ABC Pulls 'Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23' from Schedule, Replaces it With Extra 'Happy Endings' Episodes

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January 22nd, 2013

ABC has pulled Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23 from its schedule and will replace it with an extra episode of Happy Endings starting January 29, per The Hollywood Reporter. this means that two episodes of Happy Endings will air back to back on Tuesdays from 9-10 until March when dancing With the Stars returns.  There is as yet no word on when or if  the remaining eight unaired episodes of Don't Trust the B will air. This move comes after ABC briefly aired extra, out-of-sequence episodes of both comedies on Sunday from 10-11PM, before yanking them off the schedule due to low ratings.

  • Psac

    Ahhhh, Better off Ted. That’s the go-to for great shows that didn’t last. (And don’t get me wrong, it was great. It just had CW-type ratings.) That and Pushing Daisies. Huh, both ABC shows…

  • Megan

    James Van Der Beek was the best part about this show. I watched for him. Sad.

  • Oliver

    Apt 23 is by Fox and FX may want content for their new dedicated spin-off comedy channel. It’s a long-shot, but weirder things have happened.

  • TJ

    Well, I didn’t have a good feeling when I saw that futon critic article stating it had been pulled from the 29th. Not surprised, but sad because I really enjoyed the show and the cast.

  • JuliannaBastos on Twitter

    ABC, hurry up with Mistresses

  • CBSviewer

    ABC ordered more episodes of Happy Endings ?

  • Chris

    Apt 23 was just not a good or funny show–they were trying for an FX vibe, and of course they couldn’t pull that off. Devin is right–ABC is not to blame here. They promoted it, they renewed it, they gave it a great lead-in, and it failed. The End.

  • Dan

    I knew this was coming I knew ABC would double up on Happy Endings so that Happy Endings will air 22 out of 23 eps by March 19. Or if only 21 eps were produced for this season plus the Kickball episode all 22 eps will air.

    I’m sure ABC will burn off the remaining Apartment 23 episodes this summer.

  • SJ


    But the writing was already on the wall. I don’t imagine 20th is planning on shopping around Modern Family before the upfronts this year…

    All 26 episodes of Better off Ted are online. ABC failed to air two of them and I don’t think 20th ever bothered with a DVD release for season 2, but they’re all there. I know I’ve seen all of them countless times. :D

    And 8 Simple Rules was syndicated, as was Til Death, even though they both had less than 88 episodes. But 57 episodes is decidedly not enough for syndication. But hey, it’s Sony, and the show doesn’t seem to be that expensive. I’m fairly sure they’ll work out a solution.

    As for Apartment 23, I just hope we get to see the remaining episodes and the show will live on on Netflix (with the same episode count of 26 as Better Off Ted!).

  • Bee

    well, it was inevitable.

    if happy endings gets pulled, i’ll go nuts. i give ABC a lot of credit for picking up the show and stuff but their awful programming and promotion is what failed it. they simply had/have no idea how to apt. 23 or HE. if i didn’t watch and love the shows, i would cringe through those commercials.

    anyway, HE pulling better numbers after sitcoms repeats the past 2 weeks than it did out of new revenge episodes shows how important compatibility is. if only it was airing on wednesdays :( it would be doing well again. more than enough to justify a syndication renewal.

  • Jared

    Both series will be cancelled by the end of the season. Apt 23 shouldn’t even have been picked up for season 2.

  • SJ


    Happy Endings has 23 episodes this season (22+1). They already aired 11 (10+1), which means they have 12 more episodes which will now air over a period of 6 weeks. The finale would then air on March 12. DWTS returns on March 26. Hopefully we get to see two Apartment 23 episodes on March 19, but I’m not holding my breath. It’s likely going to be a special edition of 20/20 or something…

  • Douglas from Brazil

    I’m starting to hate ABC more,this network is about to sink with no respect to viewers,who is the stupid that runs that network?

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    Die, HE, die! TBS, do not renew it! GO CT!!! LOL

  • Douglas from Brazil

    I think the future of show to live nowadays is on Netflix,cause you have to pay,like when you buy music on iTunes…free television is an old market that’s dying.

  • jamandas

    Never cared for Apt 23. Hoping Happy Endings makes it love that show so funny. Hoping ABC wakes up and gets rid of The Neighbors.

  • Tyler


    The problem with 8 Simple Rules is you couldn’t get as much syndication money in broadcast syndication because of Ritter. It’s the same problem with 2 and a Half Men right now — The Ashton episodes aren’t worthless, but they’ll be worth more the longer the show can continue with him as the lead.

    We’ll see what happens from HE, though I’m slightly more bullish on its chances than Cougar Town.

  • Jo

    Boo! It was an awesome awesome show.

  • DW

    HE is gone and they may not air all episodes either. one or both will be paired with an amazon prime deal or netflix. im sure it will be on apple , amazon , vudu. you will see these somewhere one day.

  • mbmd

    I havent been more depresed since Sunset Beach got caneled

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