ABC Pulls 'Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23' from Schedule, Replaces it With Extra 'Happy Endings' Episodes

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January 22nd, 2013

ABC has pulled Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23 from its schedule and will replace it with an extra episode of Happy Endings starting January 29, per The Hollywood Reporter. this means that two episodes of Happy Endings will air back to back on Tuesdays from 9-10 until March when dancing With the Stars returns.  There is as yet no word on when or if  the remaining eight unaired episodes of Don't Trust the B will air. This move comes after ABC briefly aired extra, out-of-sequence episodes of both comedies on Sunday from 10-11PM, before yanking them off the schedule due to low ratings.

  • Gaius Bolling

    They clearly had more faith in stuff like the neighbors. APT23 was quirky and fun. They could’ve had a decent comedy hit with this show but from the start i don’t think they knew had to market it

  • Cyrax86

    Sad news, liked the show a lot.

    And to think ABC wanted to air 4 comedies on Tuesdays…

  • GG

    they’re basically canceled. They’re trying to sugar coat it by saying ‘pulled off” and sugar coating Happy Endings by airing all the episodes when that means its canceled.

    Nice job ABC. This network is really run by brainless monkeys. They’re also trying to ruin Once upon A Time and Revenge by airing them against football and grammys.

    What is the logic of this network? Doesnt exist.

  • Mike

    ABC should have never moved happy endings from the post Modern Family spot it was doing so great there and they moved it so Dont trust the B could air.

  • Aniin

    No!! I like this show! They should’ve just called it ‘Apartment 23’! It would have caught on more viewers.

  • Bill Gorman

    “In what way? Beforehand, Happy Endings wasn’t going to get to air its entire season. Now it does. It’s a bubble show, especially with its syndication value.”

    It’s a “bubble show” (i.e. ~50% chance of renewal) in Fantasyland only.

    Unless Sony can pull a ‘Til Death style sitcom miracle, it’s doomed.

  • gerry

    abc moved apt 23 out of its wed comedy slot too early. they also should have started it with the season instead of waiting until nearly midseason to throw it into a different timeslot before it had really had time to gain a core following. shame, i liked it alot. but the writing has been on the wall since i put up its first numbers this season. sad misfire, abc.

  • Oliver

    This is good news for both shows.

    ABC cancelling Apt 23 early lets the leads go up for new pilots in first position (or, if you’re optimistic, lets them examine cable pickup options).

    Happy Endings airing all its episodes before the end of the season makes it more likely to be picked up, not less. ABC has no schedule space.

  • BaziCat

    that sucks, and ABC totally blew it with this one just as they appear to be getting ready to screw over Happy Endings too. and don’t tell me there isn’t anywhere on ABC’s scary brilliant schedule to air the remaining episodes.

  • Rocco

    That’s sad. I love Krysten Ritter. Hope she lands on a new show.

  • steven

    plssss don’t cancel happy endings this show rocksssss

  • Tyler

    @Bill Gorman

    It’s a Sony/ABCS studio with three seasons under its belt. There’s no way to slice it other than being on the bubble because neither you nor I have any idea about syndication economics. We can’t predict that.

  • DM

    I really liked Don’t Trust the B the first season, but I have to say the second season has been way more over the top to the point that it gets to be ridiculous. I still like it and I’m sad it’s been pulled.

    And I thought that Happy Endings had been picked up by ABC Family? I know they did air a marathon of the first season before the second one premiered. Can anyone weigh in on this?

  • brandon

    Put Happy Endings after Modern Family again, and it would be just fine. Too bad…that show is hilarious.

  • SJ

    I’m a bigger fan of Happy Endings than I am of the B—-, but there is no question that ABC’s treatment of the latter led to its cancellation. Had they premiered it in Fall 2011 when it was red hot and one of the most talked-about pilots of the season, it could have been their New Girl or 2 Broke Girls (and yes, I know NG is now scraping the bottom of the barrel, but it still was a hit for like a minute last season – and the highest rated non-animated comedy Fox has on the air).

    Waiting until April to get it on the air where it followed the weakest episodes of Modern Family (and quite a few MF repeats if memory serves) and then moving it to a new night with little promotion – not to mention, airing the episodes out of sequence – sealed its fate.

  • Greg

    There’s only enough episodes for six weeks. Considering the State of the Union Address, Happy Endings would wrap up its season a weak before the schedule, on March 12th.

  • zerg

    Another show cancelled,exluding CT, that got Modern Family as lead in … I guess HE will be the next..

  • Oliver

    @Bill Gorman

    Unless Sony can pull a ‘Til Death style sitcom miracle, it’s doomed.

    Let’s not forget the ABC Studios side of this co-production. They could pull off a Body of Proof style miracle!

  • Ryan Schwartz

    I know Cougar Town is and remains an ABC Studios production even though it now airs on TBS, but I’m quite sure ABC would have pulled the plug had the TBS offer not come about. That was too a show in the same position last year, and ABC pulled it: even with a fourth season, like HE, CT won’t hit the 88 episode mark. ABC also canceled 8 Simple Rules in its third season despite being shy 12 episodes of 88, and only 24 episodes (one full season) away from 100. ABC isn’t afraid of pulling shows or canceling them in their third seasons. I presume HE and Body of Proof will have similar destinies. I sympathize with HE fans though. Us CT fans were in the same boat before TBS swooped in.

  • gerry

    @ tyler

    its not the amount of seasons, its about the number of eps. 88 for stripped, and as far as i’m aware, HE has short seasons. so its not even got half of that 88 which makes its cancellation more likely.

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