'The Talk' Delivers Its Largest Weekly Audience Ever

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January 17th, 2013

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CBS Daytime Talk Show Also Posts Best Women 18-49 Ratings Since September


"The Talk" Matches "The View" in Key Women Demographics



            THE TALK, CBS's daytime talk show, delivered its largest weekly audience ever and posted its best women 18-49 ratings since September, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for the week ending Jan. 13.


Now in its third season, THE TALK averaged a record audience of 2.49 million viewers, up +10% from the same week last year (2.27m).  In key women demographics, THE TALK averaged 0.8/05 in women 18-49, its best rating in that demo since the week ending Sept. 28 and a 1.1/06 in women 25-54.


THE TALK also matched "The View" in women 25-54 and women 18-49 for the first time this season in a week of regularly scheduled broadcasts.

  • Mike

    The Talk is really having a great season this year.

  • Andy

    Great news. I love this show!

  • rob60990

    The View only got a .8 in W18-49? HAHA.

  • daine56

    the view is a better show no wonder way more people watch it

  • Millie

    c’mon ladies kick the butts of the old hags on The View!

  • Ginger Eliz

    Can’t stand Baba Wawa on The View. She thinks she’s better than everyone else. Quite a snob. I prefer The Talk. They keep things light and fun.

  • Sandy

    I stopped watching The View over a year ago and haven’t looked back! Love The Talk!!

  • dg

    The View is still a much better show. Cheryl Underwood is a ridiculous caricature of Star Jones. And while I love Julie Chen, she comes off as a gossipy neighbor. She is no match for the dignified yet crack journalist Barbra Walters. The View will still be on the air when the Talk has ran out of breath. Lol.

  • Oscar

    Can’t stand this show!!! A blatant rip off of the View. Hate Julie Chen!! I guess it pays to be married to the boss and squirt out his kids!!! Lol

  • Joie

    I refuse to watch this View rip-off. It still pains me to think they killed a beloved 54-year-old soap opera (the still-missed As the World Turns) for this estrogen-fueled drivel-fest.

  • Allison

    Way to go, ladies! I love The Talk! Much more enjoyable to watch than The View. I love all the co-hosts. They’re not afraid to make fun of themselves and you can tell they have fun. They have really great chemistry.

  • dave

    I agree with Joie. The Talk is a cheap ripoff of the View with that ridiculous Julie Chen who one has to stomach five days a week because her husband is the boss of CBS and now that my beloved daytime drama As the World Turns is toast. I left CBS Daytime after ATWT went off the air. I now watch Days of our Lives. It’s like ATWT in a lot of ways. The original “Mike Kasnoff” (now Dr. Dan Jonas)is over there as is the second “Sierra” on ATWT who plays Kayla on DOOL. Recently, they had scenes together and I swear I was watching ATWT all over again. It was heaven! I will never give more than one second to that fluff show The Talk. I catch it only when I am channel surfing and then turn the channel quickly. I am hoping for a new life for ATWT. Prospect Park please revive World Turns like you are doing with One Life to Live and All My Children! I will consider it a very special miracle!

  • Nicola

    Awesome news. I love The Talk and am glad to see it doing well. And to those who are still whining about how it ripped off The View, you obviously haven’t watched The Talk because besides the similar format of 5 ladies discussing topics (like The View), the tone and atmosphere of The Talk is so different to The View. No talk of politics or religion, much lighter, more fun. If your looking for in-depth political analysis, you won’t find it on The Talk, it’s not that kind of show. You want a serious, analytical show, you’ve got plenty of news sources for that. The Talk is more of a entertainment, girlfriendy, gossipy chit chat show – harmless fun. I think it’s weird that people feel the need to so passionately “hate” a show that they don’t even watch. Even weirder that they come online to comment about it.

  • Mike

    I liked The View up to the point that Rosie O’Donnell joined. She forever ruined that show for me.

    I enjoy The Talk when I watch it. It is much better and has a much lighter tone than The View.

    As far as it replacing ATWT. I loved ATWT and was a faithful fan. It is not The Talks fault that ATWT got cancelled. If it hadn’t been The Talk that replaced it there would have been some other show. Proctor & Gamble and CBS were ready to get rid of the shows and considering that the CBS president is happy with the money they are making now — they aren’t coming back.

    I don’t understand soap fans who just want to keep throwing around the hate especially when they constantly preach in soap opera threads that they only want to hear positive things about the soaps and only want people to be positive all the time. for folks who claim to be so positive you sure know how to throw the hate and negativity around.

  • chenbot

    LOL at this spin: The Talk beats itself. I’ll forgoe the obvious analogy to self-pleasure. Soap fans don’t throw the hate around–we resent how soaps are denigrated, but their replacements are exalted as the best thing since sliced bread. Sorry, but their entertainment value is a pale comparison to the soaps they replaced. Drivel at a Platonic level.

  • Mike

    That’s your opinion chenbot and you are allowed to have it.

    But as far as taste I’ll stick with those of us who have good taste and like variety.

    I’ve watched soaps for almost 40 years and I have seen some of the story stuff they have served up especially in the last 10 years. For any soap fan to even begin to think that soaps are better than any form of entertainment is just a joke.

    Soaps have great moments like any form of entertainment but they also have some of the worst actors, worst writing, campiest over the top stories, etc. at times.

    Soap fans who delude themselves that they are watching Pulitzer Prize winning drama need to get over themselves. Maybe soap fans wouldn’t be so looked down on by others if they quit acting like they were some kind of elitist fan or better than other fans. If they aren’t acting that way they are just acting like complete loons who are totally out of touch with reality. It’s those 2 type of soap fans that give the rest of us a bad name.

    There’s enough room in daytime for all forms of shows. And I glad for the variety.

  • Chenbot 2.0

    I enjoy The Talk. Like one commenter said, it’s light and fun. They are all respectful and seem to be reasonable people. They do talk seriously about some issues and you can see a little bit of their personalities when they voice their opinions. I might not agree with their opinions all the time but I don’t dislike them, and that is truer the more I watch the show.

    Calling Julie Chen boring is a matter of opinion anyone is entitled to (although if you watch the show there is evidence to the contrary). Saying she is where she is because who her husband is “pure unsounded hate” – and you can quote me on that.

    **Since when are American soaps the most enthralling and entertaining television? They serve as entertainment vehicles, no better than the so-called “Drivel at a Platonic level”, and endless for that matter. Anything is more entertaining than waiting for something you want to happen to happen 3 months from now, especially for a show that airs daily!

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