Will We See a Rally for the 'Fringe' Series Finale Tonight? (Poll)

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January 18th, 2013

The last season of Fringe has been pretty quiet in the ratings department. Season five premiered to a 1.1 rating, but then slipped down to a 1.0 and then a 0.9 in subsequent weeks. Do you think longtime fans will return to tune in to tonight's 2-hour finale, or will Fringe go out with a whimper? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • ThatsRightISaidIt87

    Asking someone if they are embarrassed because they “don’t get it” is the same as saying they’re too thick to comprehend. It’s the one response that shows up time and time again when anyone dares speak negatively of this show.

    Talented cast? Nope. Nobel is talented and it’s a shame he was ever connected to such a terrible program. He’s carried it since day one. Jackson has his moments but he’s not a god and can’t perform miracles. Olivia -whateverhernameis- is very very poor and has not changed since the pilot. The actress goes from appearing sour to blank and then back to sour again. It’s a toss up between her and that woman off Scandal for who swallowed the most lemons.

    My problem with the writing is that it’s clear everything that’s been resolved was not planned originally, and because of that it falls flat everytime without a shred of originality or believability. They wrap it up in some fake-science BS and ship it out thinking the fans will just accept it. They won’t. The ratings are the proof.

  • ThatsRightISaidIt87

    The above was @TerryJacksonNYC

  • SirGamma

    I just like to watch finales. I was at the Chuck finale. Also the Lost, Battlestar Galatica, and Caprica finales. And I never watched the shows. I just like to be part of history.

  • John A

    Why is the finale airing in the UK at the same time? Does it do well in ratings for SKY1?

  • TerryJacksonNYC


    I don’t think you’re stupid or thick. But I thought that your initial comment was shallow. I’m glad that you were willing to elaborate and I really hope that you aren’t still under the impression that I was trying to do anything more than get a grasp on what it was that you wanted to convey. I feel like I know better what you think and I definitely respect your opinion a lot more… now that I know what it is, anyway.

    Nobel is one of the most talented actors on all of television. Jackson is decent, but I never expected anything from him; it’s a silly criticism, but I did hold it against him that he came from Dawson’s Creek. Torv is difficult to critique. There were some versions of Olivia that she did quite well, but I didn’t like the dour Olivia we met in the first season; I was ok with that because so much was going on and because her character had experienced enough to have become dour. Jasika Nicole, although terribly underused, was always fun. Reddick and Brown were always spectacular in whichever versions of Broyles and Sharpe we were watching. And some of the guest stars were amazing (in particular, Christopher Lloyd and Peter Weller, who were in two of the best episodes of Fringe, both playing characters that helped set up what would be the best season there was, which was season three; they weren’t in the season, but their stories helped build the emotional core of it). Other players like Gabel and Acevado brought plenty of heart to characters that never became as big as they could have but were always brimming with promise; that one of them will be back in the finale makes me happy.

    One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about Fringe is the manner in which the story has changed almost entirely from season to season. Every year has different versions of the main cast following through on what is basically one story but, because each season’s characters have had different life experiences, they deal with things differently. I think the idea to even approach a TV show in such a manner was brave, even if it didn’t always pan out as well as the writers would have liked. They took risks, which is something that is rare on TV. And in this day of television that is created with a cost:profit ratio being the number one concern, Fringe is refreshing.

    Like any show that runs for five years and attempts to tell a single story, there will be missteps. Even Breaking Bad, which is probably one of the best shows to ever run anywhere, has had a few missteps and seems to have almost lost its way entirely. But I think it will redeem itself in the end. Other shows that are ending this season passed their creative peak years ago. As fun as 30 Rock and The Office can sometimes be, they aren’t what they once were.

    I’m reserving final judgment on the writing and production of Fringe for another six hours or so. These final two hours can make or break the entire creative arc of the series. I’d rather it do one of these than simply just fade away, but I don’t think anybody needs to worry about that.

    I think I’m looking for a 1.2 final rating. (This will be the average. A half hour here or there may reach 1.4, but it may go as low as .9; I’m interested in seeing if there are more people tuning in or out toward the end of the broadcast.)

  • KJ Styles

    1.2 at best. I would say higher but you have Part 2 of the Lance Armstrong interview.

  • rob60990

    Series low .7.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I don’t think it will do much better than it has, so .9-1.0. But it could hit 1.1-1.2.

    The important thing is that IT’S OVER! Thank God, this short season was a painful disaster. 13 hours of moping, slow motion, dreary emotional crying and next to no action at all, not to mention one of the dumbest premises in sci-fi history. Some of the worst TV programming I’ve ever seen in the last five years.

    A sad come down for a show with enormous potential, good acting and some really good moments in its early seasons. However, the show officially jumped the shark with the animated episode, if not the disappearance of Peter, and has dropped into the toilet ever since.

  • badman

    Goodbye fringe.. You will be missed..!

  • ThatsRightISaidIt87


    We’re good. We don’t agree on Fringe, and that’s cool. You seem to love it for many of the reasons why I’ve come to despise it. So rather debate, I’ll just say that I hope you enjoy the finale and leave it at that. Cheers!

  • ThatsRightISaidIt87


    “…rather *than* debate…”

  • TerryJacksonNYC

    @Richard Steven Hack

    Is there anything that could happen tonight that might change your mind regarding how you feel about the show? I know you’ve been both rooting for (and predicting) Fringe’s early demise for over two years, so it must be a bit disappointing to know that, in the end, you were wrong about Fringe’s ability to get to the end. No matter what had to happen to make it so, Fringe did, indeed, survive, so I have a hard to believing that your problem with the show isn’t based entirely on the show itself; at least part of your frustration must be at the fact that crow isn’t altogether very appetizing, is it? ;)

    All joking aside, I do hope you find something worthwhile in the finale. You’ve stuck with it this long, so there has to have been something in it for you. I can’t imagine anybody just wasting his time so that he has something about which to complain. I know there are people out there who do this, but I prefer to believe that I wouldn’t actually engage with any such people.

    On the other hand, I may be deluding myself and you might truly be an actual and factual troll. I hope that’s not the case. Either way, we both seem to think that a 1.2 is a possibility, which means that we agree, at least in part, on the one thing that binds us here at TVBTN: ratings.

  • psychic

    Oh, man. Doubt it.

  • John A

    @RSH Painful to watch? Why did you watch if you didnt like it? You were wrong when you said it would be axed last year so you have bashed it all year because you were wrong. Your horrible show Nikita was renewed with horrible ratings so let it go.

  • psychic

    Going to miss you, Fringe. Wish you’d been more appreciated. And hope you go out with some dignity. xP

  • psychic

    And by “some dignity”, I mean both a decent episode AND decent ratings. This season wasn’t atrocious, it’s just boring and sloppy.

  • TerryJacksonNYC


    I’m always up for a debate. I try not to get too emotionally invested in a discussion that comes down to personal tastes, since nobody’s preferences are any more valid than anybody else’s. I enjoyed our little volley and am glad that we were able to talk about something like adults rather than letting it devolve into the sort of pettiness that so often runs rampant in discussion forums. I’m looking forward to chatting with you again in the future… about another show of course.

    Thanks for wishing that we Fringe fans have an enjoyable finale. That’s all that really matters at this point. The ratings are the furthest thing from importance, since the show made it through five seasons and 100 episodes and is already in syndication. It’s about the connection to its audience now and I’m glad people who don’t like the show can respect the connection shared between those who do.

  • SVUnCI

    If CHUCK can get a season high for it’s series finale, I’m sure FRINGE can also so I’ll say a 1.2-1.3.

  • JulieDawn

    Up a bit – 1.1
    I will be crying for 2hrs straight, I just know it.

  • The End

    To be fair, very rarely does a show get a huge increase in Nielsen viewers. I would expect something around 4 million, 1.2 for the finale.

    They were hyping up stuff like Lost for huge numbers, saying it’l go out with an epic bang, but ended up just getting normal numbers.

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