"Alphas" Cancelled by Syfy After 2nd Season

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January 16th, 2013

Syfy has "decided not to renew" Alphas. Given its ratings during season two, most won't be surprised, even if they are disappointed. Here's the statement from Syfy:

Syfy has decided not to renew Alphas for a third season. We’ve been proud to present this entertaining, high-quality series for two seasons and to work with an incredible ensemble of talented actors, producers and creatives as well as our partners at BermanBraun Television.  We’d like to thank the show’s dedicated regular viewers for their tremendous support.

  • thesnowleopard

    Being Human is an American show produced specifically for Syfy. Continuum and Lost Girl are Canadian shows that first appear on Showcase before being licensed to Syfy in the U.S. There is a difference, especially now that most American genre shows are filmed in Canada.

    Ah, right, Haven. I keep forgetting that’s even still on.

  • Al

    Why would anyone support a show on SyFy, they break up seasons and ruin viewers interest.

  • CJ

    They left the ending way too open. There is so much more they could have done if the series was renewed. I was praying that Rosen didn’t die and i wanted to find out. They could seriously have done a lot with another series. I will miss looking forward to it so much. It was my favorite series/show in a very long time.

  • POIFanatic

    I liked season 1, but season 2 was just garbage. Glad it got cancelled.

  • Heshi

    The only good thing about Alphas’ cancellation is never having to read another obnoxious, know-it-all post about the show’s prospects from @ The End.

  • mrav8r

    This is moronic. Alphas is one of the least-expensive and most successful TV shows ever. They film on actual streets, sidewalks, and in condemned office buildings for goodness sakes. The money they save on production costs alone makes this TV show a profitable endeavor. Leaves much room for pure acting ability; remember when Gary was cloned by the shapeshifter with a British accent? Both actors are of course British, but they could simply have Gary flip to his native accent for free…AAARRGGHHH!!! I so hate Syfy!

  • di

    incredible. they always cancel the good shows and keep the bad ones. no surprise, right?

  • Alpha Prime

    Alphas was the best original series Syfy has ever produced. It’s what Heroes should have been. Such a shame that fans have to know as much as an exec about the back workings of a channel and be prepared to accept the discontinuation of a good show because of numbers. Maybe if the number of fans patronizing the channel diminished because of trash moves like this we would still have it on. Tangentially, as much as it’s entertaining, how is Total Blackout on a sci fi channel?!

  • OhReally

    Could they not at least have one more episode that explains what happened? I hate it when they end tv series with a cliffhanger like that.

  • mick

    i really liked the show and am disappointed that its been canceled.i wish their were better ways to get proper numbers of viewers of shows.what they have now is archaic.

  • andi joy

    i really am disappointed i was really looking forward for it to come back for another season with a new twist on what happen to everyone and why only one person in the whole place didnt fall like everyone else

  • Katy

    One by one syfy cancels quality shows. Happily, I am done with them. Alphas was the last show that I took a chance on and now there is no reason to be on that channel so they can’t suck me in! Alphas deserved a better end, but so did All the Stargates, Sanctuary, etc.

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