How Will 'American Idol' Premiere Tonight? (Poll)

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January 16th, 2013

Update: American Idol scored a preliminary 6.0 adults 18-49 rating

American Idol has its Season 12 premiere tonight, which will see the much-hyped introduction of new judges Niki Minaj and Mariah Carey (oh, and there's Keith Urban too...). Will the new judging table bring in the viewers? The success of The Voice shows there's still interest in the reality-talent format, but will American Idol still prove itself to be the gold standard tonight? Last year's Wednesday season premiere earned a 7.4 rating, which was down from the previous year's 9.8 adults 18-49 rating. Make your predictions for tonight below and tell us why in the comments!

  • ThatsRightISaidIt87


    What else would I be speaking from? Opinion is all we’ve got and in my opinion these people are pointless, irrelevant, and have no impact on the music world outside of the IDOL umbrella. Makes perfect sense.

  • Hugh

    Hoping one show on TV can still get in the 7.0s

  • TheFollowing

    Higher than last year.

  • Nick

    6.6 tonight, then it will plummet to low 5s tomorrow. By the end of January it’ll be in mid/low 4s.

  • Maggie

    For 12 years I am just as excited to watch tonight as I was on year one. YAH IDOL.


    @ThatsRightISaidIt. Selling almost 4 million copies of a single is not come from within the IDOL bubble. ‘Home’ has become an anthem of sorts. Phillip Phillips, Scotty McCeery, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks, Adam Lambert, Katharine McPhee, Fantasia have all proven their relevance in today’s music industry. IDOL has sold over 200 MILLION records and has over 370 #1’s. The Record speaks for itself, Your opinion is not all we’ve got, Idol has the sales.

  • Samunto

    The only buzz for Idol now is of the trainwreck variety. It’s only been about the feud between Niki & Mimi. Niki really puts people off. Britney was meant to be the big hit on X Factor and we all know how that went.
    Niki will just come looking like an overdried tangerine and be panned by all. Plus, Idol never really did well with 4 judges. In a few hrs, we’ll have the ratings.

  • senor chang

    6.6, down to high 4s/low 5s by the end of January, and closing out the season hitting 3s more often than not.

  • rob60990

    God, Nikki was worse than I thought she would be. The show has turned into a HOT MESS.

  • Gilda Melancon

    Nikki is being a stupid dum b–ch
    she should not be on the show

  • 728huey

    I’ve been a fan of Idol since season two and I’ve been a really huge fan of Mariah Carey since she rel;eased her first album. So by those standards I should be feeling like I’ve gone to heaven with this season of Idol.

    But I watched the premiere episode, and it appears the producers and FOX are really trying to play up the whole Mimi/Nicky feud already instead of focusing on the contestants. If this keeps dragging on, this will get old very quickly, and thanks to the oversaturation of shows like Idol, X-Factor, and The Voice, I may just end up bailing out on this show. :-(

  • chris23

    6.4 17.76 million viewers.. I’m assuming a lot of hardcore “mimi” or “barbie” fans or whatever their nicknames are, will tune in for the celebrity as well as the curiosity factors from all the drama. I also believe a lot of American Idol viewers from the past might turn off the channel and show permanently because of the circus mariah and Nikki are bringing to AI. So in my unqualified opinion I believe AI will be not at too much of a loss from last years premiere but not gaining a lot either.

  • tv_viewer

    I’m predicting a 6.1 rating for the season 12 premiere of American Idol.

    For the past several years, the ratings of the premiere of American Idol are:

    Season # Premiere rating Judges
    7 13.8 Simon, Paula, Randy

    8 11.7 Simon, Paula, Randy, and Kara

    9 11.8 Simon, Randy, Kara, and Ellen

    10 9.7 Jennifer, Steven, and Randy

    11 7.4 Jennifer, Steven, and Randy

    12 ? Mariah, Nicki, Keith, and Randy

    Season 11 was the first season of American Idol to air after one season of The Voice has already been broadcast. I don’t expect another 24% drop from the season before. The three new judges for season 12 (in terms of size of turnover) more closely duplicates the two new judges of season 10. I’m predicting the same 18% drop that season 10 experienced.

  • DJnATL

    This first hour was blah. It may pull a 6.0 and sink very quickly. Big drop off at 9 against Modern Family (which will beat it).

  • CookyMonzta

    tv_viewer: EXPECT ANYTHING, even a very low debut! Idol’s desperation became an obvious fever-pitch the sooner they paired Mariah Carey with Nicki Minaj. They were almost BEGGING for fireworks between these two, to help push the ratings, and fireworks they got, given the news reports…

    …But what if it all backfires, and the people are turned off by the tension between Mariah and Nicki? We could see a low number, and if that’s the case, we could see a telecast draw in the 2s before the season is over. With those 2 on the panel, the show could be made very vulnerable to a scandal that could cripple it for good.

    I happen to think Keith Urban will be the only one to call every performance (or the most performances) down the middle. Randy Jackson, however, can’t be trusted anymore. He’s been there long enough, and he calls the competition depending on whichever way the wind blows.

    My guess is that, whatever the first telecast draws will be what it draws for its finale. Last year’s debut drew 21.9 million, and the finale drew 21.5 million, and the show finished the year at number 3. Anything less than 20 million for its debut, this show could finish at number 6 for the season. Anything less than 18 million, and it will have to fight like hell to finish at number 10.

  • CookyMonzta

    Bottom line: The sooner the show falls out of the top 10 (probably not this year, but next year is a possibility if the Mariah/Nicki drama doesn’t sell), FOX and 19E will sharpen the axe to chop it down. It would be embarrassing to allow the show to continue as a pathetic shadow of itself and its former glory.

  • Angelsgal

    Keith Urban was a judge on the Australian version of the voice and he was by far the best judge. Not surprised he was hunted by American Idol as country singers seem to do well. We are getting fast tracked in aus a few hours after it airs in the states. Ill b watching

  • Mayans

    A lot of people will tune in just to see the cat fight so I expect huge ratings on wednesday, but a big drop on thursday.

  • Mayans

    Angelsgal, I disagree about your assesment on Keith Urban. He was not by far the best judge as Joel was the most popular and Seal being so eloquent surprised everybody. Together with Delta they all were reponsible for The Voice Australia being such a huge hit with record ratings.

    Idol were trying to copy The Voice in having a country artists as a judge/coach and with Keith already having experience made him the most obvious choice. I think The Voice Australia will do just as good with Ricky Martin on board now.

  • hanp

    i think it should be around 6.2-6.8 based on overnight metered.

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