4.3 Million Viewers Watch 'Oprah and Lance Armstrong: The Worldwide Exclusive' Part 1

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January 18th, 2013

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Premiere Episode at 9 p.m. Highest Rated Weekday Telecast in OWN History Across All Key Demos


Premiere Telecast Ranked #1 in OWN History Across All Key Male Demos


Los Angeles – 4.3 million viewers watched Oprah Winfrey’s no-holds-barred exclusive interview with Lance Armstrong “Oprah and Lance Armstrong: The Worldwide Exclusive” Part 1 (Thursday, January 17).


The special “Oprah’s Next Chapter” premiere episode (9 p.m.) marked the highest rated weekday telecast in OWN history across all key demos. Additionally, the telecast ranked #1 in OWN history across all key male demos (1.88 M25-54, 1.59 M18-49, .98 M18-34).


Thursday’s interview (9 p.m.) was the second highest network telecast to date garnering 3.2 million total viewers, posting strong triple-digit growth across the key demos versus year ago numbers (+855% W25-54, +931% total viewers). The second airing (10:30 p.m.) earned an additional 1.1 million viewers. OWN’s top telecast is “Oprah’s Next Chapter” featuring Whitney Houston’s family (March 11, 2012; 3.5 million viewers).


The conversation continues tonight as “Oprah and Lance Armstrong: The Worldwide Exclusive” Part 2 airs Friday, January 18 from 9-10 p.m. ET/PT on OWN and will be simultaneously streaming LIVE worldwide on Oprah.com. In the interview, Winfrey speaks with Armstrong in Austin, Texas about the alleged doping scandal, years of accusations of cheating and use of performance-enhancing drugs throughout his career.


For more information, visit http://www.oprah.com/LanceArmstrong


“Oprah’s Next Chapter” Lance Armstrong (Thursday, January 17 from 9-10:30 p.m. ET/PT)

• 9 p.m. ET/PT: 2.10 W25-54; 3,174,523 million total viewers
• Growth versus year ago: +855% W25-54, +931% total viewers
• #1 weekday telecast in OWN history across all key demos
• #1 telecast in network history across all key men demos: 1.88 M25-54; 1.59 M18-49; .98 M18-34.
• 10:30 p.m. ET/PT: .80 W25-54; 1,119,000 million total viewers
• Growth versus year ago: +158% W25-54, +235% total viewers
Ranked #1 for the night in all of cable across key demos (2.10 W25-54; 1.90 W18-49; 1.99 A25-54). 
OWN was Thursday night’s #1 cable network across key demos in primetime (1.31 W25-54; 1.17 W18-49; 1.21 A25-54). (8-11p.m. ET/PT)

Social Media:

• The interview saw over 600,000 online streams with viewers live streaming from 190 countries around the world 
• Twitter saw more than 210,000 associated tweets, marking the most highly trafficked single episode of any show on the network to date 
• Numerous hashtags trended on Twitter throughout the interview including #Oprah, the official network hashtag #OWNTV and #LanceArmstrong
Ranked #1 social show across all cable in time period and #1 across broadcast and cable from 10-10:30pm  (Source: Bluefin)


Source: The Nielsen Company

OWN ratings are coverage ratings.


About “Oprah’s Next Chapter” (Sundays at 9 p.m.)

The new primetime series features Oprah Winfrey as she steps outside of the studio for riveting, enlightening and in-depth conversations with newsmakers, celebrities, thought leaders and real-life families. Upcoming episodes feature Drew Barrymore (Sunday, Jan. 20), L.L. Cool J (Jan. 27) and Cissy Houston (Special time Monday, Jan. 28 at 9 p.m.). The series is produced by Harpo Studios.

  • Marius

    Not very big at all

  • BL

    Considering it face big competition with American Idol and Grey’s Anatomy, this actually did well. My prediction was around 2.5-3 million given that most OWN shows haven’t done very well.


    OWN is still a flop. I still don’t understand why someone would name a network by their name.

  • Sax

    OWN is projected now to break even this year. So, it’s not a flop. It’s pretty good for a cable network.

  • PoshBrian

    @tvman – someone should tell that to Ted Turner. It worked pretty well for him….You arent much of a “tvman” if you still think that OWN is a flop. Do your research and look at other cable networks when they were in their 2nd year….

  • HT

    Wow! Not! What a slummy way to win short-term ghetto ratings. A self absorbed liar admits to to duping us all for many years and 4 million people lap it up. So much for living your best life Oprah!

  • HT

    @PosbBrian – OWN certainly isn’t where Oprah had predicted it to be at this stage in the game, so don’t kid yourself.

  • Mike B.

    Part 2 will be lucky to get 2 million. This guy is truly a disgusting human being. I saw no remorse or real feelings of guilt, he is still trying to control what people think about him. This interview was to further his sick needs, as he hurt a lot of people who were telling the truth and I don’t believe for one second he gives a crap or ever will.


    For all the hype this interview got , under 5 million is not that great for a network over 80 million have. Also I’ve seen alot of articles saying what a poor interviewer Oprah was.

  • HT

    @TVMAN – agreed. She should’ve stuck to daytime. Nobody needs a whole channel about them.

  • David Howell

    I wonder how many people watched online worldwide.

    For what it’s worth, a friend and massive cycling enthusiast (who was long cynical about Lance) did just that, and thought Oprah did a good job…

  • Sax

    @ TVMAN I don’t particularly like Oprah for several reasons, but she was a great interviewer in my estimation.

  • KJ Styles

    @TVMAN- I disagree with you on all parts. While I am not Oprah’s biggest fan she did a great job interviewing Lance, and 4+ million viewers on a night where it was up against American Idol’s premiere week and Grey’s Anatomy is pretty good.

  • terz

    I’ve never watch OWN but I knew the ratings would be high when I read all the praise Oprah got, but I wasn’t expecting it top a million. Getting 4 million on cable is equivalent to 40 million on broadcast, and this network is impossible to find on the dial causing me to miss it.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    ” Getting 4 million on cable is equivalent to 40 million on broadcast”

    That’s some aggressive Fan Excuse Bingo.

    OWN is in 80 million homes. Broadcast networks are in about 115 million.

    If the math is too difficult, I’m sure someone here can help you.

  • terz

    What good is being in 80 million homes if you’re on channel 10,000? A good comparison: Oprah repeats on broadcast got about 4 million viewers. Oprah repeats on OWN probably get less than 400,000 viewers. That’s why I feel multiplying by 10 is a fair comparison.

  • Alan

    I think we should admit this interview is good for OWN. We can talk all day about it’s overall lack of success or not, but I think 4.3 million on a Thursday night for what is (arguably) a “niche” cable network is pretty good.

    I don’t think it’s accurate to paint these numbers as a flop, even if you want to debate OWN’s future.

    Personally, I don’t think OWN is that bad a network. But I would like to better programming decisions. I really wish OWN aired less “true crime” documentaries and more shows like Lisa Ling’s Our America, which is an amazing documentary series (better than anything Oprah herself does).

    I don’t see how OWN’s endless “48 Hours Mystery”-style crime documentaries fits in with her whole “improve your life” aura.

  • Derek

    I’ll say the Lisa Ling show is interesting, though i’ve only seen it twice I think. Am I the only one who just forgets about the non-HD channels?

    I think 4.3 Million is good for a cable network, which isn’t a “main” cable network (AMC, FX, TBS, USA etc.) especially one that isn’t broadcast in HD.

  • Mark3

    Even tho lance cheated they ALL prob do! Just sayin. And we gotta remeber wat his charity did for people with cancer. It helped save lives. We need to forgive. Thats the kind of country we should be. I mean look at mike vick. He murdered innocent dogs amd people seem to like him again somewhag and he plays football again. And dod i mention he did one of the WORST things u can possibly do in the world. NEVER ABUSE A ANIMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cody

    In Canada, the interview had an average of 715,000 viewers -peaking at 838,000. Making it the highest rated Thursday show across all English language cable networks for adults and women 25-54. I think regardless of how much you all love to hate OWN, more interviews like this are going to bring in the money for the network to create more programming and better quality programming.

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