Will We See a Rally for the 'Fringe' Series Finale Tonight? (Poll)

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January 18th, 2013

The last season of Fringe has been pretty quiet in the ratings department. Season five premiered to a 1.1 rating, but then slipped down to a 1.0 and then a 0.9 in subsequent weeks. Do you think longtime fans will return to tune in to tonight's 2-hour finale, or will Fringe go out with a whimper? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • omabin


  • victor hugo


  • John

    1.2, 3.5m viewers

  • James

    Fringe is one of those shows that you have to follow on a regular basis to understand the plot. Old fans are most likely not coming back because they would not be able to follow the premise or purpose of the finale. With that said I think the ratings may still rise to a cautiously optimistic 1.2 or even 1.3.

  • David Howell


    That seems fair based on the rallies for the series finales of the CW shows that got “farewell 13″ orders, which seems to be a decent comparator even though the Fringe audience could scarcely be more different.

  • John A

    1.2 but wish a 1.5. Id be happy with that 1.2 as long as its not just a pathetic 0.9 or 1.0. Give it a season high. Gonna miss this show nothing worth watching fridays anymore.

  • Ali

    1.0 and you can bet i’ll be there. goodbye to one of the greatest shows that ever existed and goodbye to the complaints of the minds too small to understand it!

  • ForceChoke

    Crossing my fingers for a 1.2 the first hour, then a 1.3 the second hour, bringing the season average to a flat 1.0. It deserves at least that.

  • Emy

    Don’t underestimate the power of curiosity. Heck, I even watched the Chuck finale without seeing a single episode. Sometimes you just want to see how it all ends. I’m hoping for 1.2.

  • Keri

    Slight uptick but nothing crazy.

  • MichaelChickless

    I’d just *love* to see it hit 2.6, but I’d be blown away if it even got to a 1.4.

  • Melanie

    I don’t think it will be higher than the season premiere. It might get a matching 1.1 but I think a 1.0 is the most it will do.

  • CBSviewer


  • MichaelChickless

    I watched the Lost finale after I stopped watching the show after the second or third episode of the first season. I was more than a little confused.

  • Just Desserts

    2.0 :)

  • Tony ^_^

    The episode at 9 PM should at least get a 1.2+. Other than that, it’s farewell to “Fringe”!

  • Eric Robinson

    7.0 O.O

  • networkman

    1.1 I think it would match the season premiere ratings. But I do wish it got a new season high of 1.2. Too bad Fox didn’t air a retrospective episode with the actors discussing the show and getting people caught up with what has been going on this season.

  • Jonny C…. formerly Jon

    I would love it to have a 1.5 though I doubt it will happen. So 1.2.

  • Dennis

    1.1 is my guess….

    but I wonder, I live in the uk and is the finale getting much promo on fox?

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