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January 21st, 2013

Tonight The Following, one of this season's most anticipated new shows, premieres on FOX. It has a lot going for it: an A-list cast (Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy) and showrunner (Kevin Williamson). On the other hand, the ratings for all of FOX's freshman series this season have been fairly dismal. The premise -- a serial killer with a cult of followers who will kill at his request -- may be too dark for broadcast television.  So how will it do? On Monday, January 17, 2012, the two hour premiere of Alcatraz garnered a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating, while The Following's immediate timeslot predecessor, The Mob Doctor premiered to a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating on September 17, 2012. Make your prediction below then explain your reasoning, and how many degrees of separation you are from Kevin Bacon, in the comment section.

  • Sparky

    Unnecessary amount of violence so far IMHO!

  • Katie

    I love how people act like they know exactly what is going to happen to the show like saying “it will debut strong and then go way down next week” when they haven’t even seen the show. I’d love to know how these people are all experts. I hope it does well, the previews look really good and the critics have been raving about it. Yes not everyone loves really dark/creepy shows but there are a LOT of people that do. I’m not sure why someone said it will attract mainly older people, I would think it would attract a lot of young people as many young people like graphic/dark type shows like this. I wouldn’t think a lot of older people would be into this type of show.

  • Ellen in NYC

    violently creepy, like Criminal Minds. this is the kind of show people should like.

  • Brian

    2.7. Has a fighting chance to be around for Season 2.

  • networkman

    3.1 I feel this show was promoted well. And I feel viewers are looking for an exciting, intriguing, intense thriller. Even if the overall viewership does not crack 10 million, I feel it will attract the all important demo, skewing young.

  • Harry

    The show was awesome so I hope for a 3.5 but more realistically, anything above a 3 would be a decent start.


    The Following was Great!!!! There was no new show this season that interested me (besides Nashville) but Following defiantly delivered! I could see why some people might be turned off by violence, but it was fine to me. Very Cablesque, the way broadcast TV should be heading. I hope it doesn’t loose steam in following episodes, because TOUCH had by far one of best pilot episodes I’ve ever seen, but ever episode after that was actually quite terrible and to point of unwatchable. Hoping for the best for The Following & Kevin Bacon!!

  • POIFanatic


    I love Kevin Bacon, but he isn’t a major draw for TV audiences.

  • Lisa

    I’ve now seen the pilot and thought it was really good. I’ll stay with my original guess of 3.2, but I hope it does better.

  • Craig

    Touch got annoying after a couple episodes due to the boy being so damn annoying and hearing Sutherland repeating his name a million times an episode. I stopped watching after 3 episodes. That was its demise. The Following Pilot was awesome. Had me thoroughly interested and looking forward to more. I dont get why they say it has excessive mindless violence. The show is about a serial killer, what do you expect??? I get where they get the name “The Following” now too. I would say this aspect will be similar to Alcatraz where they are hunting down many killers or “Followers” each week. I think they have plenty of stories to tell beyond a single season. I hope it gets good ratings and people keep watching. Really good show.

  • ABC hater


  • jay

    too dark for network tv? more people are watching cable! the only thing dark is empty network studios

  • tv_viewer

    I did watch the pilot of The Following. It was better than the pilot of Alcatraz. Unlike the Mentalist, this show reveals who the cult leader is. The Mentalist proved that a show where the main villain is a cult leader could work. However I do expect the general trend of ratings to continue downward for the broadcast networks. I’m predicting a 3.0 for the premiere simply because Alcatraz got a 3.3 for its pilot.

  • Samunto

    What a brilliant pilot! It felt like a movie. Soo good. It’s very very creepy like Criminal Minds. Only that CM does have some light flirty moments and a few jokes. This felt darker than ever.
    I predicted a 2.2-2.3 but i hope it does better than that. It’ll be heavily DVR’d.

  • KevinY

    I’d say it’ll go 3.7 but then fall to 3.0, 2.7, 2.5, 2.3 and probably average around a 2.3-2.4. It’ll be considered a hit. But I’m still rooting for 2 Broke Girls to crush it.

  • John

    Who in their right minds would ever want the stupid 2BG to beat an awesome show!

  • Perdix

    High or low. The Following’s pilot is superb! One of the best.

  • Maxyne

    I agree Jay. What the hell is with all the ‘oh it’s SO violent’ crap? Have any of these morons saw Criminal Minds or CSI? I think the level of violence in this was below what’s shown in those. And don’t get me started on the cable shows. These pussies would probably have a heart attack if they see Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad.

  • Oliver


    People are guessing. It’s fun.

    Besides, experts are proven to have a terrible track record at making predictions too. Afterall, look at all the crap that flops season after season on network television.

  • mouzam

    meh it only deserved 1.6 or less, very lame.. another dud in true fox style! they probably should just bring back 24, sure it was stupid but at least people watched

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