'American Idol' Premiere Down From Last Year

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January 17th, 2013

The premiere of season 12 of American Idol earned a preliminary 6.0, down 19% from last year's 7.4 among adults 18-49. This is the lowest premiere rating since the first season (which aired in the summer). Your predictions were too optimistic. The full ratings report is coming soon... Full ratings report is posted here.

  • Max

    IN B4…

    “IDOL is dead”
    “IDOL is dying slow”
    “IDOL is down so much”
    “IDOL is over”

    And I’ll just reply with… show me the numbers for another reality-competition show with these ratings in season 12. Furthermore, let me know what type of ratings The X-FACTOR and THE VOICE have in season 12.

    Oh right, neither will ever make it there.

  • rob60990

    The new judges didn’t bring any extra interest in Idol. Not shocked and the show was an absolute trainwreck. It will be in the 4s for most of this season. Still strong but far far from the monster it used to be.

  • forg

    Yikes! Although absolute numbers are still good especially how awful FOX ratings these days

  • CrimTV

    Well yeah, have to agree with Max. Fox is down huge as a whole network this year, and this 6.0 rating (despite not being as high as it’s previous seasons) is around 3 whole ratings points above X Factor. Also it’s in SEASON 12! Not 2 or 3!

  • Jeff (Canada)

    Hooray for Idol downfall! Now we need to get this, The Voice, The X Factor and all these other crappy singing shows down so low in the ratings that the networks will either go bankrupt or be forced to put better SCRIPTED shows on the air. Either way I’m good.

  • glover

    The audience misses Jlo and Steven Tyler :/

  • forg

    I wonder how ABC comedies performed. No one’s tweeting about it yet just all Idol

  • CBSviewer

    Wow ! FOX is slowly falling but a 6.0 is still great !

  • CrimTV

    @Jeff (Canada)

    Reality shows like this (Voice, American Idol) help new shows following it to develop an audience (Revolution, Go On etc). So without them, network averages would fall and more new shows would fail!

  • OWN Fan

    @Max, well ‘The Voice’ has been up season to season. I personally think that their needs to be a change in the way the executives look at these sort of shows. Instead of trying to boost ratings; why not just try to maintain them. For example, instead of trying to hire and continue to replace star talent trying to get bigger ratings, how about just settling for the ratings you have and be happy that they don’t decline further.
    It’s not looking good for ‘Idol’ thursday either with the Big Bang Theory even way bigger than last season and with ‘Two and a Half Men’ behind it. I predict by the season is over ‘Half Men’ will be beating it in it’s timeslot as well.
    Shows like these need stability: that’s why ‘The Voice’ has done so well. The viewers can expect the same judges and those same viewers will tune in every year and it has the ability to draw new viewers. Changes every year (like adding new judges) most defiantly will draw new viewers, but the old viewers will not be as interested.

  • Liam

    The Big Bang Theory will beat it this year. I can see Idol hitting 4.0’s.

  • Jackson

    In the 4’s by March, 3’s in April

  • rob60990



    Nashville 2.3/2.2

  • Max

    @OWN Fan

    THE VOICE is changing things up as well- with Shakira and Usher replacing Xtina and CeeLo. So, they are doing the same as IDOL but they are doing it in season four.

    And you say THE VOICE is up season to season. True but again, show me the numbers when that show reaches a 12th season.

  • jimmers

    LMAO! This piece of work NEEDS to go. All competition shows NEED to go. Bring back sitcoms…miss the 90’s television when everything was good. Television now a days is nothing but Cop shows, Medical shows, singing/talent competition, cooking shows etc. So sad…

  • Jeff (Canada)


    New shows found audiences long before these crappy singing shows existed, and I have no doubt that they’ll find them again once they’re all gone. And if some networks have to go bankrupt in the process, so be it. The good will always rise to the top, and the crap will always sink to the bottom. At least that’s how it was before these terrible singing shows came on the air.

    I love Revolution and Go On, but if they can’t find an audience on their own, then they gotta go.

  • forg

    Thanks rob60990! Not bad for The Middle, just down a notch from last week. MF as expected took a dip but not a season low at least.And good as well for Nashville

  • networkman

    I actually enjoyed last night’s premiere. The judging panel already have great chemistry. I even enjoyed watching the back and forth banter amongst Mariah and Nicki. You can tell there are times when each get annoyed with the other. But overall I loved how they communicated with the contestants. In my opinion, American Idol is still better than The Voice and hopefully it will rate higher this season.

  • Steve

    To Mr. Glover”

    If the audience miss Tyler & JHo, then why was season 11 the worst in TV ratings for Idol in the history of the show?

  • CenterGravity

    I watched the first 20 minutes of it, but then I watched some recorded stuff until Criminal Minds came on.

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