TV Ratings Friday: 'Fringe' Series Finale Even With Season 4 Finale, 'Last Man Standing' & 'Malibu Country' Slip + 'Nikita' Returns Flat

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January 19th, 2013

Adults 18-49: Rating/Share 1.7/5 1.3/4 1.1/3 1.0/3 0.4/1
Total Viewers (million) 10.519 5.390 4.621 3.208 1.086


CBS was number one in adults 18-49 and with total viewers.

On ABC, Last Man Standing earned a 1.3, down two tenths from last week's 1.5 adults 18-49 rating. Malibu Country garnered a 1.1, down three tenths from last week's 1.4 adults 18-49 rating. 20/20 notched a 1.2, down three tenths from last week's 1.5 adults 18-49 rating.

On CBS, Undercover Boss earned a 1.9, up a tenth from last week's 1.8 adults 18-49 rating. CSI:NY was even with last week's season high 1.6 adults 18-49 rating. Blue Bloods garnered a 1.5, down a tenth from last week's season high 1.6 adults 18-49 rating.

On NBC, a two hour Dateline scored a 1.2, down two tenths from last week's 1.4 adults 18-49 rating.

On FOX, the two-hour series finale of Fringe earned a 1.0, up two tenths from last week's 0.8 adults 18-49 rating and even with last year's season 4 finale. Your predictions were far too optimistic.

On The CW, Nikita was even with the 0.4 its last original earned a month ago.

Overnight broadcast primetime ratings for Friday, January 18, 2013

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00 PM CBS Undercover Boss 1.9 6 9.45
ABC Last Man Standing 1.3 5 6.66
FOX Fringe (8-10PM) 1.0 3 3.21
NBC Betty White's Off Their Rockers -R (8-9PM) 0.9 3 3.67
CW Nikita 0.4 1 1.28
8:30PM ABC Malibu Country 1.1 4 5.84
9:00 PM ABC Shark Tank -R 1.5 4 5.54
CBS CSI:NY 1.6 5 10.61
NBC Dateline (9-11PM) 1.2 3 5.09
CW Beauty and the Beast -R 0.3 1 0.89
10:00 PM CBS Blue Bloods 1.5 5 11.5
ABC 20/20 1.2 4 4.38


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Share (of Audience): The percent of households (or persons) using television who are tuned to a specific program, station or network in a specific area at a specific time. (See also, Rating, which represents tuning or viewing as a percent of the entire population being measured.)

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Time Shifted Viewing – Program ratings for national sources are produced in three streams of data – Live, Live+Same Day (Live+SD) and Live+7 Day. Time shifted figures account for incremental viewing that takes place with DVRs. Live+Same Day (Live+SD) include viewing during the same broadcast day as the original telecast, with a cut-off of 3:00AM local time when meters transmit daily viewing to Nielsen for processing. Live+7 Day ratings include incremental viewing that takes place during the 7 days following a telecast.

For more information see Numbers 101 and Numbers 102.

  • Jon From Texas

    People must’ve finally realized how godawful Malibu Country is.

  • badman

    LOL at the haters!!!!

    at least we got our finale ;)

    what about your shows???? :D

  • Sydney Sims

    When I read the comments about Malibu Country, I get so angry. It is a decent comedy that ABC should give a chance.Maybe move it to another night next season and hire new writers to spice it up a bit more. Reba is good at what she does-she just needs more experienced writers, like Raymond had. She can deliver the lines and her cast is great. I hope ABC will consider making some changes for the show and give it another season. When I look at the other ratings, this show seems to be holding its own for a Friday night.

  • gomer

    finally, the national embarrassment that is Fringe and its CW like ratings IS OVER! Fox executives couldn’t program to save their lives and continue to renew stupid things like this. They better hope The Following hits big or they will end up like NBC.

  • Regina Taylor

    Comedies are never very popular anymore. They are like a fill in for adult rated shows. They will never rate as high as CSI, Big Bang Theory and shows like that, but we need them so we can have a good laugh after a week of work. Give the show a chance and I hope before long, we will hear it has been given a second chance.

  • Gemilk

    With Fringe over, I hope this means Nikita will rise in viewers and ratings!!! Woohooo!!!

  • sears

    @ Sydney Sims

    Me too, MC is becoming a very good comedy, its starting to find its footing as of late. The fact that people are making these nasty comments about it is pathetic. They only do it because it got a 1.1 if it was doing like a 1.5 or 1.6 they wouldn’t be able to say anything.

    I hate reading the comments on Fridays its nothing but Nikita, Fringe, MC, and Grimm bashing from school kids who nothing about the television business.

  • tvlog

    Is The CW is heading My Network TV territory! (Syndication Program subscripter) Broadcasting best of CBS and Turner Networks! Ratings are poor cross board everyday! Democratic The CW were targeting not watching TV like babyboomers and X Generation! Programs are generating ratings less million than The WB and UPN program Buffy Vampire Slayer!

  • nielson

    Fringe was sooooooooo disappointing for a series finale. Fringe will not go down in tv history as the best show ever.
    I thought the ending was predictable, and managed to rip off LOST and Alias at the same time. I watched season 5 for nothing or as Smock from Lost would say He died for nothing. Heck V season 2 finale was a masterpiece compared to this finale. Man I had to go watch the season 6 finale of Lost to wash the crap of GRINGE I mean FRINGE from my mind. The finale, I should have stopped watching this show season 3.They cancelled Terra Nova and Chicago Code for this. Man Fox is stupid.

  • eridapo

    Season to date numbers for all Broadcast Network Scripted shows (includes Friday’s preliminary numbers).

    Program Airings~~~~~Avg. Viewers~~~~~Avg. 18-49~~~~~Avg. 25-54~~~~~Avg. 18-34
    Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23 11~~~~~2.85~~~~~1.1~~~~~1.28~~~~~0.86
    Happy Endings 11~~~~~3.6~~~~~1.27~~~~~1.51~~~~~0.99
    Private Practice 12~~~~~4.58~~~~~1.32~~~~~1.73~~~~~0.78
    Last Resort 12~~~~~6.33~~~~~1.39~~~~~1.92~~~~~0.83
    Malibu Country 10~~~~~6.63~~~~~1.49~~~~~2.11~~~~~0.98
    666 Park Avenue 9~~~~~4.66~~~~~1.51~~~~~1.81~~~~~1.08
    Last Man Standing 10~~~~~6.97~~~~~1.52~~~~~2.1~~~~~1.05
    Castle 11~~~~~10.01~~~~~1.97~~~~~2.71~~~~~1.23
    The Neighbors 12~~~~~6.62~~~~~2.03~~~~~2.57~~~~~1.28
    Nashville 10~~~~~6.41~~~~~2.04~~~~~2.48~~~~~1.64
    Scandal 11~~~~~6.83~~~~~2.22~~~~~2.73~~~~~1.76
    The Middle 11~~~~~8.33~~~~~2.45~~~~~3.14~~~~~1.63
    Suburgatory 9~~~~~6.84~~~~~2.53~~~~~3.1~~~~~1.78
    Revenge 11~~~~~7.88~~~~~2.55~~~~~3.05~~~~~1.94
    Once Upon a Time 11~~~~~9.5~~~~~3.21~~~~~3.62~~~~~2.6
    Grey’s Anatomy 11~~~~~9.41~~~~~3.3~~~~~3.96~~~~~2.6
    Modern Family 12~~~~~12.05~~~~~4.69~~~~~5.58~~~~~3.38
    Made In Jersey 7~~~~~4.2~~~~~0.6~~~~~0.86~~~~~0.32
    Blue Bloods 12~~~~~10.89~~~~~1.42~~~~~2.12~~~~~0.78
    CSI: NY 13~~~~~9.71~~~~~1.42~~~~~2.05~~~~~0.94
    The Good Wife 12~~~~~9.63~~~~~1.76~~~~~2.49~~~~~0.89
    Vegas 12~~~~~11.04~~~~~1.76~~~~~2.57~~~~~0.9
    The Mentalist 12~~~~~9.66~~~~~1.82~~~~~2.53~~~~~1.08
    Partners 6~~~~~5.88~~~~~2.07~~~~~2.5~~~~~0
    Hawaii Five-0 12~~~~~8.93~~~~~2.17~~~~~2.88~~~~~1.38
    Elementary 12~~~~~10.94~~~~~2.38~~~~~3.28~~~~~1.24
    CSI 11~~~~~10.72~~~~~2.41~~~~~3.21~~~~~1.3
    NCIS: Los Angeles 12~~~~~15.93~~~~~2.91~~~~~4.11~~~~~1.54
    Criminal Minds 12~~~~~11.9~~~~~2.98~~~~~3.87~~~~~1.75
    Person of Interest 12~~~~~14.54~~~~~2.99~~~~~4.23~~~~~1.54
    Mike & Molly 11~~~~~9.71~~~~~3.09~~~~~4.12~~~~~1.98
    How I Met Your Mother 12~~~~~8.37~~~~~3.23~~~~~3.71~~~~~2.86
    NCIS 12~~~~~19.08~~~~~3.42~~~~~4.95~~~~~2
    2 Broke Girls 13~~~~~10.17~~~~~3.58~~~~~4.48~~~~~2.63
    Two and a Half Men 13~~~~~13.37~~~~~3.91~~~~~5.2~~~~~2.67
    Big Bang Theory 13~~~~~16.69~~~~~5.29~~~~~6.81~~~~~3.83
    The L A Complex 2~~~~~0.48~~~~~0.2~~~~~0.25~~~~~0
    Nikita 7~~~~~1.06~~~~~0.33~~~~~0.35~~~~~0.3
    Emily Owens, M D 8~~~~~1.24~~~~~0.36~~~~~0.41~~~~~0.35
    Gossip Girl 10~~~~~0.89~~~~~0.44~~~~~0.38~~~~~0.56
    90210 9~~~~~0.98~~~~~0.49~~~~~0.46~~~~~0.5
    Hart of Dixie 11~~~~~1.41~~~~~0.56~~~~~0.6~~~~~0.58
    Carrie Diaries 1~~~~~1.61~~~~~0.6~~~~~0.7~~~~~0.6
    Beauty and the Beast 9~~~~~1.81~~~~~0.68~~~~~0.69~~~~~0.67
    Supernatural 10~~~~~2.08~~~~~0.89~~~~~0.91~~~~~0.86
    Arrow 10~~~~~3.51~~~~~1.17~~~~~1.37~~~~~0.92
    The Vampire Diaries 10~~~~~2.91~~~~~1.38~~~~~1.29~~~~~1.53
    The Mob Doctor 13~~~~~3.26~~~~~0.9~~~~~1.08~~~~~0.59
    Fringe 12~~~~~2.8~~~~~0.96~~~~~1.17~~~~~0.69
    Ben and Kate 12~~~~~2.84~~~~~1.36~~~~~1.45~~~~~1.1
    The Mindy Project 11~~~~~3.18~~~~~1.63~~~~~1.69~~~~~1.52
    Raising Hope 12~~~~~3.88~~~~~1.66~~~~~1.91~~~~~1.4
    Cleveland Show 7~~~~~3.58~~~~~1.71~~~~~1.5~~~~~1.74
    Bones 11~~~~~7.48~~~~~2.1~~~~~2.48~~~~~1.84
    Bob’s Burgers 11~~~~~4.57~~~~~2.15~~~~~2.1~~~~~2.29
    American Dad 9~~~~~4.69~~~~~2.29~~~~~2.07~~~~~2.46
    Glee 10~~~~~5.83~~~~~2.34~~~~~2.3~~~~~2.02
    New Girl 13~~~~~4.51~~~~~2.35~~~~~2.41~~~~~2.24
    Family Guy 11~~~~~5.84~~~~~2.89~~~~~2.71~~~~~3.04
    The Simpsons 10~~~~~6.48~~~~~3.01~~~~~3.07~~~~~2.9
    Animal Practice 5~~~~~4.22~~~~~1.22~~~~~1.56~~~~~0
    Up All Night 11~~~~~3.01~~~~~1.24~~~~~1.47~~~~~1
    30 Rock 10~~~~~3.38~~~~~1.26~~~~~1.46~~~~~1.07
    Whitney 6~~~~~4.15~~~~~1.4~~~~~1.75~~~~~0.96
    Guys With Kids 12~~~~~4.27~~~~~1.48~~~~~1.72~~~~~1
    1600 Penn 3~~~~~4.59~~~~~1.67~~~~~2.03~~~~~1.25
    Parks and Recreation 10~~~~~3.43~~~~~1.67~~~~~1.78~~~~~1.7
    Grimm 12~~~~~5.21~~~~~1.68~~~~~2.19~~~~~1.07
    Deception 2~~~~~4.9~~~~~1.8~~~~~2.15~~~~~1.35
    Law & Order: SVU 10~~~~~6.58~~~~~1.8~~~~~2.27~~~~~1.42
    Chicago Fire 12~~~~~6.52~~~~~1.82~~~~~2.33~~~~~1.33
    The New Normal 13~~~~~4.73~~~~~1.82~~~~~2.04~~~~~1.18
    Parenthood 14~~~~~4.99~~~~~1.84~~~~~2.26~~~~~1.22
    The Office 11~~~~~4.27~~~~~2.11~~~~~2.3~~~~~2
    Go On 12~~~~~6.5~~~~~2.42~~~~~2.72~~~~~1.52
    Revolution 10~~~~~8.37~~~~~3.09~~~~~3.56~~~~~1.95

    Net ~~~~~Avg. Viewers~~~~~Avg. 18-49~~~~~Avg. 25-54~~~~~Avg. 18-34
    ABC ~~~~~7.07~~~~~2.17~~~~~2.69~~~~~1.55
    CBS ~~~~~11.46~~~~~2.67~~~~~3.59~~~~~1.64
    CW ~~~~~1.77~~~~~0.71~~~~~0.73~~~~~0.75
    FOX ~~~~~4.49~~~~~1.92~~~~~1.99~~~~~1.88
    NBC ~~~~~5.02~~~~~1.81~~~~~2.12~~~~~1.32
    Overall ~~~~~6.84~~~~~2.03~~~~~2.49~~~~~1.5

  • omabin


    Where can I find that information? Not doubting yours at all, but I wanted to be able to find those demos myself fr each episode

  • herpderp


    How will Fringe ending make Nikita’s ratings go up? They weren’t even in the same time slot.

  • Alan

    Nikita is terrible.

  • Granpa Radox

    LOL at the Fringe fans’ smugness
    Sorry, but a 1.0 for a series finale is pathetic, no matter how you spin it.

    As expected, the finale was fun but nonsensical, they didn’t resolve the paradoxes, they just pretend to, with some of their usual half-assed fake science that Fringe fans love so much.

    You love your show? Good for you, but, for your own sake, stop acting like it was the smartest show ever. It was just fake science, and family drama, and it had a very conventional and predictable ending. Nothing to be smug for.

  • Nadia

    I love you Fringe! It was a great show and I loved the father son relationship between Walter and Peter! Great ending!

  • Dan

    Fringe was never a highly rated show, it was a drama that started high rated because it rode on the House and Idol coattails in its first season and than did OK after Bones but against The Office, CSI, and Grey’s in the next season and half. It was then moved to Fridays like a lot of shows when their time has run out on FOX, where it sank like the Titanic. FOX was gravious to give it a nice final farewell 13 episode season to not only get it to 100 eps but to satisfy fans and save gace after House ended and they have no dramas.

    Touch could become the new Fringe on fridays, a show that FOX sticks with season to season. Nikita or Grimm could become the new Fringe in terms of a show that this site is obsessed with for Fridays.

  • CBSviewer

    @ Amanda Kondolojy

    Why Shark Tank is at the top of the 9PM slot ? CSI: NY beat it in demo and total viewers.

  • thesnowleopard

    If the loud few who have been haunting this board for a couple of years actually represented the Fringe audience, it would still be around. Anyway, it’s gone now and its ratings failure is likely to make things more difficult for any similar genres in the future. Too bad it didn’t get a final bounce, but the shows that get canceled for ratings (as opposed to ending due to loss of cast or showrunners) don’t seem to get that. Whatever audience they lost appears to stay away.

    Jeez, that’s the demo for a Nikita original episode? That’s just sad.

  • Ruan

    Goodbye, best show on TV. You will be missed. It’s a pity that the network’s poor scheduling destroyed “Fringe”, but it never lost its quality. Five fantastic seasons of amazing writing, amazing acting, amazing everything.

    The only bad thing about it was the awful ratings. A 1.0 for a series finale is pathetic, it doesn’t matter that it is Friday and it doesn’t matter that the show is too complex for casual viewers – a 1.0 IS ridiculous. Still the best sci-fi in a long, long time, if not the best drama in general.

    When will we get a wonderful show like that again? I do enjoy “Revolution” but it doesn’t even come close. Since “Zero Hour” will get canceled, I won’t even bother to watch it, but “Cult” seems promising. Let’s see… but I doubt it. Shows as good as “Fringe” don’t come along that often.

  • Patrick G.

    @ tscchope …Patrick G – peruse the Fan Excuse Bingo section.

    I don’t know WTF you are suggesting THAT for since I made no excuses for a ratings-challenged show, which is what FEB is for. I’ve read it plenty of times, thank you, and your advice is unjustified here.

    I was saying that the networks keep losing viewers in large part because they keep canceling shows, especially serialized ones, without proper endings, thus pissing the audiences off and sending them elsewhere. That isn’t making Fan Excuse Bingo. It’s reality.

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