'The Young and the Restless' Delivers Season-High Women 18-49 Ratings

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January 17th, 2013

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Daytime Drama Also Matches its Highest Women 25-54 Ratings of the Season


            THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS delivered its season-best women 18-49 ratings last week, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for the week ending Jan. 13.


THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS scored a 1.4/09 in women 18-49, up +17% from the prior week.  The daytime drama also matched its season high among women 25-54 (2.1/12), up +11% while averaging 4.64 million viewers.


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  • Derrick


  • Mike

    Good job Y&R.

  • moshane58

    Even though I do not watch it I am glad to see all soaps succeed.After loosing mind I don’t want to see anymore cancelled.We need to keep the genre alive.

  • rob60990

    CBS issuing a press release about their soap opera? Wow.

  • Bart

    Excellent – “Y & R” is moving along quite nicely w/o Maria Arena Bell at the helm – I credit the new regime for this uptick in ratings!

  • Edward

    The envy of other soap operas…..

  • Jeff

    Yeah for soaps. Good news is good news!

  • tad

    Good news .glad the new changes have helped the show.just keep on the track .with boring tucker,Daniel and Eden gone the show should be getting better.just need to get Sharon back to the way she used to be.And with Steve Burton I see a great thing happening .Also with Abby Newman coming back, should continue on the rise.can’t wait for Feb sweeps.

  • Kelby

    Y&R still is not keeping my interest, but I do like some of the changes. Not enough for me to watch it, though. There is still a lot of work to be done.

  • Keri Busgali

    The ratings were down before the Steve Burton announcement. So I feel it’s new viewers catching up before he arrives! I’m a long time viewer I’m bored 90% of the time! The shows needs Nick and Phyllis! If not at least Phyllis driving her own story! I’m disappointed in the changes! Social media seems to be as well! Time will tell!

  • Tuesday Night Liars

    2013 the new era of the soaps, now we finally got some good news coming out from the CBS end can’t wait to look at the whole week’s worth of ratings.

    Y&R is taking baby steps and getting back to the basics lately, they still have a lot of flaws that make the show move way too slow but its been a lot more watchable than its been in years now. I feel like sometime later this year this show is going to be really good. GH took baby steps also before booming.

  • Bob

    Who was that girl talking to Noah? Can’t stand her…go away whoever. I hope Fen gets even nastier…I at first didn’t like the character but now I think he is a hoot. Might be the case of “love to hate” type. Y&R is clearly getting better. Steve Barton should bring some goodness to the show. I love the new “Malcome”…I know he is not playing that character but he reminds me of him. lol

  • robert

    Love Y&R. There’s still lots of work to do,but the new regime is slowly turning the show around.

  • bill1972

    I will start watching again as soon as when Eileen Davidson returns which better be soon come on Y&R make a deal with Sony

  • Kathy Slagle

    What’s up with the new writer of Young and Restless. Am hating the firings and story lines. Firing Tucker, Ashley, Eden and Daniel leaving is a big mistake. At least Abby is going to be back some. Not sure how much longer I will watch it. Chelsea and Adam were so good together. Adam’s relationship with Sharon with make me ill to watch it. Come up with some better story lines as I have been watching 33 years and really hate to stop.

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