programming has continually been declining. I didn’t personally watch Alphas but feel sorry for its fans all the same. I still watch Haven, BH & WH13 but not much else. They need more original scripted programming & less schlocky garbage like wrestling & Ghost Hunters.

  • jessica

    @ joe
    Continuum isn’t commissioned by Syfy and does quite well without the US market so whether Syfy were to drop it or keep it the show would go on for a while.

    @ Kegsta
    I know what you mean. I loved how 2 months into filming of season three Syfy had breaking news that Lost Girl was being given a third season. Syfy couldn’t pay me to make them look more idiotic than they did to themselves.

    @ thesnowleopard
    Being Human is part of “the Canadian stuff”. We here love how Syfy’s Monday schedule is all Canadian imports. Sure Being Human is set in the US but in the past lots of Canadian shows had that done to aid sale of the show to foreign markets, such as the US.

    @ Greg et. al.
    Haven is one of those multi-national productions. NBCU (and its predecessor companies) weren’t interested in it until E1 and Canwest decided to give it the green light. It sat around for something like 2 years until some mergers and acquisitions brought in some fresh eyes at E1 that liked the script.

    Warehouse 13 may be filmed in Toronto but it is a Universal production. Likewise with Defiance. That leaves the Irish/British/Moroccan production Sinbad, the British production Merlin, and the Canadian production Primeval New World. How many years has it been since Syfy had a scripted series that was ‘made at home’?

    The ratings were written all over the walls and the bathroom stalls. Farewell Alphas.

  • Shabbir

    yikes. Ive been hit big time over the last 3 weeks. Leverage/drop dead diva and now Alphas gone from my line up. Rest In peace 3 of my shows

  • Trey

    It just wasn’t a good show and it didn’t get good ratings. The only super hero show to ever reach its potential was Heroes. Alphas was too much of a procedural and it was flat out boring. I wanted to throw the Gary character out of a window. Just a completely unnecessary and annoying character that ruined every scene he was in. Unlikable characters, boring plot, procedural = bad ratings.


    I couldn’t handle the stupid guy who was supposed to be the ‘autistic, genius teenager’. It was either the character, the actor, or perhaps both, but it was beyond stupid and I stopped watching midway through the second season.

  • esc27

    At this rate I expect the next season of Warehouse 13 to be announced as the final season so I can finally remove this channel from my DVR’s favorites…

  • JFC

    One of SciFi’s biggest problems is the lack of a “destination” program that will reliably draw large numbers of viewers week after week. In the past this role has been played by shows like the first two Stargates, BSG and to some extent Farscape. This was the place where the network could promo its other program and have the target audience actually see those spots. It does no good to run promos when very few in the target audience ever see them. For example I really enjoyed Continuum, but I don’t remember ever seeing a single promo for it. Had I not read about it on this site I would have missed it. And I don’t think WWE counts, because I can’t imagine it shares much of its audience with shows like Alphas or for that matter Haven.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I felt Gary was irritating, too, initially. But I learned the point was he was the comic relief – and in that aspect, he was good. I looked forward to scenes with him subsequently. And the actor was very good at his role.

    Season two of Alphas was not a procedural. Much of season one was, but towards the end of season one it became more serial. Season two was mostly serial.

    I suspect the reason the ratings were bad is simply because the show wasn’t a fantasy like the rest of SyFy’s line. It was a gritty, plausible science fiction show about ordinary people with plausible extraordinary abilities and mundane flaws up against others like them plus a fascist government. I suspect it hit too close to home for some viewers in the latter aspect as well as well the former aspect.

    If it’s not a Star Trek/Wars/Battlestar space opera or a fantasy show like Warehouse 13, I suspect much of the audience simply didn’t get it. Even Heroes, like the X-Men, is a comic book show, not sci-fi. There’s no comparison between it and Alphas.

    Alphas was real sci-fi. So obviously it would never work on SyFy with an audience that doesn’t know what “hard” sci-fi is.

  • Jared

    Season 2 just had poor character development and sort of stumbled through awkward storylines like underground fight club addiction, a very non-imposing bad guy, Rosen’s double secret-agent daughter whom he cares about tremendously but somehow still a stranger to, and a way too sassy to not be annoying punk chick who gets thrown on the team regardless of any knowledge of the preceding 99% of her life.

    It could have benefited from a more standard, episodic approach with clear resolutions in each episode to prevent silly ongoing plot developments to take the focus off what the team was there to do, which is to take dangerous alphas off the street – not fumble around impotently while trying to figure out how to deal with the only alpha whose super power meant the team didn’t need a delicate approach. They could simply shoot him and drag his body to a cell somewhere where it would eventually regenerate. OH BUT HIS INTELLECT… Puh-leeze.

    Stellar first seasons, especially the opener. Overly convoluted and melodramatic second season ruined the fun.

  • James

    Good, the show was awful. & Insulting to anyone with half a brain and or imagination.

  • KarenM

    The second season wasn’t nearly as well written as the first but it still has more potential than anything else on Syfy. I don’t even bother watching Syfy anymore. How about making another Stargate?

  • omabin

    I really liked the show, I am really sorry to see it go. It was very underrated.

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