'Live With Kelly and Michael' Announces Live's Search for Unstoppable Moms

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January 17th, 2013

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Viewers Can Nominate Exceptional Moms for the Chance to Be Honored

On “LIVE” and Take Home a Grand Prize of $100,000



NEW YORK, NY – January 17, 2013 – On today’s “LIVE with Kelly and Michael,” co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan announced an exciting opportunity for mothers across the nation: “LIVE’s Search for Unstoppable Moms.”


“LIVE” is looking for exceptional moms who go above and beyond the call of duty, are prepared for anything, and deserve to be celebrated for all that they do. From now through February 8, 2013, viewers can nominate outstanding moms that they know and love, and fifteen semi-finalists will be announced live on-air the week of March 4. On March 8, the show will reveal the four “Unstoppable Moms” finalists who will travel to New York to be honored on “LIVE” the week of March 11. “LIVE with Kelly and Michael” viewers will then vote for one deserving mom to take home the grand prize of $100,000. Further details are available on the “LIVE” website, LIVEkellyandmichael.com.


“LIVE with Kelly and Michael” is partnering with the makers of Children’s MOTRIN for “LIVE’s Search for Unstoppable Moms.” “The Children's MOTRIN® brand understands that mom does hundreds of little things everyday to keep her family going,” said Michelle Goodridge, vice president of marketing for McNeil Consumer Healthcare. “Children's MOTRIN® appreciates moms’ determination and drive and we are excited to partner with ‘LIVE with Kelly and Michael’ to recognize the ‘Unstoppable Moms’ across the country.”


Emmy Award-winning talk show “LIVE with Kelly and Michael” is distributed in national syndication by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. Produced by WABC-TV in New York and executive produced by Michael Gelman, “LIVE” airs in more than 200 markets across the U.S. Visit “LIVE” on the web at LIVEKellyandMichael.com, on Facebook, or follow “LIVE” on Twitter, @KellyandMichael.


Photos from “LIVE with Kelly and Michael” are available at http://www.dadtmedianet.com

  • Carol Green

    Congratulation to Mr. Michael Strahan to a position on Live with Kelly Ripa co-hosts. Ms. Ripa couldn’t have pick a better person. i even like Mr. Strahan before he retired from football. I wish u Kelly, Michael and your family a happy and prosperous New Year and Gilmen too.

  • brandy mccrobie

    Kelly you don’t look good in bangs PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not do it again. micheal you always look good so you do not need to worry at all. my husband watches you guys with me now that Michael is on the show so thanks Michael

  • Sandy

    I love watching the show but wish there wasn’t so much toughy feely between the two. It’s like Kelly can’t keep her hands off Michael. Michael has made the show so much better.

  • Joan

    michael is yhe reason the show has good ratings. Now, all he needs is a good cohost. NOT Kelly ” NO TALENT” Ripa

  • Nikki

    I have the worlds GREATEST MOTHER I was born with “HYDROCEPHALUS” aka WATER ON THE BRAIN. I was not to live past the age of 5 and I am now 41. My mother has always seen that I had the proper care KNOW MATTER what My fater lost his Job in the Coal Mines when I was 10 I was having some health problems and my mother still made sure I got the care I needed know matter the cost. I had 4 older sisters and the oldest of the family was my brother. Al though she had to leave them alot of times she never left my side not even to eat She stayed at my side. she would carry me through the halls of the hospital trying to help me deal with the pain. She would read me books “Jack in the Beanstock” was my Favorite. I remember one night I was very sick and my heart monator kept going off she jumped up and her Cot fell and so did she. She has always tried to make my life be as normal as all the other kids. I didn’t have hair after my brain surgeries but she always said I was pritty. She bought me a wig so that the kids at school wouldn’t know anything. And if the teachers gave me a hard time she was right there defending me. My gym teacher tried to make me do things in gym class that the DR. didn’t allow well they didn’t mess with my mom she told them about it and that the school knew I wasn’t to be doing those things because the DR’s sent slips in. The one teacher said that I was faking and didn’t want to take a test well MOM was at the school again and after the teacher said I was faking I had Brain Surgery a few days later. My mother has put her life on hold for me since I was a kid. On Vacations I couldn’t go on most rides she took me shoping. I was 25 years old and took a Seizure with a Stroke and again she slept at the hospital with me she left her job to take care of me and made sure I had everything I needed to help make things easy for me. I was then 34 and having major head aches again the Dr’s weren’t listening to me. Then oneday I got so sick dizzy and almost fell down our steps she took me to the ER and the Dr. wanted to send me to the hospital that wasn’t doing anything for me. She spoke up for me because I was in somuch pain I couldn’t do it myself and said NO SHE IS GOING TO PITTSBURG to a DR. who knows what they are doing. The ER DR. hated my mother but did as she said and I was then Life Flighted to the Hospital in Pittsburgh 2 hrs away. My mom has always taken care of me even in the hospital washing me feeding me making sure i had all the things I needed. She bought me PJ’s because I wouldn’t wear the hospitals because of the BEHIND hanging out. She brought my sister who is 2 years older than me to visit me because be were close. Brought me cards from my classmates helped me bath because I wouldn’t let anyone else I was very privite, she stay with me until I went into the ER and was there when I came out. My mother is an ANGEL here on Earth and I am truly blessed she has done it all for me. She couldn’t even eat in the hospital because I wouldn’t let her leave me she had to get somethng brought into my room. I am 41 now and she still is the same way with me when I am in the hospital she is at my beside and when I come home she puts everything where I can get it. If there was ever an ANGEL ON EARTH HER NAME WOULD BE DONNA L. SARNESCKY my mother in a nut shell.
    Nicole R Sarnescky

  • Gail Boucher

    My daughter is the most amazing mother, she is the mother of three, there ages are 8,6, and 4. When her 6 year old was 10 months she began having urinary tract infection, then my daughter noticed that she could not do alot of the things other children could do. She was seen multiple times and by multiple specialist at Hasbro childrens hospital, they found nothing and said she would grow out of it. My daughte did not give up. She worked with her pediatrician and ended up going to Boston’s childrens Hospital for a second opinion. Well as it turns out, my grand daughter has 2 rare diseases. She has had multiple biopsies and surgeries and ended up with kidney failure, she was on dialsis for 6 months and her aunt was a kidney match and she just had a kidney transplant a month ago. What makes my daughter amazing is through all this she has fought harder than any one I know for her children, she also went on line for classes to graduate with a degree in medical coding and billing. My daughter Bethany has been through much, one downfall after another, currently she was in an accident and is now fighting with the insurance company for payment so she can get a vehicle, she is currently borrowing vehicles so she can get her daughter to boston twice a week for further testing and workups, and so she can get her son to school. Her children have been through so much, with all the time she has to spend in boston, he youngest son can’t sleep because he is afraid that every time his mom goes to boston she will have to stay there with autumn due to another complication. She lives with her common law husband, who works third shift and tries to help as much as he can, but the kids always want there mom. She had a job but was let go because of all the time she had to take off due to autumn’s illness. My daughter is a fighter and fights every day for her chidren, but every time there is a set back, I fear she might just break down. She spends every minute with her children and has no time for herself.
    She does nothing for herself, nor does she have time for herself. Currently she cannot go out in public with autumn because her immune system is so weak that she could get sick and it could damage her new kidney. My daughter is an exceptional mother and gives everything to her children and nothing to herself. I often wonder how she does it, as a grandmother my heart breaks daiy for her and my grandchildren, I just wish she could have a chance to due something for herself, just once. I know she will always put her children first and that is what mothers should, but I also believe that for her own health she needs to put herself first every once and awhile. She has never once given up fighting for her children and their health. My daughter’s name is Bethany Boucher and she is an angel that struggles every day. Gail Boucher

  • Marjorie Love

    Kelly and Michael, I don’t like what I see with Kelly all ways touching
    Michael, I know Mark don’t like the way you act. Michael be careful if Nicole starts acting differnt listen to her she knows what is happening. I love to look at you two I am 73yrs old I know when something is not right

  • Rashell

    My best friend has always been an impressive mom by giving up her continued dreams just to be there for her children every step of the way. Not saying that she is doing anything different then any other mother has done, but recently she has been hit hard with so many obstacles that it can make it difficult to do life as usual. She is always carting the children around from one activity to another, helping do homework, cooking dinner, and just always being there for them. Just as they start to become more self sufficient she has now been diagnosed with breast cancer. She has gone through her surgery while still making sure her children are taken care off and getting from point a to b for their activities, she doesn’t want their lives to change because of her diagnosis. Now she has to go through chemo (which we originally thought was not necessary) while still making sure her children are being taken care of. This all has come while she is pursuing a divorce, which is a tough time in its self and trying to save her home. She has a lot on her emotionally and also physically but she has the best attitude and faith I have ever seen. I take my hat off to her, I love her, and I am honored to have her as my best friend for the past 30+ years. There is nothing I would not do for her and my God children in her time of need, and so I just thought I would give a snapshot of the path God has chosen for her which will ultimately lead her to her purpose. I ask, please keep us in your prays and I hope that she is chosen as one of your “UNSTOPPABLE MOMS” because she is truly unstoppable & unbelievable and would love for her to know that she is much loved by me and her family as I nominated her on behalf of all.

  • Jackie

    It’s hard to pick who’s mom is the best when they all are! Well I think my mom is the BEST! Started when I was 5 years old and we went to bed Christmas night and my dad died suddenly at age 33. He left my mom with 6 children all under the age of 10. My mom never gave up, sure it was tough on her, but she had to keep her chin up and finish her schooling to provide better for all of us. She was a full time teacher with a classroom of little kids, then she came home to a house full of kids! My second sister was borned with spinal bifida and needed extra care, had many doctor appointments and supplies she needed. Back then, the supply store was over a 30 minute drive. She would manage to find time to pick all her supplies up. Now it was my turn to be a mom, my second child also was bored with a birth defect (cystic hygroma). My mom was the first to step up to the plate and help us out! She said I have 5 extra Angels on my side that will help us out, my brothers and sisters. We just finished moving into our house, so they managed to help put up a fence and do all the chores we needed done. They would help us at the hospital, she was in nicu for 67 days. I was still working so I needed extra eyes and ears. My mom has been there for all 15 of my daughters surgeries and continues to look for specialist for her? She is like my Energizing bunny, she keeps going and going and always seems to amaze all of us!! She has been the best mom for all of my brother and sisters and now all of her grandchildren. We owe her this! Thank you for just taking notice of all the specials moms in all of our life’s.

  • Mary

    I agree that it is difficult to choose one great mother, as I believe they are unsung heroes, however I would like to submit
    My daughter in law Fran ! It isn’t one particular thing, but so many everyday little things that make her deserving of this recognition. Three beautiful children Christina 9, Cynthia 6, and Joey 19 months keep her on the go! Her days start early, and end late , from dropping her children off to school to day care like so many moms do, but Fran doesn’t stop with her own children but includes all children in her role as ” mother “. PTA mom, day care mom, soccer mom, dance mom, class room mom, from baking to chaperone on trips and driving their friends when other mom are not able to. She has a job that requires that same unconditional love and giving. It goes full circle every single day. She never says gno ! I can do that ! I can help!
    I’ll be there ! I would love it if she were recognized for this award and take a moment of celebration for her for a job that goes beyond selfless. Her gifts to her children is a gift to our world as they learn to go out someday and honor her with the same loving, giving and care to all people! Thank you for allowing me to share Fran with you and for all mothers who deserve this honor, because they all earned that honor !!

  • JoAnne

    I am sure there are plenty of great moms out there who deserve to win. I know one of many, my little sister Shirley. Shirley is unstoppable no matter how tired she gets. When I was diagnosed with RA 15 years ago and then with breast cancer a year after that, she was there for me. Shirley and her husband is separated and I could see that it is hurting her, but yet she still moves with the grace of good spirits. She has two amazing sons, Jaeden 13 and Jordon 10. Her oldest son, Jaeden stays back and forth in the hospital because of a bone infection in his left arm. Shirley has to travel from Lafayette, Louisiana to New Orleans, Louisiana which is about a 2 hour drive to bring her son to the doctor. Many times she has spent holidays in the hospital with him. She barely has the help and support she needs from her husband. It pains all of us because Shirley never asks for anything in return. She would drive miles just to clean our house if we are sick, make soup for the family, run errands and never ask for gas money. Between taking care of her children and the rest of the family, she is amazing. Shirley babysits all our children when we have appointments or even when family members want to spent time with their spouse. Once again she enjoys it and never asks for anything in return. I think that my sister is a great candidate for being the world’s unstoppable mom because that is what she is. I know because she has been there for all of us no matter what we have gone through. She tries to make everyone happy and feel loved. She pampers her whole family and welcomes strangers with love. I would like to see her pampered for a change. I wish that all Moms could win this wonderful prize. I hope that my sister would be chosen for this because we love her for all her help and great deeds that she does for us. She has an amazing smile and is so graceful. We can never express our gratitude and appreciation for all she has done. This would be a wonderful way of letting her know how much we love and appreciate her. I wish all mothers could win this wonderful prize. They all deserve to. Thank you for the opportunity given to us so we can share our wonderful moms with you such as my sister, Shirley.

  • Felecia

    I would like to nominate my niece Lacey France, she is the mother of three children(5, and a set of twins 19 monthes old). To supplement the household income she watches children from other family members, a three year old and a 7 month old and a 5 month old all the while taking night classes full time. Lacey does an amazing job loving and caring for all of the children in her house she truly is amazing.

  • Yolanda Paris

    I’d like to nominate my sister Carol for the amazing mother that she is. Both her and her husband are a wonderful couple and their kids are lucky to have them. Being we’re honoring mothers only, I just wanted to say that my brother-in-law is just as deserving. My sister had two boys. Two years ago one of her sons wife was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. They have been married about 18 years when this happened. Before they got married his wife lived with my sister and her husband. Her name was Cindy and she had two brain surgeries in the last two years. My sister was there from the start helping her son and twin granddaughters that are 16 now. When it was eminant that she probably wasn’t going to make it, my sister was there for all that they needed. For the past two months my sister and her husband were there doing everything they could to help out. My nephew had to work so they were at his house caring for his wife. They picked the girls up from school and waited until their son got home from work before they left. Sometimes they didn’t get home until very late trying to console their son and his twins. The night she called me (I don’t live in the same state) to tell me that Cindy had passed, I was devastated. But right after she told me about her passing she offered us money to make the trip up to Illinois for the wake and funeral. My husband and I live on social security and she knew the extra expense to travel up there would be somewhat of a burden on us but we were able to make the trip without any problems. But to think that she just lost her daughter-in-law and right away thinking of others is what floored me. She has been this way with me and my husband for a long time. Her two boys know how special she is for all the help she has given them. She doesn’t help them monetarily only. She helps them in the support that they need at the time. She doesn’t think that she is special but I know the truth. She is an angel in my eyes.

  • Yolanda Paris

    Just hope my sister will not be mad at me for nominating her. She is really a shy person and would not like all the attention but she deserves it.

  • Jeremiah Micas

    im not to good at typing but my mom is the business i sent in the letter and pictures her name is Cheryl Philpott and she is really unstoppable raising 3 kids on her own and being able to deal with all the good and bad we have done and put her through we have never had a whole lot but she made sure we had and got what we wanted or needed all by herself and still to this day she is not only doing this for us but for neighbors and friends as well i dont know of another woman who deserves and is worthy of something like this than she is and when she finds out that us kids did this she will rip our heads off in pure love i hope the pictures get there and you are able to show them on the air cause i keep telling her she has to be sure to watch everyday and she has no clue why so im putting in my vote for my mom Cheryl Philpott as the Unstoppable Mom of the world thank you Jeremiah Micas (her oldest son )

  • David w. Evans

    My wife Yvette Evans is a mother, mentor, teacher, community leader and public speaker. She has been a magnificent job helping her 2 sons Stephen and Amos Evans get in college and now they both are great leaders in the church and community, Stephen Evans is one of the most talented drummers in the world. He just played at the Kennedy center for the Martin Luther King celebration. It is so amazing when God is first in your children lives and you can see them grow up doing the right things what a blessing for anyone reading this Remember it is never to late with God. My wife goes beyond the call of duty to make sure home is in order. Yvette is a caring and very bold when it comes to speaking the truth in love. She has a saying “guilt comes after you something and conviction comes first. I am so blessed to have a person In my life who is determine to stand up for what is right and be a woman of faith. This is the first year of college for Amos Evans who just graduated from h.s. with honors and was the one to top 16 best reading and math students in the world now Amos Evans attends Carnegie Mellon University and is dedicated to helping him graduate with honors by keeping Amos focus on what matters most is to do good at the end of the day.

  • andrea

    I stopped watching! Its boring, Their jokes are not funny and she is behaving like a teenager.
    The only reason they are doing well (if its true) it’s because there’s nothing else to watch.

  • Seymour

    Isn’t it too bad to have a contest to find the BEST MOTHER? My daughter is disabled. She already feel sooo guilty about not being able to care for her children. She had enjoyed watching Kelly and Michael, but after that show, all she could do was cry. Let’s give the disabled some applause for LOVING their children, even though they can no longer run around everywhere with their kids. The love doesn’t go away just because their health left them.

  • Rebecca Cummins

    I would like to nominate Hope Corley for an unstoppably Mom. She is a very patient and loving Mom. She is a 26 year old mom of three girls.(6 yr old and a set of 3 yr old twins but one was born with Arthrogryposis. This is what she said “My sweet Audrie was born with Arthrogryposis. She is currently recovering from bacterial meninigitus that hospitalized her for 3 months. The horrible desease left behind respiratory failure, loss of strength and speech, loss of hearing in one ear, and strokes in her brain.
    She is a true blessing to us and everyone who has been lucky to meet her. She is a true fighter and my hero. And im sooo blessed to have her and proud to be her mom.
    This is Hope’s constant attitude about everything. That is why she is an unstoppably Mom.

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