Discovery's Hit Series 'The Devil's Ride' Returns

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January 18th, 2013

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Season Two Premieres on Monday, Feb. 18th at 10pm ET/PT

(New York, NY) – Blood, sweat and gears…the Laffing Devils are back and being challenged when THE DEVILS RIDE speeds back on to Discovery on Monday, Feb. 18th at 10pm ET/PT.


Last season, hit series THE DEVILS RIDE introduced viewers to a look inside the world of motorcycle clubs.  This season, viewers will get to go deeper than ever before, and to see firsthand the biker war that is coming to the streets of San Diego.  The Laffing Devils, which was once one of the fastest growing motorcycle clubs in the city, has recently splintered off into two separate clubs.  Now they are going head to head with new, rival club Sinister Mob Syndicate (Sin Mob for short) for honor, respect, colors…and maybe a little bit of revenge.


The leadership of the Laffing Devils is in a complete and utter uproar.  LD founding member Danny Boy along with full patch Sandman are butting heads like never before.  Billy the Kid has gone MIA and has left the club a mess.  And White Boi – freshly released from serving a multi-year prison sentence – has joined the club to the dismay of some and the delight of others.  Meanwhile, Sin Mob appears to be getting stronger and stronger as the days go by.  Bubba, Sin Mob President, is an ousted founding member of the Laffing Devils and is out for blood.  He’s been expanding Sin Mob with “smart muscle”, and is being backed and sometimes even led by the hard hitting Rockem, a pilot by day, former marine and biker by night who is willing to fight tooth and nail for the life of this new club while pushing it in an aggressive outlaw direction.


San Diego may be big… but is it big enough for both the Laffing Devils and Sin Mob?


THE DEVILS RIDE is produced for Discovery Channel by Bischoff Hervey Entertainment. Eric Bischoff, Jason Hervey and Steve Stockman are Executive Producers.  For Discovery Channel, David Pritikin is Executive Producer.


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  • Dave

    I tried to watch it but there is too much whining. I know they are tough guys but they complain so much. And the preview of the fight for this season, only in CA. They can’t carry guns so they fist fight. Oh well, not for me. On Discovery, I like Gold Rush, Dual survival, Fast and Loud and some other shows sometimes.

  • john doe

    i live in dago and ride my bike every day all over. i have seen many a MC, and yet i have never seen a laffing devil or sin mob member any where! makes you wonder…

  • mike hammer

    love the show cant wait.

  • jim

    What happened to some of the guys from last year? It seems like it’s a new cast this year with some of the guys from last year returning.

  • Barry

    Eric Bischoff producer, dose WWE,WWF,NWO ring a bell? fake but entertaining. When is Stone Cold Steve Austin or the Rock going to make an appearance?

  • Jolly Roger

    Hey what happened to Gipsy, they didn’t even mention him unless i just missed that part.

  • Detroit

    Terrible these guys are whiny lil girls they do no justice to the REAL MC community plz pay them ther money and get them off the air

  • Joe

    Like a bunch of little girls, I just tuned in to this and after about 2 minutes I was laughing my ass off, LOL!! What a joke! Bunch of PU$$ies!!!!

  • Joe

    Dude this is a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Gipsy was arrested
    For lewd act with a minor
    In August. He is off the
    “SHOW” this crap is sooo

  • Rock

    crazy when sandman pulled that biggass knife..

  • Rock

    or how bout when they dragged the prospects harley… dayumnnnnn

  • jopa

    These dumbfuq rednecks are obviously suffering from delusions of relevance.

  • Larry

    I hope this show is fake because if t’s not those guys are the biggest bunch of losers I have ever seen try to look tough and come across as huge pu$$ies. I wonder if they know people watch the show to laugh at them?

  • Bill

    I have watched a few of these shows…i have a feeling it`s a bunch
    of BS…kinda like “Amish Mafia”. When you watch you see that they
    really don`t “do” anythig but talk…even the fights never turn into
    anything.I don`t get what they are fighting about. there are a few clubs in the Philly area where i`m from (Hells Angels and Paegans) they actually
    kill eachother

  • rusty

    You can see the same gang on TNA wrestling ACES AN EIGHTS

  • Ozie

    I really like the setup and style of this show. Many of the moving shots of bike riders from the ground to the helicopter are just plain amazing. The action of fight preps, and the motorcycle dragging kind-of remind me of SON’s. I think this show is well done even though it’s in a somewhat simple style. There is a lot of hype around the motorcycle drag tracks in the St. Louis area about how this show can expand. On Youtube-Biker Bizz, which centers around a woman that ride against men… this show is one of the discussions. It would be really cool if some female clubs could be include in the action. I’m hoping that more real family drama can make it onto the screen. Some past history of these characters as children with a passion for motorcycles could increase the appeal to a broader audience. In Chicago, many clubs are just starting to find this show. In Atlanta, bikers and non-bikers too, are starting to catch the buzz. I’m hoping that every character on this show will be revealed and allowed to expand their presence. Did I say, I really like this show. Good job.

  • Rick

    On the HD forum, it’s a total gang bang against the show. No one would care if Discovery just said it was scipted, but there playing it off like it’s totally real. Also Discovery Channel, if your gonna do a show ahout an M.C. Don’t use Honda motorcycles, were Harley riders, we no the difference.

  • Pperry

    I liked Season 1. Not a big fan of Season 2. I know it’s only been one episode but Season 2 is off to a very bad start. At this point unless the second episode is something amazing it will be the last time I watch. Too bad Season 2 has made both “Motorcycle Clubs” look like a bunch of fools.
    It’s very painful to watch.
    Good Luck on this one Discovery Channel. I say Drop it fast before you start looking rating on other shows. Except Gold Rush, Love it!

  • Wisecracka

    You gotta look at this show like a comedy. Its so bad its good.

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