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January 21st, 2013

Tonight The Following, one of this season's most anticipated new shows, premieres on FOX. It has a lot going for it: an A-list cast (Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy) and showrunner (Kevin Williamson). On the other hand, the ratings for all of FOX's freshman series this season have been fairly dismal. The premise -- a serial killer with a cult of followers who will kill at his request -- may be too dark for broadcast television.  So how will it do? On Monday, January 17, 2012, the two hour premiere of Alcatraz garnered a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating, while The Following's immediate timeslot predecessor, The Mob Doctor premiered to a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating on September 17, 2012. Make your prediction below then explain your reasoning, and how many degrees of separation you are from Kevin Bacon, in the comment section.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Going conservative here and say 3.0-3.2

  • DW

    2.9. it seems more like a headache than good television.

  • J.G.

    3.6, 10 million viewers

  • FringeFan

    Considering how heavily promoted it was I’m thinking it will premiere above expectations with perhaps a 3.4+ & 10 million viewers, but will fall steadily each week til it stabilizes in the mid to low 2.0’s & 4-5 million viewers. Plus, I don’t foresee this show being anything more than a mini series with the ability to make it to a season 2.

  • TheFollowing

    Alcatraz has a great pilot but became not entertaining in the succeeding weeks.

    It will premiere close to Alcatraz because of the lead-in.

  • Austin Lauran

    I’ll predict what will happen

    People will say that the pilot was good and 10 weeks later, they’ll say that it’s terrible. That’s what happens with lots of shows. Anybody agree?

  • Oliver

    I have never seen a show promoted as aggressively as Fox has pushed this one. Endless promos for months at a time.

    I’ll be ridiculously optimistic and say 4.0.

  • Jerry

    @RTV I’m pretty sure Touch is not doing well because its not a very good show. Keifer can’t carry everything.

  • Shepherd

    i guessed 2.9, But I think the ratings will mirror Alcatraz and Touch; quickly falling to toss-up territory.

  • Ryann

    3.2 and over 10 million viewers, Fox needs a hit. I think as the weeks go on it’ll stablise at around 2.8. The show looks really good and promising + i think Kevin Bacon being in it, gives it a bigger audience and it has a good and strong supporting cast

  • Jason50

    I gave it 2.6 as the show is not for everybody. Actually looks like it could belong on FX or AMC. Really enjoyed the pilot, hope the story does hold up in weeks to come.

  • Oliver

    That said, I agree that it’s likely to be another Touch, Alcatraz, Terra Nova etc which premieres huge and quickly falls off.

  • Maximillian

    I will say 2.8 or 2.9.

    1. The timeslot hasnt been kind to “hit FOX shows” in the last few years

    2. 80% of the sought after demographic hasn’t seen a Kevin Bacon movie in how many years? Most under 30 probably only recognize him from American Dad when they made fun of his nose.

    3. While it has been heavily promoted, the promos have not alluded to much of anything about what the show is about. Unless you went online and looked into it more, you are probably confused on the concept. I still am. This may get initial viewers out of curiosity and lack of competition tonight, but just like Alcatraz, if its not what they expected, they will see a huge (and continual) drop.

    4. I think we have seen lately that even a good show runner can have a bubble show, so that has no impact to me on the ratings.

    5. Its a dark show. While that shouldn’t factor into the ratings, it will. Its a niche genre, just like Sci Fi and period shows, and I am believe that it will ultimately hurt the outcome.

    6. Midseason. Has any Midseason show yet done well this season? This probably won’t have a real impact on the shows ratings, but I will leave it here to stir the pot ;)

    For this show to succeed it needs a huge opening and a really outstanding pilot, with continually good episodes. FOX has put all their eggs in this basket, lets see if they bet on the right horse or not ;)

  • Fuzzy Elf

    Gonna die a slow painful death despite the star factor. WWE has owned Mondays for over a decade and will continue to do so no matter what Fox or any other network does.

  • James

    3.0-3.1 and leveling out to around 2.5 as the season goes on.

  • hoki


    Fox is terrible.

  • hoki

    And you are always too optimistc here.

  • BG

    The premiere will be successful. I’m guessing 3.5-3.6

  • American

    I say 2.5-3.0, it will fall later on. I don’t know…Maybe it’ll be half decent?
    I’m still gonna watch 2BG and M&M.

  • senor chang

    3.0-3.1. I’m guessing it holds enough of an audience for a renewal too: seems like a competent show.

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