Will We See a Rally for the 'Fringe' Series Finale Tonight? (Poll)

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January 18th, 2013

The last season of Fringe has been pretty quiet in the ratings department. Season five premiered to a 1.1 rating, but then slipped down to a 1.0 and then a 0.9 in subsequent weeks. Do you think longtime fans will return to tune in to tonight's 2-hour finale, or will Fringe go out with a whimper? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • TerryJacksonNYC

    @The End

    I think you’re right. At least for the past eight or nine years. Send-offs for shows like Friends did well; Seinfeld did a bit better five years earlier and Cheers did really well a decade earlier. But the era of the huge send-off is over.

    I haven’t mentioned V in months and months, so I would be remiss not to point out that the second season finale saw significant percentage gains and that was on a slot that is comparable to Fridays: it was on ABC’s Tuesday schedule. :)

    Fox has not been publicizing this too much, but the press have been covering it and WB has done a half-decent job of getting the word out online. And, again, they did a really good two-minute trailer for the finale that looked as good as any film trailer I’ve seen in a long time. It looked like it’s a stand-alone movie that would be worth seeing; I hope it ends up feeling like one while I’m watching it.

  • Dan S

    I’ve never missed an episode of Fringe & guessing it’ll hit1.2 tonight. Interesting how so many people dissing Fringe have to come to this forum to bash it 1 last time. I never watched Chuck but certainly never felt the need to trash talk the show. We all have different tastes but the bottom line is Fringe like Star Trek & X-Files will not be forgotten & will be remembered fondly for many years to come.

  • LOLski

    The only good aspect about Fringe ending is that Richard Steven Hack can finally shut up for good. His posts were painful to read and awefully stupid as well. I’ll miss Fringe!

  • Amy

    I liked the first two seasons. After that the writing was horrible, imo. I’m not sure if people will watch it live on a Friday night.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    I hope it hits a season high!!

  • Nick

    I’m guessing 1.3.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    LOLski: Trust me, any time Fringe is mentioned on this site in the future, I’ll be sure to comment on how crappy the last season or two were.

  • The End


    Hope the ending works for you. I’m watching it live now and it seems decent enough to me.

    Apologies, I had a long reply typed up to you but it didn’t post for some reason. Lost in the system I can only assume, It was like 3 paragraphs giving my thoughts on what you aimed at me, sorry lol.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    TerryJacksonNYC: “Is there anything that could happen tonight that might change your mind regarding how you feel about the show?”

    Not at this point. This entire final season has just been horrible to watch.

    “I know you’ve been both rooting for (and predicting) Fringe’s early demise for over two years, so it must be a bit disappointing to know that, in the end, you were wrong about Fringe’s ability to get to the end.”

    Not really. It made no sense to renew it for a fifth season, but the PTB decided they could make a buck off it, so there it is. I don’t begrudge them for doing that, it’s a business decision. What I complain about is the poor quality of that final season, and the relatively poor quality of the previous season. Before that, the show wasn’t bad, although I think it could have been better had the writers gone in a different direction than they did.

    I’ve learned, as have Robert and Bill, that the syndication gods rule. I learned that from Fringe, Nikita and Body of Proof, all of which were renewed when the ratings said they shouldn’t have been. For Fringe, that was disappointing because I could see the show was going downhill and it was unlikely the final season would improve. Unfortunately, it got horribly worse. For Nikita, it was great because it’s my favorite show. For Body of Proof, it was, well, meh, since although I watch the show it’s not terribly compelling for me.

    But at least I learned.

    “All joking aside, I do hope you find something worthwhile in the finale. You’ve stuck with it this long, so there has to have been something in it for you.”

    There are elements of the show, even in this final season, which are good. The writing tends to be good, the directing frequently so. The acting is always first rate. I don’t even dislike Anna Torv, who I think is quite a competent actor. And of course John Noble is brilliant.

    Mostly I watch it because it is sci-fi – if bad sci-fi this season – and I want to see where it goes out of curiosity. The one element I liked this season was Peter’s inserting the nanotech device in his head and developing Observer traits. That was kind of fun, but they didn’t let it last.

    “I can’t imagine anybody just wasting his time so that he has something about which to complain.”

    No, I don’t watch it for that. I watch it now mostly to see how bad it’s going to get. Tonight will finish that off. And of course there’s always the possibility that the writers would surprise me at some point during this season. Unfortunately, they didn’t.

    “you might truly be an actual and factual troll.”

    Nope. However, given the ragging I got for predicting Fringe wouldn’t be renewed last season, frankly I have a certain amount of revenge motivation. It’s not the SHOW that bugs me as much as some of the morons here who can’t separate themselves from the show. If the fans of a show insult me, then I’m perfectly willing to insult them back – and the show if it deserves it. But generally my criticism of a show is based on its actual value to me and my perception of its good and bad points.

    Fringe is like TSCC. Both could have been really great shows, lifting sci-fi on broadcast TV to new heights. Both went off the rails. TSCC did it in season two, Fringe did it around season three and four and went completely in the toilet in this season.

    There are so many things stupid about the Observer invasion premise that I could spend a half day writing about it. What’s worse is the slow motion pace of the show this season. I mean literally entire episodes went by with virtually nothing happening. They pull out another tape from amber, they stand around for half the show, they spend probably ten minutes moping about how bad things are and commiserating with each other, just wallowing in angst like some teen stroke show. Seriously, it’s nothing like earlier seasons. There have always been emotional moments in the show, as appropriate, but this season the writers have been just pure wallowing in it, like they’re trying to get an Emmy nomination or something instead of telling a story. It’s what happens when writers take themselves way too seriously.

    The show has turned from a sci-fi adventure into Waiting For Godot.

    Oh, well, that’s all over tonight. Fortunately Nikita is back tonight, too, so I’ve something to look forward to.

  • Serge

    1.3 The end is going to be epic… I hope!

  • don

    i dont care what the rating are it was best ending of show i ve seen in while

  • TerryJacksonNYC

    @Richard Steven Hack

    Thanks for that honest response. I appreciate it.

    I don’t necessarily agree with the revenge mode of communicating in forums, since none of us really know each other. However, I do remember the ribbing you got from those who were happy to see Fringe renewed. There were about 50 or so pages of “I told you so” messages directed at all of the wrong people. I would have been in the “I’m just glad I’m getting a natural conclusion” group had I been paying attention all along… but I wasn’t. I only watched Fringe once I knew that a real conclusion was coming. (Having been burned by TSCC and other Sci-Fi fare… and now Alphas, although I guess that wasn’t getting any better, I still enjoyed it.)

    I did enjoy the finale. It was sweet and to the point. It was emotional, but not overplayed. It ended exactly the way I thought it would and the way it was hinted it would, so I don’t think people are going to complain about nonsense the way they did with Lost. This ending made perfect sense for the series and the characters. It might have made more sense to do a two or three-part miniseries, since that’s how much story there was, but tonight’s wrap-up was just fine for me.

    One complaint? I wish they had come up with a new intro for the last episode… one the showed no words because the future (and past), at that point, was to be written and was no longer based on concepts that didn’t exist. But that’s just me. And that’s just a cheesy fanboy observation.

  • The End

    End of an era. R.I.P Fringe.

    Now to wait for the ratings release in the near future.

  • BigV33

    Unfortunate to see FRINGE leave us tonight. I’d say maybe 1.1 rating. A show that challenged one to think and use their brain gets cancelled, yet we can watch honey poo poo and swamp people. Our society speaks volume.

  • thesnowleopard

    Maybe a 1.1 or even a 1.2. I don’t expect much of a bounce the way Smallville had because Smallville had a final season bounce in its ratings, already, before its series finale. But Fringe may edge back up to what it’s had the past year.

  • BigV33


    True indeed, FRINGE will be a missed show. R.S.H will still not shut his pie hole even though Fringe is no longer on TV. Makes you wonder how someone who does not like something can definitely invest their time to write a book about why they don’t like something and be happy to tell you they don’t like it. I always learned that if you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say nothing at all. Maybe he was never taught that. Fringe will be missed by people who had the intellectual capacity to understand Abrams lineage through time. Many of us posters could have written a better fringe, but that can only be done here on MB’s. If that were truly so, many would be in TV writing shows. What do they do? They do not write TV shows. LOL Good day to all. So long Fringe, we’ll be seeing you on my blue ray collection soon.

  • The End


    To be fair, he’s entitled to his opinion. I wouldn’t call him a troll or a negative poster here either, he just fell out of love with the show, which is understandable.

    I myself haven’t seen a single episode before tonights finale, but watched it because I appreciated that the show was quite unique and had a cult following. Not many shows out there can really claim to have such a following.

    Lots of shows come and go on TV, but not many have had the same effect on people as what Fringe had. I can appreciate that.

  • BigV33

    @The End

    I can understand having ones opinion. Have you read his book he’s written about Fringe? I would say that would be more than an opinion. Hey to each their own I suppose. I haven’t seen every episode unfortunately missed a few in between the seasons due to work, true Fringe is not for everyone also. I enjoyed it while I got to watch it and for the 5 seasons it was on. I appreciate you checking it out tonight and hope you enjoyed it as well, even though I’m sure you didn’t understand the storyline up to tonights finale.

  • tv_viewer

    I will be optimistic and say the finale will match the season 5 premiere with a rating of 1.1. Hopefully it will duplicate Smallville’s feat of matching season 10 premiere with series finale.

  • Khan

    Hoping for a 2.0

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